Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cancer New Moon & The Grand Cross

Cancer New Moon is this Friday July 1.

It is not a small moon. It is an eclipse and not just any ol' eclipse. A big ol' Grand Cross is in the house.

I posted my whole article on Margaret Wendt's website.

But here is a snippet.

“Welcome to Hotel Grand Cross”

So, who are the players in these cross aspects? First the Sun/Moon in Cancer squares Saturn; they also square Uranus; and opposes Pluto. If you don’t understand aspects then please visualize the face of the clock. Imagine the Three on the clock fighting with the Six. And also the Three is fighting with the Twelve and while all that is going on the Three is getting into it with the Nine. Squares are tough and oppositions are tense and when they are all together in one chart---well this will be a stressful twenty eight day cycle.

Of the three planets, Saturn is the most snarky because his degree is tightest with the Sun and Moon. With this square insecurities can be high and responses can be harsh. Saturn is a cold planet and when Cancer is in his shell he is pretty darn hard. Claws will be out.

We should expect fractures, cracks and splits to be in the news. Saturn in Libra is about the hard work of negotiations, balance and finding equilibrium. In the United States, balanced budgets are the number one agenda in both state and federal politics. For many of us the bitch session we hear from our politicians has become endless background noise to our already long days. Basically, all bark and no bite. But now during this cycle the negotiations or lack of them will feel and look different. The inability for people to find a balance or a solution will be both disheartening and scary.

Saturn in Libra is saying “I’m over here trying to negotiate a solution and you are over their ‘feeling’ everything. Knock it off!” Watch the cry babies that come up this month and watch how little patience anyone has for them. Public opinion is Cancer and it is going to try to rally the attention of others but it is not going to work this cycle. For those people who have a history of cajoling, browbeating, manipulating others into doing what they want---this is the cycle where it won’t work. We can see it and we aren’t responding. Saturn also brings up issues of worthiness. Perhaps we won’t feel deserving of good? Perhaps we’ll second guess any good that comes to us.

Where can’t we negotiate? Where are we feeling like little kids and we just don’t feel like giving in? Is it hard to rise above stuff? Pettiness will abound. Even people who normally get along might not flow as well as they usually do. Things will just feel ‘off’. Or we could just be colder this month and not care about stuff, we will feel removed. What do people do when we are detached? That will be interesting to watch.

Then there is Uranus in Aries which demands a big shake up, creativity and ingenuity and his square with the Sun and the Moon in Cancer will push impulses high. Earthquakes, both physical and emotional could be pronounced. But basically whatever house has the early degrees Aries is where you need a fresh start. You got a feel for it last summer, and then the feeling quieted down until March where it came back and began growing. Perhaps you scratched the itch when it came up but most likely you have just begun the processing. Under this moon Uranus is really getting your attention. You will feel a rub in areas of your life. You know they are demanding breakthroughs and breakouts; you are desperate for a change. The status quo is not enough. This is where Cancer feelings and emotions can be helpful. They will point you in the direction where you need to go but first you have got to get bothered. And with a Sun/Moon square Saturn and Uranus prepare to get bothered much this month.

Cancer also rules food and nutrition. Personally, comfort eating may be high but at the same time home gardening (Cancer) will be highlighted. Globally, the tension between the planets may once again bring up issues regarding food safety

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keep your eyes out for.....

the next Mountain Astrologer

I went to their website and they have listed the table of contents for the August issue. It looks good to me. Check the newstands in July.

I'm all about that Neptune in Pisces article!

The week ahead

Big week this week--- we have some tense days which build intensity as the week progresses until we have the Solar Eclipse New Moon Cancer on Friday. I will post my new moon article in a few days but it is a doozey. I have been writing about it for the last couple of months.

Anyway, buckle up, lots of bumps.

6/25: Sun/Jupiter: Inspired actions that build bridges. The right ego with the right passion. Strong but not zealotry.

6/26:Sun/Uranus: Pressure between Independence and family. Conflicts between emotions versus actions.

6/27:Mars/Uranus: Fun, play, dynamic energy, creative, breakthroughs abound.

6/28: Sun/Pluto: Egos are loud going up against those they think hold all the power. The key is transformation if anyone is willing to ‘let go’.

6/29: Mars/Pluto: Anger, loss, need for adjustment, is the battle worth it?

7/1: Solar Eclipse New moon Cancer --a bit yikey. A post to coome later.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Whitey Bulger's Arrrest

As posted below, the FBI arrested Whitey Bulger earlier this week. I was not familiar with the fugitive until his arrest but I was blown away to learn that they tracked Whitey through an unusual angle ------through his girlfriend's vanity.

Apparently, she is younger than Whitey and very committed to keeping her looks up. Regular plastic surgery, botox and teeth whitening, she has a whole host of beauty maintenance. And that was how they found her which of course led to him.

FBI agents on the trail of James "Whitey" Bulger are
turning to TV ads aimed at women and hoping to
exploit his longtime girlfriend's vanity as they try to
bring the fugitive Boston mob boss to justice after 16
years on the run.

The FBI on Monday announced a new publicity
campaign and accompanying public service ad that
asks people, particularly women, to be on the lookout
for Catherine Greig.

She and Bulger have been on the run since 1995 and
are thought to still be traveling together. Bulger is
wanted in connection to 19 murders while Greig is
accused of harboring a fugitive.

The 30-second ad is scheduled to start running
Tuesday in 14 television markets to which Bulger may
have ties and will air during programs popular with
women roughly Greig's age.

"We are trying to reach a different audience that will
produce new leads in the case," said agent Richard
Teahan, who has been tracking Bulger since 2006.
"Greig has certain habits, characteristics, and
idiosyncrasies that are recognizable, and we think the
public might naturally notice these things."

The new campaign points out that Greig had several
plastic surgeries before going on the lam and was
known to frequent beauty salons.

For me this speaks beautifully to Saturn in Libra. Vanity is very much the property of Libra and although this is an extraordinary situation there is a cautionary note of Losses due to vanity.

The FBI always gets its Man....

The FBI website indicates the buereau started July 26, 1908. I don't know the time so I went for midnight but it is probably later in the day since it began with a memo sent by a director which one could assume happened later in the day.

If there was ONE planet associated with the FBI it is Pluto and in this chart Pluto is in Gemini. Snooping around, investigating, figuring things out...that is all perfectly Gemini. Issues around loyalty and pride are certainly pronounced with the FBI and ties into its Sun in Leo. Now where things are interesting is the Moon in Cancer. The United States with its fourth of July birthday, is a Cancer and ties to the FBI's Moon in Cancer which is all about protecting family (and the country) is again perfect. However the very interesting part is the North Node at 3 degrees Cancer, followed by Venus at 5 degrees Cancer, then Moon at 9 degrees (might be later depending on the time of the memo) and Mercury at 13 degrees and Neptune at 15 degrees Cancer that is a whole of Cancer, Family, home protecting, finding one's shell. Adding intrique is the fact that Pluto right now is begining an opposition phase with all of these planets in Cancer. Coincidentally, as if I believed in coincidences, the capture of Bin Laden who was on the Top Ten List for the FBI (as well as CIA) took place with Pluto in opposition to the North Node. A bit of karma was finally burned off (south node). And now The FBI has knocked off another FBI top tenner with the arrest of Whitey Bulger as Pluto continues to plow through these planets.

My guess is that there will be more knocked off the list during the next few years as Pluto stirs it up. Of course there could be some repercussions since it is an opposition.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's going on?

6/19: Mercury oppose Pluto strong words, lots of affect, fighting words to out maneuver others.

6/20: Mars in Gemini
This is always an interesting cycle. For the next six week watch the verbal undercurrents. People’s tongues and temperaments will be short. I had a friend many years ago say, “There are no jokes.” Meaning under every joke is truth. This will be that environment where people use humor to our maneuver and situations. Flexibility counts now.

6/21: Sun enters Cancer Get your Cancer friend stuff for the bath. They will use it.

6/21: Mercury square Saturn: Personal thoughts versus responsibility in relationship. “Me” versus “We” is mentally fatiguing. Any cracks showing up that need your attention?

6/22:Mars square Neptune: Misguided actions, unconscious mistakes, hidden reasons motivate strong actions. Some idiot does something stupid and we all have to deal with it. Btw—Coal, oil and gas could be in the news this week since they are all ruled by Neptune.

6/22: Sun Trine Neptune: Highly inspirational, Self confident , spiritual and mystical and elevated energy. The perfect antidote to the aspect just above. Maybe we feel shaken but under it we have hope.

6/25: Sun sextile Jupiter: Inspired actions that build bridges. The right ego with the right passion. Strong but not zealotry. Great day to get some stuff done. Inspired actions prevail.

6/26:Sun square Uranus: Pressure between Independence and family. Conflicts between emotions versus actions. There is an energy around crisis versus breakthroughs. I personally am watching this day and the day before and the day after as it might have some fall out that impacts the New Moon which is an eclipse. I say, ‘might’.

6/27:Mars sextileUranus: Fun, play, dynamic energy, creative, breakthroughs abound. Love this aspect for some mental creativity. Solutions to issues that might have been in front of our faces all this time but NOW we see them. Great fun time.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What the heck is the Antikythera Mechanism?

I was visiting David Crook's sight and he had a fabulous link to a report by Nature about the Antikythera Mechanism. Intrigued by the greeky sounding name I watched the video and was blown away (although, I shouldn't have been since we know those ancient Greeks were smarty pants). Anyway, what you need to know is that in the early 1900's, divers off the coast of a Greek Island were pulling up sponges off the sea floor when they found a whole treasure trove of greek statuary from two millennia ago. In the middle of all their findings was this odd ball thing encrusted with minerals that no one gave too much attention. Hey, who can look at that ball of crusty stuff when Zeus is standing nearby. Well, finally people started to pay attention to the crusty thing and has the xrayed and prodded they found a mechanism. A mechanism that calculated eclipses, time and even the olympic games. It is magnificent. I suggest you give it a watch you will be astounded.

Antikythera Mechanism

Thursday, June 16, 2011

And how is it going?

This may be my favorite photo of the whole year. It says so much.

Well, about one hour before Full Moon I had an unexpected visitor at my door, "Hello, Hello..." "Mother what are you doing here?" Right on cue.

Besides me suddenly have to make quick changes in my schedule, how has this full moon been going for you?

Sag rules politics and:
Today of course, Weiner wacked off his resume by quiting congress. Although I think we all saw that one coming.

Sag rules sports:
I said to my husband yesterday how odd I thought it was that they were rioting in Vancouver over losing the Stanley Cup. I am used to living in cities and a country where we riot when we win. Which one is stranger? I dunno.

Gemini rules fickleness:

Hef, and when I say Hef you know I'm talking about an 82 year old man in black pajamas, well Hef has apparently ended his engagement and will not be at the alter this weekend. I guess his fiance has been seeing Dr. Phil's son (Wait isn't Phil's other son married to the other former Hef girlfriend?). I can't even make this stuff up. Anyway, I guess Hef called it off. What? Say it is not so. And after I already ordered their plates from Pottery barn.

How is the miscommunication? How are the lies? How are the big ass opinions? How is your life and remember it is probably better than everyone else listed above.

two more day so of full moon phase. Hang on.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

John Peterson: The Arlington Institute

Feeling the novelty of Gemini, I have been poking around the last few days in curious little caves on the www. In my poking I came across this video of John Petersen. Peterson and the Arlington Institute which he started about fifteen years ago is all about the future. What is happening next year, in ten years, in fifty years is the business of futurists. I, of course am not even sure what I am serving for dinner tomorrow. But I now wonder if John and his group already know what I'm making. They certainly know a lot about trends. And I guess my trend is chicken on Mondays so they probably know that,too.

Anyway, you may find this curious,ah, another Gemini word.

Part two and three can be found here.

The Week Ahead

It is not an easy week. There are more aspects going on this week then the ones listed below and of course there are lunar aspects every day (I don't put those in since you can find them pretty much everywhere on the www). But I believe you will feel a tension all week that can't exactly be relieved. Despite any perky aspect by the moon or super small positive aspects not listed. This lunar phase is just a bit tweaked and one tension may go away and another will one come in.

6/14: Venus quincunx Pluto: Small loss of power, gotta give up battles to win a war
6/15: Full Moon Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse (See previous post) and…..

Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini is pretty snarky on its own. The teeter totter puts the emphasis on either being the speech maker or teacher telling everyone what to do---versus being the smartaleck in the back of the class or town hall with snide comments. The eclipse doubles down on masters of rhetoric and mischievous liars. Will we do both? What will we do when we observe both? No matter how much we might want to hide from having an opinion on it---the eclipse will probably push us to express our opinion.

6/16: Mercury in Cancer
6/17: Mercury trine Neptune: Loving, inspired conversations. Out of this world communication perhaps from a higher source?
6/17: Mercury sextile Jupiter: Fun and brilliant/ very creative bridges to others/ accent on foreign help.
6/18:Venus trine Saturn: respect of love and resources, hardworking creative efforts

God only knows what will be out there in the media this week. Although, I do think a strong woman is giong to show up in some manner. Just a vibe.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Full Moon Sag: 2 out of 3 eclipses

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse
June 15, 2011 –4:13pm EDT
24 Sag 23

How is this Gemini lunar cycle treating you? Tweaky? No, shit. And it is about to get more tweaked with this week’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This is the second of three eclipses in a row (the third will be in two weeks). The last time we had the Sag lunar eclipses was in the 1990’s. This week’s lunar eclipse is at the same degree as the lunar eclipse of June 1992. What were you doing then? Did your life make any significant changes after that eclipse? Of course every year there are solar and lunar eclipses why get all worked up over this Sag lunar eclipse?
Because this lunar eclipse is taking place within a degree of the galactic center of the Milky Way. “Huh? There is a center to all this madness?” In a word—“YES”.

In 1932, Karl Jansky, an engineer for Bell was trying to figure out the source of static electricity. And can you blame him? How annoying is it when you hit static on a radio? He wanted to get to the source of it in order to fix the static on long distance phone calls. Very pragmatic. So, he built an antenna with a telescope and went hunting.

After recording signals from all directions for several months, Jansky eventually categorized them into three types of static: nearby thunderstorms, distant thunderstorms, and a faint steady hiss of unknown origin. He spent over a year investigating the source of the third type of static. The location of maximum intensity rose and fell once a day, leading Jansky to initially surmise that he was detecting radiation from the Sun.

After a few months of following the signal, however, the brightest point moved away from the position of the Sun. Jansky also determined that the signal repeated on a cycle of 23 hours and 56 minutes, the period of the Earth's rotation relative to the cosmos (sidereal day), instead of the 24-hour solar day. By comparing his observations with optical astronomical maps, Jansky concluded that the radiation was coming from the Milky Way and was strongest in the direction of the center the galaxy, in the constellation of Sagittarius

At first, astronomers were nonplussed probably because Jansky was not one of them he was after all an engineer not an astronomer. Thirty years later astronomers went poking around in the galactic center and were amazed by how much noise, mass energies and a black hole filled with star embryos. The Galactic Center is basically where are our Sun was born. The Galactic Center is located at 26 degrees Sagittarius the exact degree of this lunar eclipse is 25 Sagittarius. So, let’s go back to June of 1992 if your life did make some monumental changes that summer or after I would make a case that the energy from the Galactic Center was speaking to you. How was the static? Where was the black hole? And what star was being born?

Look at your chart and see where you have 25 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius. Ask yourself about your ability to communicate (Gemini) and your ability to tolerate (Sag)? Are they high or low? How is the static? Can you hunker down or is your energy too scattered?

The Lunar eclipse has a trine with Jupiter which should help find ways to bridge to others. Jupiter knows it is important to be practical (Taurus) and the Moon in Sag knows that we need to pull WAY, WAY, WAY back to get a proper perspective. And watch the self righteous smugness (Sag). If we get lost in Gemini where the south node is hiding along with sneaky Mercury, we should prepare for the gossip mongers to be up our grill. Some people will go crazy and overwhelm others with too much data and twitters and emails and phone calls. A south node in Gemini can create a Tsunami of information. This has only one effect---makes others pull away and disconnect.

The lunar eclipse also has a trine with Neptune which is a much needed soothing and mystical component to this three day window. Ideally it will be a beacon picking up any signals sent from the Galactic Center. Cue Steven Spielberg.

Ceres is an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres rules harvesting and is one of the food ‘planets’ (yeah, yeah, it too is not a planet similar to Chiron) and we have been dealing with food issues since its move into Pisces. We discussed it on the New Moon Gemini Chart at the beginning of the month and lo and behold yet another tainted food scare in Europe is in the news. We should expect more food or nutrition issues to come up around the full moon. How is our wheat? How is our grain? What is going on with our crops? This may come up around the full moon. Also, Ceres is VERY feminine and powerful. Not in a bitchy way but just in a matter of fact somber way. She knows her shit. She was the goddess of daily activities with humans. Strong women will be highlighted this cycle.

In conclusion: watch your life and see what comes up these three days and consider anything that comes your way may actually have a bigger message to it than what appears.

On Chiron's Retrograde Move

Earlier this week, Chiron turned retrograde. Chiron is what we call an 'astrological planet'. Meaning like the Sun and Moon, which are not planets but we call them such when drafting charts. The same is true with Chiron which is an asteroid comet between Saturn and Uranus. We're not sure exactly when he came into our solar system but he is there and he does pack a punch. He was discovered only 1977 and has been on my radar screen about twenty years. Since his discovery astrologers have written on his impact both on personal charts and society. When I started he was just a blip in my 11th house. Now as I have grown older and definitely wiser it is clear to me that his impact is great. Gawd yes! The power of friends, groups of like minded individuals and hopes and wishes has been both a challenge and great pride to me. I have an extra boost of 11th house given I have Venus in Aquarius there but the paths I have traveled are not all Venusian--by a long shot. It has been Chiron who picked the path with land minds!

Anyway, Chiron is small but mighty. As we know, Chiron moved briefly into Pisces in spring of 2010 then he retrograde back to Aquarius and then finally crossed back into Pisces in February where it will be hanging out for a long time. Earlier this week he retrograded from 5 degrees of Pisces. He will eventually get to zero Pisces this fall when he then turns direct. If you have a planet in early degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, sag and Pisces) prepare for tension. Putting it mildly.

For those who don't know much about Chiron and want to know what it looks like in your house, I recommend browsing the www for chiron articles. There are plenty. Here is a little refresher from Cafe Astrology.

And over at Lynn Haye's sight she had a write up on the retrograde this week that is thoughtful.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saturn turns Direct: On all Relationships

On Sunday 6/12 Saturn turns Direct 11:52pm EDT 10Libra27

I have Saturn on my Sun so I may be a bit more in tune with Saturn’s movement, but having said that I still believe people feel Saturn’s retrograde and directional moves whether they know it or not. Saturn turns retrograde once a year. When Saturn turned retrograde on January 26 it put us all on notice that we needed to retool, rebuild and reassess our relationships.

Why relationships? Because Saturn is in the middle of his 2 year journey through the sign of Libra. Libra is the justice, the scales, finding balance. And you can’t find balance unless you have a partner on the other side. Libra is the half way mark of the zodiac. On the other side of Libra is Aries. In Aries we are all about ‘number one’. During Aries we learn how to go out into the world alone, how to break ground and how to lead. By the time we get to Libra we are ready to see who is on the other side of the table drinking Starbucks with us. “Hey, how long have you been here?” Of course, the human being is funny. Sometimes we are alone, sometimes we are married, sometimes we are divorced, widowed, humans are always in some stage of entanglement. But Libra does not care because what is important is not the title of that person drinking Starbucks, (husband, wife) what is important that we are ‘relating.’

Libra is the act of relationships. All of them. Yes, it is easy to point out a spouse and we do a lot of work on them and they do work on us but in truth, Libra just cares that we are relating. Ever since 2010 when Saturn went into Libra we have been working out our relationships. Who are we in relationship at work? Who are we in relationship with our family? Who are we in relationship with our neighbors? Who are we in relationship with our friends?

This lesson will continue until 2012 when Saturn moves in Scorpio. At that point we’ll spend two years learning (among other things) the lessons of money, investments, sex, death & rebirth. But in the meantime we are learning how to relate.
When Saturn turns direct it is an opportunity to focus on those lessons in a real concrete manner. Perhaps after Saturn turns direct on Sunday we will speak to people whom we have felt (for a long time) have not been carrying their share of work. We will point out the disparity. Or perhaps someone will speak to us and tell us we need to do more work. We may disengage from projects that have been too all encompassing and have taken us away from our ‘relating’. Or we may look at our partner and say, “Let’s build on this now” and come up with a great strategy and plan for our future. It might not be a forever future but it could certainly get us to the next leg of our journey. The next time Saturn turns retrograde in Libra will be Feb 7, so we have about 9 months to actualize all the things we have learned and put them into action.

The 11 degree of Libra Sabian Symbol is
A professor peering over his glasses.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner, Breitbart & Jobs

Oh, my god, my head hurts from yesterday's news and discussions. Lordy, talk about the influence of a Gemini lunar phase that starts with an eclipse. Clearly we are still feeling it.

Well, the North Node in Sag got the better of both Weiner and Breitbart. Weiner gave his mea culpa in front of the whole world. He screwed up big and he told everyone about it. It was pretty surreal. I'm not sure why because we have had so many politicians and religious leaders and god knows who else admit to some hideous transgressions but there was something about Weiners that felt so ...hmm, well so, modern. Sexting, FaceBook, "I was stupid" was said so many times I thought I was overhearing a conversation at a Starbucks, Not at a congressional press conference. By all appearances it seems like he just stood up there and let it all hang out. Pun intended. Very Sag North Node.

And then Breitbart was having his dueling press conference where he showed the indignent and hypocritcal part of Sag. "I demand an apology." Kind of funny considering I don't believe he apologized to Shirley Sherrod. That's the thing about Sag it can be so hypocritical.

Meanwhile over there silicon land Steve Jobs revealed icloud. Newest technology to get your music and social media connects ON. All perfectly Gemini. But of course, since this Gemini Lunar Cycle has the snarky eclipse influencing the cycle it is not without a little jab....apparently, Jobs also revealed Apple's new operating system that apparently has left Facebook in the dust---Apple is hooked with Twitter not facebook. "En gaurd, Zukerberg"

Like I said, all very Gemini, all very snark.

Personally you could not pay me to have lunch with any of these guys. Noisy and visionary but still clowns.

The Week Ahead

6/7: Mercury/Saturn: Sharp thoughts, good organization, leadership starts with great communication which is accented today.

6/8: First Quarter Moon. Actions based on seeds you planted on new moon. What have you missed? What have you neglected? What needs your precise diligence? Use this phase for additional research.

6/8: Jupiter/Neptune: Wisdom accented from unusual source. Out of thin air a great inspiration.

6/9: Venus enters Gemini

6/10: Venus/Neptune: In love with “being in love” perhaps way too up in the clouds. Can you find ground? If not--you may be out there too much.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

And speaking of weird winds.....

As we know, Massachusetts got a tornado on this Gemini New Moon. Proof once again never underestimate the power of wind. But metaphorically, the air signs stir up a lot of talk and rhetoric. And with this moon it is magnified I believe by the eclipse and North Node in Sag. Sag has got a lot of politics in it (along with Capricorn) and I thought it was interesting that Sara Palin drove up the east coast causing her own tornado of media. And when she blew into Trump Tower for pizza with Donald--well those tornadoes in Joplin seem to pale in comparison by what these two Media Supernovas stir up.
And if that was not enough, somewhere in the mix but still on Gemini New Moon Mitt Romney officially throws his hat in the ring as a presidential candidate.

And this is only the first four days of Gemini, we have got 24 more days to go---hold on to your hats, everyone! It is going to get blustery.

Just in time for summer; who wants a Weiner?

I guess the story of Anthony Weiner and his weiner (small w) broke last weekend. But the fury and storm of the story hit a couple days later right around the Gemini New Moon. And there is so much to the story that in mind really reflects the new moon chart.

"Excuse me, congressmen is that a partial eclipse in your pocket?"

Right out the gate we see all the players. The North Node in Sagittarius is the 'eclipse' part of the chart with an emphasis on truth. Sagittarius also rules publishing. Gemini rules writing. In particular short writings. In the old days before the internet short writing included magazines and newspapers--today a case can be made for Tweets being Gemini domain (Internet is Aquarius).

The New Moon chart has a square with Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is self wounding and Pisces is self undoing. And although I did not watch the MSNBC interview with Chris Mathews it seems from all accounts that Mr. Weiner did his own self wounding when he claimed he did not send the tweet but was hacked however he could not say for certainty that it was not a photo of his you-know-what in the underwear. Oh, my, Chiron in the house!

Was he speaking to the Truth of North Node in Sag and being as accurate as he could but leaves us all wondering, "Bravo for having the decency to not tweet it but you still take photos of that?" There is that self wounding Chiron.

I do not know the time of his birth but from wiki we know he was born September 4, 1964 in Brooklyn--see posted chart, I used 6am birth. We know that his Sun in Virgo is right in the cross hairs of this eclipse at 12 Gemini and Chiron at 16 Pisces.

His Moon is in Leo and all its inglorious ego tendencies is probably the reason why he felt he could get in front of this by just saying a few things and poof it would go away. "Ah, no that is why god created press agents and lawyers."

Neptune is on his Saturn which is very difficult for a man in his position. Saturn is all we have worked towards. It is the structures we have built and Neptune on top of it, tends to start dissolving things.

And last but certainly not least, Pluto in Capricorn is in conjuction with his Mercury. Again, Mercury is how we communicate and how we connect (echo off this Gemini lunar phase) and having Pluto there could either empower him and he gets his brain working in new ways and changes his communicating style or it could destroy his current style and he must rebuild his ability to 'connect'.

Even if he mispoke and he is a victim through and through, not his weiner, not his underwear, not his tweet, totally hacked....even if all that is north node in Sag true---it may take more work to get away from it than he has in him. However, never underestimate Pluto. He could persevere and come up with some good strategic moves and maybe his weiner will be put behind him. Whoops, maybe that is not exactly a good phrase in this case.