Saturday, June 11, 2011

Full Moon Sag: 2 out of 3 eclipses

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse
June 15, 2011 –4:13pm EDT
24 Sag 23

How is this Gemini lunar cycle treating you? Tweaky? No, shit. And it is about to get more tweaked with this week’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This is the second of three eclipses in a row (the third will be in two weeks). The last time we had the Sag lunar eclipses was in the 1990’s. This week’s lunar eclipse is at the same degree as the lunar eclipse of June 1992. What were you doing then? Did your life make any significant changes after that eclipse? Of course every year there are solar and lunar eclipses why get all worked up over this Sag lunar eclipse?
Because this lunar eclipse is taking place within a degree of the galactic center of the Milky Way. “Huh? There is a center to all this madness?” In a word—“YES”.

In 1932, Karl Jansky, an engineer for Bell was trying to figure out the source of static electricity. And can you blame him? How annoying is it when you hit static on a radio? He wanted to get to the source of it in order to fix the static on long distance phone calls. Very pragmatic. So, he built an antenna with a telescope and went hunting.

After recording signals from all directions for several months, Jansky eventually categorized them into three types of static: nearby thunderstorms, distant thunderstorms, and a faint steady hiss of unknown origin. He spent over a year investigating the source of the third type of static. The location of maximum intensity rose and fell once a day, leading Jansky to initially surmise that he was detecting radiation from the Sun.

After a few months of following the signal, however, the brightest point moved away from the position of the Sun. Jansky also determined that the signal repeated on a cycle of 23 hours and 56 minutes, the period of the Earth's rotation relative to the cosmos (sidereal day), instead of the 24-hour solar day. By comparing his observations with optical astronomical maps, Jansky concluded that the radiation was coming from the Milky Way and was strongest in the direction of the center the galaxy, in the constellation of Sagittarius

At first, astronomers were nonplussed probably because Jansky was not one of them he was after all an engineer not an astronomer. Thirty years later astronomers went poking around in the galactic center and were amazed by how much noise, mass energies and a black hole filled with star embryos. The Galactic Center is basically where are our Sun was born. The Galactic Center is located at 26 degrees Sagittarius the exact degree of this lunar eclipse is 25 Sagittarius. So, let’s go back to June of 1992 if your life did make some monumental changes that summer or after I would make a case that the energy from the Galactic Center was speaking to you. How was the static? Where was the black hole? And what star was being born?

Look at your chart and see where you have 25 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius. Ask yourself about your ability to communicate (Gemini) and your ability to tolerate (Sag)? Are they high or low? How is the static? Can you hunker down or is your energy too scattered?

The Lunar eclipse has a trine with Jupiter which should help find ways to bridge to others. Jupiter knows it is important to be practical (Taurus) and the Moon in Sag knows that we need to pull WAY, WAY, WAY back to get a proper perspective. And watch the self righteous smugness (Sag). If we get lost in Gemini where the south node is hiding along with sneaky Mercury, we should prepare for the gossip mongers to be up our grill. Some people will go crazy and overwhelm others with too much data and twitters and emails and phone calls. A south node in Gemini can create a Tsunami of information. This has only one effect---makes others pull away and disconnect.

The lunar eclipse also has a trine with Neptune which is a much needed soothing and mystical component to this three day window. Ideally it will be a beacon picking up any signals sent from the Galactic Center. Cue Steven Spielberg.

Ceres is an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres rules harvesting and is one of the food ‘planets’ (yeah, yeah, it too is not a planet similar to Chiron) and we have been dealing with food issues since its move into Pisces. We discussed it on the New Moon Gemini Chart at the beginning of the month and lo and behold yet another tainted food scare in Europe is in the news. We should expect more food or nutrition issues to come up around the full moon. How is our wheat? How is our grain? What is going on with our crops? This may come up around the full moon. Also, Ceres is VERY feminine and powerful. Not in a bitchy way but just in a matter of fact somber way. She knows her shit. She was the goddess of daily activities with humans. Strong women will be highlighted this cycle.

In conclusion: watch your life and see what comes up these three days and consider anything that comes your way may actually have a bigger message to it than what appears.


  1. Isn't the eclipse at 24 Sag 23? Not 26 Sag?

  2. Hey there. Found you on the Dispatch (I'm there too :) Love your writing - so clear!

  3. Sorry about the confusion. Yes, this eclipse is 24 and change so you roll it up to 25. I fixed the typo where I put 26 when I should have put 25. Thanks for the heads up. I need a proofreader. Tracy

  4. Awesome narration of thoughts on Full Moon Eclipse In Sagittarius, this month has so much for us to see, heading towards the second eclipse on 15 June, hope it brings in something good for Sagittarius people. Thanks for the share...!!

  5. Swinging and swaying, slightly exotic....two deaths this week, one a beloved Indian man who sold jewelry from Jaipur at the local flea. The other, a travel writer pal, after a bout with lung (Gemini) cancer.
    Went to a press event at a Japanese venture here called the Yotel, very sci-fi with a robot in the lobby and the front desk called "Mission Control." Rooms are little space cabins. The food is terrific, Japanese tapas (!). My Sag pal and I were the oldest ones there. (Jack might love it!) Everyone blogging at the dinner table.
    Next day, a local political event - I was the youngest one there. Sigh.
    DSK has been eclipsed by Weiner. The media camp has moved on. Only Vanity Fair stationed in front of his townhouse.
    But now the voice of independent women ...the defiant Saudi women driver protest this Friday(will they have the guts to do it) and the maid from Guinea emerging from the shadows.