Friday, June 24, 2011

The FBI always gets its Man....

The FBI website indicates the buereau started July 26, 1908. I don't know the time so I went for midnight but it is probably later in the day since it began with a memo sent by a director which one could assume happened later in the day.

If there was ONE planet associated with the FBI it is Pluto and in this chart Pluto is in Gemini. Snooping around, investigating, figuring things out...that is all perfectly Gemini. Issues around loyalty and pride are certainly pronounced with the FBI and ties into its Sun in Leo. Now where things are interesting is the Moon in Cancer. The United States with its fourth of July birthday, is a Cancer and ties to the FBI's Moon in Cancer which is all about protecting family (and the country) is again perfect. However the very interesting part is the North Node at 3 degrees Cancer, followed by Venus at 5 degrees Cancer, then Moon at 9 degrees (might be later depending on the time of the memo) and Mercury at 13 degrees and Neptune at 15 degrees Cancer that is a whole of Cancer, Family, home protecting, finding one's shell. Adding intrique is the fact that Pluto right now is begining an opposition phase with all of these planets in Cancer. Coincidentally, as if I believed in coincidences, the capture of Bin Laden who was on the Top Ten List for the FBI (as well as CIA) took place with Pluto in opposition to the North Node. A bit of karma was finally burned off (south node). And now The FBI has knocked off another FBI top tenner with the arrest of Whitey Bulger as Pluto continues to plow through these planets.

My guess is that there will be more knocked off the list during the next few years as Pluto stirs it up. Of course there could be some repercussions since it is an opposition.

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