Friday, August 31, 2012

Ayn Rand: Aquarius Much?

Good gawd the long dead Ayn Rand has been in the news of late.

Honestly, I have not thought much about her since I read FOUNTAINHEAD and ATLAS SHRUGGED in college.  Interesting books, jillion pages long and I remember I enjoyed them.  Then I got on with my life.  I do recall some of my peers who were looking up at Reagan with hearts in their eyes seemed a bit more attached to Ms Rand than me.  But also, she was still alive when I read the books.  Now she's been dead 30 years and like other artists, she is even more popular as a dead writer than a living one.  

I went poking around assuming that someone had put up Rand's chart and of course there are many links.  Even a cursory search will find several. 

Here is one on OhioAstrology

Here is one on Rand over at Karmic Astrology

For your scorecard.
She was an Aquarius ( Rebel, rebel) 
Moon in Capricorn (Cold for sure but also appealing)
And possibly Leo rising. 

Lots of charisma in that chart.  No joking.  All of it can be very appealing. Especially for Ronald Reagan who was an Aquarius.    Libertarians are fully engaged by her charisma and I would say in particular her Cap moon they like tremendously.   

For me I have to say the hypocrisy of Aquarius,  Leo & Capricorn shows up big time when we consider the fact that she was life long smoker who did not believe cigarettes contributed to lung cancer (probably the inability to quit was hurting her ego).  She was adamant against social services yet she did collect medicare to cover her medical costs.  What would John Galt say?   

Also, I felt her Cap Moon when I read about the emotional complications of her personal life (WOW)

and definitely when I read about her funeral---A six-foot floral arrangement in the shape of a dollar sign was placed near her casket.[

Nodes Change Position

North Node moves into Scorpio
South Node moves into Taurus

A couple days ago on the 29th the north and south nodes changed signs.   The Nodes are not planets, they are points between the moon,earth and  sun.  The New and Full Moons that are near these points will be eclipses.   

The nodes run backwards, as if they are always retrograde and for the last two years the North Node has been in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini.   Whatever sign, the north node is in is where we need to stretch, and grow, it is the part of us that karmically move us.  It is not easy and we usually struggle with it but as we grow older and older we become more and more comfortable with our life lesson/purpose and are always rewarded when we stretch.   The South Node is where we are lazy, where we hold karma.  When we DO our south node we are being lazy and we usually pay a price for slovenly behavior.  There is a lesson we learn from our south node.  In order to be healthy we should stretch and do our North node as dictated by sign and house and to really hit a ball out of the park, we stretch with the north node but use the positive skills we have in us innately from the south node.  Of course, if we get lost in our south nodes--well that is when trouble can arise both personally and globally. 

I remember during 9/11/01  when all of us where watching the events unfold I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that the North Node was in Cancer.  Cancer is our home, our family, our emotions.  Capricorn is our career, our business our governments.   For the most part, about 95 percent of the people who died on 9/11 died at work some at government jobs (police, fire, pentagon).   There were some people who were returning home from vacations on the 4 different planes but of course many of the travelers were at work.  The World Trade Towers were all workers and of course the same for the Pentagon.  I just thought, "Wow, the Universe is really teaching us to get our Cancer on"  And I hugged my son a little tighter.  He was two months old so you know I was already hugging him tightly.  People made big changes in their life after 9/11.  Family and the life we live them became paramount.  Being slaves to a job was no longer an emotional option.

When hurricane Katrina came sweeping in the North Node was in Aries.  Aries is about leadership, about being fiery, getting out there and taking a charge.   South Node in Libra can be frozen waiting for a partner to step in and take charge.  How many of us watched Katrina and the after affects waiting for a real leader to emerge?  We were desparate for Aries. 

In the last two years the North Node has been in Sagittarius and the South Node has been in Gemini (remember the eclipses in June?).    I have been stunned by the level of gossip (Gemini) that has infiltrated all media.  The nonsense with Rupert Murdoch (paying people to wire tap celebrities etc)  came to light during this period.  The lies that are purported out there as 'truth'.   Mind boggling.    Sag which rules education and traveling and detente and religion has been challenged.  No one said that DOING the north node was easy but we still have to do it!  ( Sigh, Syria).  

Now, we begin a North/South teeter totter all about Scorpio and Taurus.   I gotta say, real estate and property have just been put in jeopardy (hello, south node in Taurus).   Money and currency will also be tweaked.  I think it is interesting that Ben Bernanke said that The Fed would be putting more money in the system today and the metals shot up.   Yep. Smells like Scorpio/Taurus to me.
Scorpio asks us to jump without a net. It is not just death--it is death with rebirth.   We will see many people take risks AND be rewarded for the risks.  Taurus hangs on and hangs on and hangs and see the examples of people stubbornly holding on to something.    Probably people holding on to money but not holding on to values.   I'm curious about the Akin in MO.  I wonder if he will still be holding on in the next wee or so.  No matter what,  It is going to be an interesting two years as we process Scorpio and Taurus.   Enjoy the eclipses in November & May!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pisces Full Moon 2012


Elanor Powell and Fred Astaire  Begin the Beguine

From Wiki: A Beguine was originally a Christian lay woman of the 13th or 14th century living in a religious community without formal vows; but in the Creole of the Caribbean, especially in Martinique and Guadeloupe, the term came to mean "white woman", and then to be applied to a style of music and dance, and in particular a slow, close couples' dance



Pisces Full Moon

August 31, 2012



Pisces Full Moon


The Full Moon in Pisces pulls on our emotions.  But not the feelings that we access easily like those conjured up by family (Cancer) or our passion and jealousy (Scorpio).  These emotions are pulled by our psyche.   This full moon we should expect those things deep in our subconscious to come out and yell “boo”.  It may be the daylight and we could be in a public forum but don’t be surprised if fear, rage, sadness, depression, giddiness, (fill in the blank), any deep seated emotion to come out and speak to us.   They are coming up to be processed.   Perhaps someone says something and we are taken immediately back to something someone said to us when we were child and a wave of emotions overcome up.   This is true of every Pisces Full Moon, remember, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  It is the place where we wrap things up.  It is the drawer in our kitchen that holds all the things that don’t belong in the other drawers.  No surprise it is the sign associated with psychics, therapists and priests (shares with Sag).   It is a very fuzzy sign it also rules religion, art, music and dance and not surprising like the arts it can leave a long impression.   In the full moon the Sun in Virgo is in opposition to the Moon.    Virgo is the sign of practical, earth bound, dotting I’s and crossing T’s—all about facts is opposed to Pisces vagueness.   Like a ballet dancer we are standing on point.  We will be focused on details and taking care of business but at the same time we are pulled by some inner emotion or fuzzy drive that can’t be exactly explained.  


This Full Moon has a very unique aspect in that it is in conjunction with Chiron.   We spoke of Chiron a lot on the NEW MOON.    Chiron is self-wounding.  He is the part of us that just keeps stepping in the same old pile of Sh*t expecting it to be clover.  It ain’t clover so why do we keep doing the same old nonsense?    The Moon is also in wide conjunction with Neptune which is double downing in the cuckoo and the unexpressed feelings.   This full moon offers us a great opportunity to let stuff go.  If we feel a big hurdle in front of us and it feels like we have been here before and all of our emotions are peaking—let Neptune dissolve the fear.  Yes, fear, because even if you are raging or snotty or whatever you feel at it's core you, FEAR is at the center of the emotions.  Let it go.  Tell Chiron you will no longer be trapped.  Release and then do more releasing.   Then see if Sun in discipine Virgo can guide you to practical applications of what you look like when you are not wrapped up in fear.   

I bet you would learn how to dance again. 

Tomorrow's Full Moon

I will be putting up my own post about Full Moon later today (lots of stuff on my plate) but in the meantime I wanted to share with you some insightful write ups on tomorrow's (31st) Full Moon in Pisces.

David Crook (who I so dig)  notes that:

Friday August 31~ Todays Pisces Full Moon is the second Full Moon in August. The fourth Full Moon in a season is called a Blue Moon- hence the expression, 'once in a Blue Moon'. While Pisces is emotionally psychic and imaginative, the Sun in Virgo is pragmatic and detail-oriented. This is an especially great time to implement healthier routines that lead to self-improvement, so we can serve at an optimal level. The Full Moon conjoins the centaur planet Chiron that embodies the archetype of the wounded healer. Chiron is the cosmic chiropractor, and well-skilled at making the adjustments necessary to get the prana, chi, or life energy moving properly.
Mercury moves into it's home sign of Virgo where it can function at a high level

I also wanted to point out PLANET WAVES  where Eric Francis not only writes about full moon but also about Neil Armstrong.    I gottta say I let out a little sigh when I heard he died.  I remember watching him walking on the moon as a kid.  It was a hot day and our little black and white tv was not the best, lots of snow but I remember it well.     Anyway, go to the link for the full write up.  Here's a snippet.

This week as so many people remember our first steps into the frontier of space, the Moon will be heading toward full phase in Pisces. That has a Sixties-like flavor, as that era was seasoned with Chiron in Pisces, as is ours. The Moon will be conjunct Chiron as it peaks in full phase. Chiron in such a configuration speaks about the deepest and most poignant level of feeling, as a cosmic experience. We’re reminded that existence itself is what is ‘special’. Pisces is full-spectrum and so this spills over into the subtle realms infused with greater passion than a Full Moon might ordinarily offer.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This week ahead....

We begin this week with the final hours of First quarter moon then by 8:32pm EDT on Monday we move into the Gibbous phase.
Focus on:    What is coming up that speaks to your executive abilities?  What details are you working out where you have to put on your CEO hat?  Where do you need to step up and show your leadership abilities?   What tough decisions need to be made that speak to your self esteem?

It is interesting that the Republican convention will be occurring during Gibbous, I would anticipate some leaders will be born during those three days. 
On 8/29:  The Sun trines Pluto. This happens twice a year.  The last time was in late April.   Inspirations will speak to our very DNA. The desire to survive is strong.  Ideas will come up that showcase our creativity and rebirth.  It is a powerful aspect. 
also on 8/29 is a great aspect with Mercury and Saturn.  The brain and communication are in sync with our work efforts.  We have got our mind on our relationships working and our working relationships on our mind.
I'm curious about hurricane Isaac with these aspects.   They are very positive and powerful aspects.   Leadership should be pronounced.  
Full Moon Phase
August 31
08 Pisces 34
9:58am EDT
Focus on:    Where is spirituality in your life?   How do you balance your self- esteem with divine intervention?   Do you know the difference?  Can you be brave and rely on your intuition to support your self esteem?  Or is your ego at  play and you see yourself only as hero or victim?    I will post more on full moon later.....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Final day ----

Can you help me?

I hoping Mars in Scorpio will be able to assist!

It is the final hours for my collection for Tammy Duckworth.

As you know I started a small collection for Tammy Duckworth who is running against Rep Joe Walsh in the 8th District of Illinois. 

At the beginning of July, Walsh said some awful things about Tammy in particular that she 'shows off' every time she rolls her wheel chair into a room.    Tammy lost her legs as a soldier in Iraq.

I am jaded about things like politics. But even I was awakened from my jaded apathy of (politicians) are "all lame".  Even I had to admit, Joe Walsh hit a new low..  Low enough to get my ire.

 He also surrounds himself with people who nod their head in agreement with his extremist point of view. THIS bothered me more. 

Anyway, I started a very modest fundraising campaign.  My goal was $500 dollars for Tammy's campaign.   I am $252.

My fundraiser ends tomorrow night.   If I could get 10 people to donate $25 I will reach it.
If I can get 25 people to donate $10, I will reach it.

Please know that I am thankful to each and everyone of you who have donated.   I got some very nice emails.   I don't have a tip jar on my sight, I am happy to provide astro insights where I can and I hope you enjoy them.   But if you have thought about tipping me, please consider a small donation to this fundraiser it its final hours.  Also, if you can share the link with a few friends on FB that would be helpful.   I am very thankful for your help.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Astrologically looking at the Republican Convention

I thought it might be fun to take a look at the charts of the two (main) political parties since their conventions are approaching. This week I am putting up The Republican Chart since their convention is next week.

When poking around, it appears  the most used chart for the Republican Party is July 6, 1854 - Jackson Mi using 12 noon.     I can see how that date and location was chosen and you can read more over at Neptune Cafe.   

The convention takes place next week and earlier this month transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Saturn in the Rep Chart.   Years ago and I really mean MANY years ago when I was studying astrology I was taught that a conjunction is neither bad (like a square) or good (like a trine) but instead is qualified by the nature of the planets.   Of course as time progressed and I worked more and more with charts I came to my opinion about Jupiter conjunct Saturn and that is it can be a good thing, however it can have a rough first start.  Jupiter has such an in-your-face-energy so much so that  even when he is smiling, he can still push the limits. And of course, Jupiter is so big it has no subtle abilities.

Saturn which likes its rules and orders can get discombobulated by Jupiter's big opinions, big ideas,  big boldness just big bigness.  Also, if Saturn has built its structure on sand, it definitely can sink with Jupiter's big energy.    However, if the foundation is strong and time has passed for Saturn to processe the Jupiter energy, Saturn can figure out how to use the change to its advantage.  Then by the time the transit is over, one often will judge the experience even with its rough start as ultimately a rewarding experience.    Looking ahead, Jupiter is on top of Saturn August 1,  Dec 9 and March 22nd.   What will be decided or declared during this convention that speaks to the weight of Jupiter?  How will it push the boundaries?  Will it curry favor and then success by the time Dec and or March rolls around or will chickens be roosting? 

Near the election date Saturn will be opposing Pluto.   This is a tough aspect, seriously, no other way to describe it.   It is an aspect that is usually defined by doors shutting.  Feeling limited with no real options.  An impotent aspect.  But again, after the aspect is over there can be a real re-birth.  

And in January (and June) Transiting Pluto semisquare Saturn.  Old habits are very difficult to jettison.  This is a big ol' learning curve.  I remember my own Pluto/Saturn transition. Luckily I knew enough to get out of the way and let Pluto take over and guess what? .I was way better for it. But you gotta be willing to move to side and let Pluto redefine you.  Will be interesting to see how that all unfolds.  

There is a beautiful aspect between Uranus and Mercury in 2013 which I think will be very, very inspiring and new thoughts, new thinking, creativity, dynamic--if things are bumpy between now and then GOP should take hope, Uranus will bring something brilliant to the party in 2013. 

One other note:    Over at Lynn Koiner, she points out that David Roell' has argued for another chart for the Republican Party.  I think it is very thoughtful and encourage you to give it a read.

If you do not receive Dave Roell’s weekly e-zine, do yourself a favor and sign up. Last week he wrote an article on the chart for the Republican Party.
A meeting was held in a school house in Ripon Wisconsin on Feb 28 1854.
Since school was in session, the meeting had to be held after 3pm, probably much later, after day work and dinner were completed.

The meeting could not have been held before 7pm but Dave uses 9pm. He has the chart calculated in his September 6 publication. Cut and paste this Link, as I cannot make the links “live” for some reason.
Dave replied: “I set the chart for the presumed conclusion of the meeting, not its start. Just as the 1776 chart is set for the climax, not the opening gavel. “

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh, are so fun and true

Hey, why is that picture so small?

Oh, well... I went snooping around to find something fun and good for you on this Leo New Moon and of course I went to M. Lutin.   It felt so perfectly Leo.

Anyway, here's a snippet of his latest report.  Go to LINK for full write up.  By the way, why do I still get Vanity Fair with Mikey gone?????  Not nearly as good.  Sigh.

        You've been under a spell.

A spell that has lasted thirty years. Even if you weren't born back then, the spell was put on your mother and father.
Now you can break it. It's time to break it. You must break it.
Way back then the Saturn Pluto conjunction started a chain reaction that put you under a spell.
There was separation, betrayal, rejection or even death.
Some strong alliances were formed then,
but many were unholy.
Link has rest of it......

Looking Ahead

The New Moon in Leo is still in effect until 11:50pm EDT on Monday. 
So, you have all Monday to get your Joy/Pleasure/Fun/Truth/--Heart on.  
Even if you only do it for one minute, please plant a seed where you commit to joy/fun something. I don't care, go on line and look up jokes.   Do something that tells your heart and the universe that you want a full vibrant life.

Additionally on 8/20 we have an aspect between the Sun and Mars which speaks to focused actions that are close to the heart. They can be successful actions.  If you have to make swift cuts they will energize you.    How you relate to others will be in harmony with the truth inside you.   

Then after 11:50pm EDT we move into Crescent Moon.    

Crescent:  We will receive information, we will research a bit more, perhaps get feedback on stuff that we planted on new.  Perhaps get some information that will help down the road on a seed we planted a while ago.  We can collect some data now.  Even if you think you are not getting information, stop, and re-look at everything.  Who called you?  Even the silliest things, when they come up during Crescent are note worthy.  A parking ticket?  An argument with a spouse?  A refund check from the phone company?  All of it needs to be considered a message from the universe.  How can this information help you?

Focus on:   What information are you learning about relationships?  What are you learning about balance?  Where is the light side?  Where is the shadow?  What are your partners telling you?  Even if you are not in a ‘relationship’ you are in relationships what are learning?  How does all of this speak to your creativity and self esteem?

8/22: Mercury/Jupiter:  Expansive thoughts, benefits through things that are ‘foreign’ as defined being out of your normal world.

8/22: Sun moves into Virgo

8/23: Mars in Scorpio

First Quarter Moon
August 24 9:53am

First quarter: We do more actions based on the information that we just received.  Or we feel our instincts guide us on something.  We pursue again.  We make another call or we see someone. We mail something.  We stir the pot again.  This can be a time when we realize that the goals we planted on New need more action from us, perhaps actions that involve breaking away.   Are there people who say they have our best interest in heart but fear us growing away from them?  Maybe we need to get help from others not the usual suspects.  Some independence may need to be exerted.

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that bridge you to others?  How are you stretching and getting out of your close circles?  How  can you move that brings in things that are ‘foreign’?   How do your philosophies and opinions line up with your self esteem?  Do your opinions match up to your integrity?   Is there hypocrisy? 

Special focus:
8/23: Sun/Neptune:  Hard to focus on daily life, bigger stuff feels unworldly.  Illusions, depression, crazy are distracting.  Prayer helps soften.
8/26: Mars/Neptune: Actions that are based on spirituality and humanitarian love are pronounced.   

I would say that there are some nice aspects this week but at the same time it is a bit wonky and we need to remember to laugh.     It will help us out. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leo New Moon

New Moon is this Friday  August 17, 11:54am EDT  25 Leo 08 .
My pet lion is busy mauling someone so I took a photo of our cat for your pleasure.
I hope you are ready to come alive because we should have a lot of sparks this 28 day cycle.
So far this summer our brains got overworked (two Gemini New Moons) our emotions were surely tested (Cancer New Moon) and now we get a burst of flames to rev up our engines.  And I for one need it.   

I wrote up the whole article on Margaret Wendt's Website.  Go to the link for the whole story. But here is a snippet.


As we plod through this hot summer (perhaps the hottest on record) and more importantly as we plod through the first tense wave of Uranus and Pluto-- we are all feeling burnt.   No kidding.

And now that we have worked our way through a 28 day cycle of emotions with all its ebbs and flows (thank you, Cancer lunar cycle) we are ready for something different.  Something hugely different.  Enter Leo stage right.  

Leo the lion is brave and strong and will put himself out there.    Hear him roar and you know he is in the house.     My husband has Leo Rising and no one misses his entrance when he returns from work.    Leos can be the center of attention and suck up a lot of the oxygen in the room.  Sure, they can.  How we react depends on what is going on inside of them.   If they are feeling strong and self-confident they can lead anyone into any place.   We trust them.  We enjoy their boldness.    But if they are insecure and lacking self-esteem—well, that is when their ego can be absolutely nuts.    An insecure Leo can be as rigid as a board.  They can demand this from that person and then more from another person and creating nothing but drama and absolutely convince themselves that people are  betraying them everywhere including the most innocent circumstances.   And an insecure Leo is always suspicious that everyone is jealous of them.   Sigh.

But what is more important and speaks to this cycle is the other Leo.  The one who is connected to something higher and knows there is a life purpose guiding them and they are brave enough to follow that inner calling---well there is NO ONE more inspiring, creative, dynamic and generous than Leo.  

And right now, in this hot, hot, darn, tough summer, don’t we all want to be inspired, creative, and dynamic along with feeling a generous support?

The answer is YES.   But we have to work at it.   We have to be willing to be brave and listen to our pulse.  Luckily there are aspects on this New Moon cycle to help push us towards our calling because Leo rules the heart.   


On this Leo New Moon the Sun/Moon are in a beautiful sextile with Mars and Saturn.  For 28 days we will be inspired and creative ideally passionate and at the same time it will all be purposeful.   Leo rules fun and merriment, parties, excitement and balloon popping escapades.    With Mars and Saturn in Libra supporting Sun & Moon in Leo, we should not be afraid to have fun.   Take risks (Mars), be spontaneous, be joyful, let down your hair and laugh!   This is important because the fun you experience connects you to others (Libra) and inspires (Leo) you in a real and concrete way (Saturn).      Go for the fun, go for the lively.   See what it does to your heart.   Also don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself!   What?  Leo makes fun of himself?  Yep, when Leo has high self- esteem he can even laugh at his own foibles.  Heaven forbid!


Of course not all aspects are smooth and two hurdles are from.... go to link for rest of piece.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something for you

My friend and I were emailing each other at the beginning of the week and talking about how it is hard to stay UP.   Especially with Sikh shootings,  Colorado shootings and issues not as horrible but still sad or at the best --annoying.   Clearly, the Uranus/Pluto pressures are mighty.

I told my friend you have to just take the moments of good....AND hang on tight.

Having said all that---

I give you this story of a mommy dog rescuing her pups from a burning fire. Her instincts told her to take the pups to the fire truck.

A house fire in Temuco, Chile, destroyed the portion of the home where the pups lived, local news agency Soy Temuco reports.
Although the puppies were safely delivered to a fire truck by their mother, homeowner Omar Torres was transported to a local hospital for burn treatments.
Unfortunately, a separate article by the paper reports one of the puppies, named Amparo, died Thursday night due to te severe burns. The rest of the puppies are in stable condition.
Of course, mother dogs have good instincts when it comes to saving their young.
A recent video from ABC News shows a golden retriever jumping in to a pool to save her struggling pup. But when the little one can't pull itself to the surface, the mother climbs out of the pool and brings it to safety.

The week ahead

Tomorrow we wrap up the Cancer Lunar cycle by beginning the Balsamic Phase.
Time to release, Baby!

On August 15--we get the Mars/Saturn conjunction.
Are you starting to feel pressures in how you relate? 
This can be a time for actions with a purpose that are fruitful.   But you need to pay attention to the other person.    No matter how pissed you are about it.

End of the week we'll have New Moon in Leo.  More to come on that one later in the week.

Balsamic Moon Phase

August 13 12:51am EDT

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on   We release our feelings, we release our emotions. We release our pouty nature.  We release our family.   Huh, we release our family?  Yes, we release them.  

Special focus:

8/15: Venus/ Pluto.  Love& Values feel threatened by forces that demand change.

8/15: Mars/Saturn.  Focus on actions that amount to real, concrete results.

8/16: Venus/Uranus.  Love & Values feels at odds with future growth. 

8/16:Sun/Saturn.  Fun & Lively motivations that build upon real results. 

Leo New Moon August 17 11:54am EDT

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan VP Express Train

Paul Ryan Birth Data:
January 29, 1970 at 2:37 AM in Janesville, Wisconsin.

No. I didn't do the research to find it.  You can thank Political Astrology Blog who put it up at the end of June.   

It is way too hot today for me to weigh in with any thoughts, you try thinking when there is sweat on your thighs--sorry, perhaps that was TMI.

Anyway, I was taken aback by the Neptune on the ASC.   Not sure how I feel about that one.    And of course, America loves some good ol' Sag.   I don't know why we are double downing in Aquarius with the last few elections.  Obama has Aquarius Rising. Palin had Moon in Aquarius and now we have Paul Ryan with Sun in Aquarius.       The US of course has Moon in Aquarius and does enjoy that energy in others.    Although sometimes the rogue stuff bugs us, think Ralph Nadar with Aquarius Rising.    Palin electrified some of the base while also turning off some of the base.   

I do think the Gemini energy of Obama Moon,  Mitt's Ascendent and now Ryan's Descendent mean a truck load of double talk.  From everyone.   

Will be interesting.   

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Earthquakes --update

A couple days ago I was at my computer writing something and I felt a slight tremor.  The way my hands were resting on my desk I thought it was my hands that were shaking (sigh, meno-youknowwhat).  Then my son yelled down the stairs, "Mommy I think we're having an earthquake".

Hurray for a quake and not cascading hormones!

E V Lowi and I were talking on FB and wondering about the astrology of it all.  Honestly, I think quakes and other natural disasters are a given with the UranusPluto Squares that begun in June and will last to 2016.     I'm not saying every month is ripe for shaking but I do think there are probably peak periods in particular August and September of this  year since it is a very narrow window between Square #1 and Square #2 hits.   

Wondering about Mars/Saturn next week...hmmm...not sure.

Update:  On Saturday Iran had a 6.4 earthquake.  As of today 250 are confirmed dead. It was in a rugged area of Iran and the homes are rural areas and the houses are poorly made.  Hopefully the number of dead will not rise.  

Mars Digs in With Saturn

Mars Conjunct Saturn takes place in a few days.  

Ruby Slipper has a nice write up I encourage you to read the whole thing. But here is a snippet. 

Careless use of this energy (passive agressive jabs, dithering, trampling over other people’s boundaries) will get you payback. But not the nice kind. If you try to push a relationship or scenario further than it’s supposed to go, you’ll hit a wall. If you’ve been frittering away your energy, you’ll be held accountable. The unpleasant side of Mars/Saturn is the authoritarian “No, you can’t”.

The action that’s been taking place in the Libra occupied area of your chart will slow down as Mars approaches Saturn. It may feel like a grind, but it’s Saturn’s way of ensuring that you’re on the right track. Do you really want this? Yes? Then it’s worth the extra effort. So if things get sticky, dig in and push a little harder. Slow, concentrated efforts are the way to go (push too fast and you’ll get burnt out). But… make sure you’re pushing for something that’s meant to happen

All about Mars

Well, our sweet little ol' Mars has been in the news of late.

On Sunday, a rover called Curiosity (love that name) about the size of a Hundai landed on Mars and he has been sending back to us all kinds of images. 

Since safely landing Sunday night, Curiosity has dazzled scientists with peeks of its new home that at first glance seems similar to California’s Mojave Desert. The initial pictures were fuzzy and black-and-white.
Earlier this week, the rover raised its mast containing high-definition and navigation cameras that have provided better views.
“It’s beautiful just to finally see the colors in the terrain,” said Jim Bell of Arizona State University, who is part of the mission.
The car-size rover remained healthy and busy testing its various instruments. Several pebbles landed on the rover’s deck next to its radiation sensor during the final seconds of landing as it was lowered to the ground, but project managers said the stones posed no risk.

What I think is very interesting about the rover arriving now is a couple of things--One, Mars is still in Libra.   Mars is usually all about ME and sitting in the sign of Libra is a bit challenging since Libra is about YOU not me.   But then Libra is about relationships and now more than every Mars is profoundly in relationship with us over here on Earth since we have clearly FRIENDED him.  

Two, Mars (see next post) is in conjunction with Saturn.  Saturn is the HARDEST working planet in the zodiac and here comes Curiosity who is schedule to send photo after photo after photo after photo...(you get the picture) for years to come.    What a perfect conjunction between two planets.    Cue the music from WallE.

Three, one other tie in with Mars on Saturn---I heard an interview with one of the engineers over at JPL and they said something to the effect, "We are doing big work over here but no one is paying attention because they are focused on gymnastics." 

Ah, the Olympics are a bit of ego bruiser for JPL who can't get an audience to save it's life---Ah, how perfectly Saturn.   

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hot Weather--Farmer--Drought Etc.

Since 2010 I have indicated (many times) that we are in an astrological period similiar to a series of aspects during he Great Depresssion (and yeah nothing great about it).   Visions of Dust Bowl have been in my mind for some time and now they are probably in other people's minds.   From NOAA we learn that July was the hottest recorded month.    Farmers, cattle men, egg guys....they are all in tough spot.   

Water continues to be a precious resource, I do not see this changing anytime soon.  

Rest of the Week

Well, of course I want to apologize for being gone for a few days.  I wish I could say I was on vacation, I was not.  Instead I was dealing with playdates, camps and a husband who is working crazy wonky hours.  I'm sure many of you can relate.

Anyway, I do want to remind us of the rest of the week.   We have one more day of Disseminating Moon.
Focus on:      What are you sharing that speaks to your religion?  How is your spiritual nature being tapped?  Who is speaking to you that makes you look at what you believe?   What mystical elements are coming up that support you in the world?  What if there really is no such thing as an accident?  What if it is all define.  What does that tell you about where you belong into your family?  And how does it speak to your feelings and emotions?

And then tomorrow we have:
Last Quarter Moon Phase
 August 9 2:55pm EDT

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:   What actions can you take regarding your family, feelings and emotions that are rooted in the practical?  What does real estate, money and banks have to deal with your family, feelings and emotions? 

Also on the 9th:  Venus will trine Neptune to soften our energy and inspire it.   The Cosmos will send us in right direction for inspiration.    Cannot wait to see what that means for the Olympics.

Mercury Direct

Mercury Direct at 1Leo 25
August 8th 1:40am EDT, 12:40am CDT
August 7th 11:40pm MDT, 10:40pm PDT

We may have all been asleep when Mercury turned direct but I'm sure we all felt the change.
How is your heart?  How is your passion?  How is your communication?  What have you learned about yourself in the last three weeks.     Are you true-er?  Are you braver?  Did you hide?  Are you hiding now?  

Mercury crossed the shadow point on June 27, turned Retro on July 14 then turned direct today/yesterday night.    Now that we are on the sensible side of the period we should see some of the bumps soften and things smooth out.  Of course, we should expect some revisits of things that came up since June 27 to possibly pop up between now and August 21st when we cross the shadow point.   No sense being scared or nervous just a moment or two might come up where we say, "Oh, that thing again, I almost forgot."

And by the way, I thought it was fitting to put up a photo of another Mercury instead of the roman god or the planet for this particular ending of retrograde  Freddie Mercury in red pants red tied, no shirt belting out a song seemed appropriate for Mercury direct in Leo.  I must say I was humored watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies when there was huge moment to "Bohemian Rhapsody."    And while watching several events I have heard several Queen songs being played during the time outs.  I can only imagine what Mr. Mercury would have thought.   Freddie was actually a  Virgo and had Mercury in Virgo but it was in the first house near his Leo Ascendant.   No, kidding.    

Be Brave like Freddie.   I miss him.  Sigh.  


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Living in Balance

My beautiful friend Rev. Kac Young has written a brilliant article in the July August issue of Whole Living Journal.  WLJ is an online publication and you can find the link to the magazine and article HERE.   
In her article Living In Balance While Spinning the Plates of Your Life, Kac points out that in our hideously hectic lives we often forget to live our lives.   How can you even breathe when you are driving from one appointment to another let alone engage with the ones you love when you are racing for some real or imaginary deadline?    By utilizing six practices,  Conscious Choice,  Being Present, Build Strength, Practice, Confidence and Management Kac lays out how we can actualize more fuller lives.  
What I found particularly brilliant was how she broke down the hours and minutes of a typical American lifetime.  Those 78 years times 12 months means we live about 936 months.   Wanna know how much of those months is spent driving, working, sleeping?   Take that out of the equation. Wanna know how much is spent exercising?  And how many hours doing housework? 

Kac my brilliant VIRGO friend has figured it all out.

I won't spoil it here, go to the link.
It is a great article.  Not too long, quick enough for you to read right now and then get on with LIVING your life ... probably with more gusto!