Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tomorrow's Full Moon

I will be putting up my own post about Full Moon later today (lots of stuff on my plate) but in the meantime I wanted to share with you some insightful write ups on tomorrow's (31st) Full Moon in Pisces.

David Crook (who I so dig)  notes that:

Friday August 31~ Todays Pisces Full Moon is the second Full Moon in August. The fourth Full Moon in a season is called a Blue Moon- hence the expression, 'once in a Blue Moon'. While Pisces is emotionally psychic and imaginative, the Sun in Virgo is pragmatic and detail-oriented. This is an especially great time to implement healthier routines that lead to self-improvement, so we can serve at an optimal level. The Full Moon conjoins the centaur planet Chiron that embodies the archetype of the wounded healer. Chiron is the cosmic chiropractor, and well-skilled at making the adjustments necessary to get the prana, chi, or life energy moving properly.
Mercury moves into it's home sign of Virgo where it can function at a high level

I also wanted to point out PLANET WAVES  where Eric Francis not only writes about full moon but also about Neil Armstrong.    I gottta say I let out a little sigh when I heard he died.  I remember watching him walking on the moon as a kid.  It was a hot day and our little black and white tv was not the best, lots of snow but I remember it well.     Anyway, go to the link for the full write up.  Here's a snippet.

This week as so many people remember our first steps into the frontier of space, the Moon will be heading toward full phase in Pisces. That has a Sixties-like flavor, as that era was seasoned with Chiron in Pisces, as is ours. The Moon will be conjunct Chiron as it peaks in full phase. Chiron in such a configuration speaks about the deepest and most poignant level of feeling, as a cosmic experience. We’re reminded that existence itself is what is ‘special’. Pisces is full-spectrum and so this spills over into the subtle realms infused with greater passion than a Full Moon might ordinarily offer.

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  1. Im already feeling the affects of this moon. Thanks for spreading the guidance on it. I'm a water sign, so using this to cosmic order my wishes.