Friday, August 31, 2012

Nodes Change Position

North Node moves into Scorpio
South Node moves into Taurus

A couple days ago on the 29th the north and south nodes changed signs.   The Nodes are not planets, they are points between the moon,earth and  sun.  The New and Full Moons that are near these points will be eclipses.   

The nodes run backwards, as if they are always retrograde and for the last two years the North Node has been in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini.   Whatever sign, the north node is in is where we need to stretch, and grow, it is the part of us that karmically move us.  It is not easy and we usually struggle with it but as we grow older and older we become more and more comfortable with our life lesson/purpose and are always rewarded when we stretch.   The South Node is where we are lazy, where we hold karma.  When we DO our south node we are being lazy and we usually pay a price for slovenly behavior.  There is a lesson we learn from our south node.  In order to be healthy we should stretch and do our North node as dictated by sign and house and to really hit a ball out of the park, we stretch with the north node but use the positive skills we have in us innately from the south node.  Of course, if we get lost in our south nodes--well that is when trouble can arise both personally and globally. 

I remember during 9/11/01  when all of us where watching the events unfold I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that the North Node was in Cancer.  Cancer is our home, our family, our emotions.  Capricorn is our career, our business our governments.   For the most part, about 95 percent of the people who died on 9/11 died at work some at government jobs (police, fire, pentagon).   There were some people who were returning home from vacations on the 4 different planes but of course many of the travelers were at work.  The World Trade Towers were all workers and of course the same for the Pentagon.  I just thought, "Wow, the Universe is really teaching us to get our Cancer on"  And I hugged my son a little tighter.  He was two months old so you know I was already hugging him tightly.  People made big changes in their life after 9/11.  Family and the life we live them became paramount.  Being slaves to a job was no longer an emotional option.

When hurricane Katrina came sweeping in the North Node was in Aries.  Aries is about leadership, about being fiery, getting out there and taking a charge.   South Node in Libra can be frozen waiting for a partner to step in and take charge.  How many of us watched Katrina and the after affects waiting for a real leader to emerge?  We were desparate for Aries. 

In the last two years the North Node has been in Sagittarius and the South Node has been in Gemini (remember the eclipses in June?).    I have been stunned by the level of gossip (Gemini) that has infiltrated all media.  The nonsense with Rupert Murdoch (paying people to wire tap celebrities etc)  came to light during this period.  The lies that are purported out there as 'truth'.   Mind boggling.    Sag which rules education and traveling and detente and religion has been challenged.  No one said that DOING the north node was easy but we still have to do it!  ( Sigh, Syria).  

Now, we begin a North/South teeter totter all about Scorpio and Taurus.   I gotta say, real estate and property have just been put in jeopardy (hello, south node in Taurus).   Money and currency will also be tweaked.  I think it is interesting that Ben Bernanke said that The Fed would be putting more money in the system today and the metals shot up.   Yep. Smells like Scorpio/Taurus to me.
Scorpio asks us to jump without a net. It is not just death--it is death with rebirth.   We will see many people take risks AND be rewarded for the risks.  Taurus hangs on and hangs on and hangs and see the examples of people stubbornly holding on to something.    Probably people holding on to money but not holding on to values.   I'm curious about the Akin in MO.  I wonder if he will still be holding on in the next wee or so.  No matter what,  It is going to be an interesting two years as we process Scorpio and Taurus.   Enjoy the eclipses in November & May!


  1. Tracy, does this next two year cycle have any special effect on those of us with natal NN-Scorpio / SN-Taurus? Should we get ready to duck and dodge the bullets for the next two years?

  2. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. NN in Scorpio over here. The last time the nodes were here was 1994/95. You may want to go back to that period and see what was going on in your life. In my own life, it was a time of findng my power. I was at a personal pinnacle (of sorts) and by the time the transit was over I was walking away from the so called pinnacle. I then found myself having a richer life. I am old so I can also remember the transit during the 1975-76. Left home went to college. again, liberation...death and rebirth.... I anticiapte the same this pass...shall be interesting.

  3. I am fascinated by this but do not know much. I am a Taurus born in May 75. I remember 94/95. Moved out on my own, discovered college wasn't for me. But once it was all over, I had found myself. I have the same feeling it's gonna be rocky for awhile.

  4. Phoebe, when you were born in May of 1975 your north node was 2 degrees of Sag north node. You have just wrapped up your return.
    did you ever go back and finish college? Just curious. got to amazon and order Astrology of the Soul by Jan Spiller. Read North node in Sag. You will learn stuff...promise.

  5. No I never went back. I made an attempt 3 yrs ago, but realized it wouldn't work. I am a writer and have never really felt like college is a good "fit" despite my love of learning.

    Thank you for the book recommendation.

  6. Hi Tracy :) Im 20 and born May 6 1992 at 1:30 p.m..right now in my life i just moved out on my own and broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years and also my long time friendship have also ended..i found that i gave too much to these relationship and didnt get the same care in return..right now i just feel deeply lonely like i have noyone but estranged from my family and even though i just recently made contact with them its not the same i feel like they have to love me because im in the family..overall i have grown so much spiritually for the past 4 years..what can i expect to happen in my life during this node transition? thank you tracy:)

  7. I went through a second Saturn Return in Virgo in the 10th followed by Saturn in Libra in the 11th. Now I'm facing Saturn transiting my Scorpio 12th house just as my North Node will be transiting that same house. Do I have more tough times to follow or will the NN make things a bit easier. At this point I could use some relief from all that Saturn by any aspect.

  8. May 6---obviously I can't do your whole chart but I did want to point out that your Moon is in Cancer. If you were born Eastern Time Zone it is coming it at around 7 degrees. If you are born in Western Time Zone it is coming in at 9 degrees of Cancer. Pluto is opposing Moon which is the overhauling of family, friends, closed love ones. If you are born closer to 7 degrees Pluto will wrap up his work by the end of Fall. With residual clean up for about six month. If you born closer to 9 degrees, you still have another year of overhauling. Wrapping up end of next summer with six month more of residual after that.
    At the same time Pluto is telling you to rebuild your life from the DNA up. And it is! You have got Uranus pushing you around to get the message even further that you need to break out, find the good inside you, not fall victim to 'victim identificiation' and instead galvanize yourself to be your best advocate and break new ground (Uranus in Aries).If you are east coast time zone this aspect will be wrapping up spring 2013 with a few months of residual.

    If you are west coast time zone Uranus will be doing this ALL 2013 and into spring of 2014.

    Uranus is usually shocking or sudden. But at he same time should a lightening rod be shocked when lightening hits it? Some of the stuff that comes up is not a total surprise.

    Here is the good news. Once this period is behind you, you will come out of it better than ever and your rudder will be straight in your boat. This is a classic aspect where someone goes into Rehab and comes out clean and sober. Even if that is not your issue, remember that for a visual. You will be strong on the other side. You are so young it is great to get it overwith now. I think you can see how this would be a very troubling aspect for someone older who has jobs, families, large commitments. It is some times harder to do that overhaul work when others are relying upon you.
    BREATHE and stay close to your spirituality.

  9. Saturn in Virgo, Saturn transit the 12th is classic dad stuff. I had already been in therapy years earlier but when Saturn went into my 12th house I went back and dealt with Dad stuff. Look to see what house has Capricorn on the cusp. There is a reverb that happens in that house. I think the north node will be a support for any of your 12th house work. Not to be feared. It is always the south node to watch for misbehaving!

  10. Well,Daddy was a Virgo but died before I was two. I am now 62 and still miss him. Life would have been very different. That said, my 2nd house is Capricorn which makes it all the more interesting and thanks for the positive take on the 12th house NN. I am intrigued by all of it.

  11. Saturn in Virgo--I recommend that you also get the Jan Spiller book.
    You are at a great age to really 'get' it.
    I think you will find it very, very helpful.