Thursday, August 9, 2012

Earthquakes --update

A couple days ago I was at my computer writing something and I felt a slight tremor.  The way my hands were resting on my desk I thought it was my hands that were shaking (sigh, meno-youknowwhat).  Then my son yelled down the stairs, "Mommy I think we're having an earthquake".

Hurray for a quake and not cascading hormones!

E V Lowi and I were talking on FB and wondering about the astrology of it all.  Honestly, I think quakes and other natural disasters are a given with the UranusPluto Squares that begun in June and will last to 2016.     I'm not saying every month is ripe for shaking but I do think there are probably peak periods in particular August and September of this  year since it is a very narrow window between Square #1 and Square #2 hits.   

Wondering about Mars/Saturn next week...hmmm...not sure.

Update:  On Saturday Iran had a 6.4 earthquake.  As of today 250 are confirmed dead. It was in a rugged area of Iran and the homes are rural areas and the houses are poorly made.  Hopefully the number of dead will not rise.  


  1. Check the LA chart, why dontcha?

  2. I took a peek at California's chart. Which I found here.

    That Mars at 11 Libra caught my eye. The 2013 round of uranus/pluto aspects will be right on it.

  3. There are two charts used for Los Angeles.
    The Virgo chart from 1781 based a decree by the King of Spain. That chart can be found here:

    And there is the chart for Los Angeles when it was incorporated. This took place after Los Angeles went from the property of spain, the property of mexico and now was the property of the United States. That chart is April 4, 1850 which you can find here:
    And if you look at that chart Saturn is at 11 Aries and Sun is at 14 Aries. Yikes.
    Followed by Venus, Uranus and pluto in the later (20s) degrees of Aries.

    that chart does have bells dinging in my head especially with next year's aspects at 11 degrees hitting Saturn. I haven't looked but the 2014 aspects may come close to the Sun at 14 Aries.
    Yeah, that is a very rocky period for LA.