Saturday, December 24, 2022

Mercury Retrograde. December 29th.


Mercury Retrograde 


Dec 12 Mercury enters shadow 8 Cap 08 

Dec 29 (1:31am PST) Mercury station retrograde  24 Cap 21 

Jan 18 (5:12 am PST) Mercury station direct 8 Cap 08 

Feb 6 Mercury exits shadow 24 Cap 21 



You know what is a fun way to wrap up 2022?   How about a good old fashion Mercury retrograde?   Yeah, why not.   On December 6, Mercury entered sober Capricorn during the exuberant Sagittarius 29-day lunar cycle.   Mercury in Cap is a nice grounding component during Sag’s big ideas, big doing, big big cycle.  But now we are in Capricorn’s “party’s over” 29-day cycle.   We are getting to work, we are focused on our goals, we are looking at our life and feeling like an executive and fixing stuff; and in that environment Mercury is turning retrograde from 24 Capricorn and will go all the way back to 8 degrees of Cap.    On a good Cap cycle, we are always double downing in our goals but with Mercury, the brain planet, turning retrograde in Cap, we really mean business about the business of our life.   Mentally it is a sober three weeks.   


Impacting this Mercury retrograde is the conjunction with Venus.   Venus rules our values.   Everyone thinks Venus rules love and it does, but it is because we value someone, something that is why we love it or the person.   Venus rules creativity and money as well.  A lot about this Mercury retrograde is about our values.  If we are not amplifying our values, we may feel a major disconnect.   The creative person who feels trapped in a grind it out environment.   Or the person undervalued and not paid enough.    Or the employee who takes advantage of an employer’s largess.   Or the person who is not being loved in the same way they give love.    There is a lot that will come up during this mercury retrograde about values.  


Our inner CEO got tapped once the new moon launched and now on the retrograde, the boss we carry inside of us, is looking at everyone’s job performance.  Our friends, our family, our loved ones, the dude at the gas station, the new mayor, we are squinting at everyone wondering, “What kind of job are you doing?”    Of course, our biggest critic is in the mirror.    Where have we dropped the ball?   When did we choose the easy road and are we paying for it now?    Where did we give up on a previous goal that was a good and a solid ambition, but we weren’t up for the hard work?   Or were we na├»ve about something that now under a somber eye we need to make adjustments that are more sensible. Of course, this is a Mercury retrograde where all good plans go awry so any goals we made before the retrograde may be sensible but if anything is ‘off’ in our thinking it will probably come up for us between December 29 and January 18.   


Boss stuff, dad stuff, authority stuff can trigger some old debris.   Mull whatever is going on and see how it can be adjusted or fixed.  While Mercury in Capricorn understands goals and ambition, it is also very modest.   It can do a lot with a little.  Mercury in Capricorn leans into executive skills, tapping the right person to do the right thing.   Mercury in Capricorn never goes to the car repairman and asks him to fix the toaster.  Cap knows who is right for what job, that is a talent that others do not always understand.  But during this retrograde we can use the energy to figure out the right person for our right goal.   This is a gift.   


The last time Mercury retrograde was entirely in Capricorn was December 2009 and January 2010 and the time before that was January 2003.     Think back on what was going on with you then.   What were your big plans then?  Did you have success?   What worked.  What did not work?   Did you waste some of your energies on a goal that later was not worth it?   What would you tell the person you were then with the wisdom and knowledge you have now?    What can you learn from then to assist you now?   


As with any Mercury retrograde, double check all paperwork.  Take care before making big purchases.    This is an excellent retrograde to research.   Do your diligence before doing anything, that is Cap’s preference.    And remember your values will tell you what you need to know whenever you are confused. 

Astrology for December 24 - January 1


Photo from Sharp Magazine

The Capricorn new moon is strong.  Please read the whole report HERE.   Use the new moon energy to your full advantage and plant seeds for what you want to big plans you want to accomplish.   Call someone, send a note, book an appointment, use your intent.    Look at your life like you are a CEO and figure out where you need some improvements.   The intent is not to beat yourself up, it is to strategize a plan that can optimize success.  The key is NOT to rush.   Sure and steady are the best plans and during Cap new moon you may see the way.   

Mercury turns retrograde on 29th (separate post) and that is what that know that drill.  But interesting, Mercury is in an uplifting aspect with Neptune before and after the retrograde which is puttins some joyful thoughts and mystical moments which may soften the launch of the retrograde.   It is also on top of Venus which is really a call to double down in our values.   

During Crescent phase we take note how our friends serve us (or not) on our long range goals.  Some information will be out there for us.   And on First Quarter, we propel ourselves to our goals with our own initiative and independence.     We get a little fire in our belly to make our goals reality.   

It's a nice end of the year and beginning of 2023.   

Wishing you all a happy holidays and new year.     

Capricorn New Moon

1 Capricorn 32 

December 23, 2022 

2:16am PST 



This focus:     Where are you in the world?   What do you want to accomplish for you?   What moves can you feel you need to make to uplift your life?    What is one area that deserves your focus and a simple game plan?    How can you accomplish a small task, bit by bit and build to something big?  



Special note:

12/24: Mercury sextile Neptune.  Inspired thinking that is grounded in practical application.   Fun conversations.  Big intuition.   Because of the Mercury retrograde this energy will last until 1/1 when it hits it again.   Mystical elements to our days. 



Crescent Moon Phase

December 26, 2022

6:54am PST 



Focus on: What are you learning about your friendships?  What are you learning about your groups?  What are you learning about the power of a group of people putting their heads together?  What are you learning about ‘big ideas’?  How can all this that you are learning help your big goals?  



Special Focus

12/28: Venus sextile Neptune.  Joy and faith are hand in hand.

12/29:  1:31am PST Mercury station retrograde  24 Cap 21 (see separate post) 

12/29: Mercury conjunction Venus.  Thinking about love and how to make it ‘better’.   


First Quarter Moon 

December 29, 2022 

5:20pm PDT  



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that connect with personal power?  What actions are you taking that are motivated in your identity?   What actions are you taking that speak to new paths?  Or independence?   How can all of this line up with your goals from new moon? 


Special Note

12/31: Venus conjunction Pluto.  Power of love and love of power.  Which is being tapped today?    

1/1: Mercury sextile Neptune.  Intuition is pronounced.  Inspired in unworldly ways.  Communication that has joy that is subtle.  Peaceful. 


Friday, December 23, 2022

Capricorn New Moon: December 23, 2022--- 2:16am PST


Capricorn New Moon launched 

December 23, 2:16am PST. 

It is about values, uplifting our place in the world and being willing to climb heights through bit by bit acomplishments.  

It is not easy work but deep in our souls we crave it.   That's the gift of Capricorn. 

Here's my article

Happy New Moon! 

Monday, December 19, 2022

Week of December 19


Balsamic Moon Phase


December 19, 2022 

6:40pm PST 


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on:  How are you releasing power?  How are you releasing control?  How are you releasing profound fear?  How are you releasing manipulation and manipulators?   



Special focus:

12/20 Jupiter enters Aries (see above) 

12/21 Sun enters Capricorn  Happy Solstice 

12/21: Sun square Jupiter.  Too much righteousness.   Old versus new and too many opinions. 

12/22: Venus trine Uranus, love and money creative and dynamic.  Not stagnate. 


Capricorn New Moon Nov 23, 2022 2:16am PST   (To Come)



Sunday, December 18, 2022

Jupiter Re-Enters Aries: Dec 20, 2022


Jupiter and its moon Europa.  Earth is 4 times bigger than Europa.  Source: Wikipedia

Important Jupiter dates: 

May 4 Jupiter enters shadow (28 Pisces 48)

May 11 Jupiter enters Aries 

July 28 Jupiter retrograde 

October 28 Jupiter re-enters Pisces 

November 23 Jupiter stations direct 28 Pisces 48 (Sag new moon)

December 20 Jupiter re-enters Aries 

February 14, Jupiter exits shadow (16 Aries 26)


Jupiter spends about five months retrograde every year.   Once Jupiter finishes up a sign, it will be twelve years before it returns.  Jupiter is the greatest teacher planet, so when it stations direct it is   always beneficial to take time to reflect on what has transpired and what can be learned from the retrograde period.  


We are wrapping up Jupiter in Pisces and now on December 20 Jupiter returns to Aries which it left on October 28.   While Jupiter was in Pisces how have you responded to humanitarian needs?   How have you been generous with compassion?   While Jupiter was in Aries how have you been out front for you?   What bigness did you bring to your ‘identity’?    Once Jupiter returns to Aries we are leaders again for self interest.  We have a thought and we pursue it.  We may start some ideas that have been rummaging in our brains for a long time and now we do it.  We are expanding our need for self-determination.  We need to get out there and find our path, our independence.   We get fiery about our personal place in the word.   We lean into “Me”.   Guess what?  That’s okay.   

Jupiter will remain in Aries until May 16.  

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Astrology of Week Dec 11 - 19



December 11, 2022    

10:40pm PST    



Focus on:  How are your strong? How are you sharing your bravery?  How are you sharing boldness?  How are you sharing your passion?  How are you sharing the things you love? 




Special focus:

12/12:  Sun sextile Saturn.  Boosts from the community that is helpful.   

12/14: Sun square Neptune.  Dreaming a new identity.  Sounds good but is it do-able? 






Last Quarter Moon Phase

December 16, 2022






Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

How are you acting on details?  How are you fine tuning and acting on your schedule?  What are your goals from New Moon that need detailed work?  How are you tying up lose ends that will further your goals?  



Special focus 

12/17:  Mercury trine Uranus.  Brilliant thinking and conversations!  



Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Gemini Full Moon: December 7, 2022


Full Moon 

16 Gemini 02 

December 7, 2022 

8:08pm PST 



Gemini full moons are long on communication.    On a good day without a lot of aspects  a Gemini full moon, has a lot of talk, a lot of data, a lot of info, perhaps some gossip and maybe a bit of humorous snark.   It is certainly stimulating.   Then there are Gemini Full Moons like this one, which is a bit more juiced up.   

Moon on top of warrior Mars (and opposing Sun) which can suggest a three-day fight zone.   People can hear fighting words with ease.    Even those people who have elephant skin could respond as if it is paper thin.     The question is, is the fight right or wrong?    Maybe this is push back that has been needed?   Maybe someone has crossed a line multitude times and this is the full moon where they are called on it?    Or maybe there is something else going on that needs real focus and this fighting with others is just a chaotic distraction?   Luckily, taking a beat is doable.    The Sun in Sagittarius can pull the moon in Gemini out of a distraction debris field and get a bigger picture.    Gemini may fight the pull out and try to win the argument but if it is based on superficiality, Sag will call it out.   Having said that, If the fight is too righteous and based on faulty judgments or old data (Sag’s downfall) then Gemini will call it out.    You will have to be the judge. 


Luckily, the chart also has an excellent aspect with Saturn, which is sextile Sun and trine Moon.   If instead of a fight we take Mars and use that deep source of energy to do the work of Saturn, we can accomplish a lot this 3-day lunar phase.   Saturn is measured, disciplined, and brings a maturity to any task.   If there is anything sitting around your house that needs real mental focus and herculean strength, use this full moon to accomplish the task.   To my American friends, how about finally signing up for Real ID?     Or maybe you need to call cyberworld and get an account up and running again.   Setting up that password, inserting the new email or whatever it is that has seemed so daunting, use Saturn in Tech loving Aquarius, Sagittarius’s joy of hitting a target and Gemini’s pleasure in figuring out a puzzle and take care of a bunch of stuff.     



Then there are Dr. & Dr. Weird Aspects   The semi-sextile and the quincunx, who are mixing it up between Sun & Moon with Uranus.    During the three-day phase, there is some strange, out of the blue factor that can be annoying and need addressing but it also could bring a gift.   Maybe some important facts or information that have been hiding in plain sight are now exposed by someone loose talk?   Whatever weirdness comes up, make the most of it.  



There is also a weak square with Neptune, meaning it is kind of far away from the Sun and Moon, but it might just be close enough to send a little fuzziness.   If you don’t have a clear vision on any topic, as always, breathe or meditate on it.    Prayer doesn’t hurt either.     

For this full moon, remember the adage, “I went to a fight and hockey game broke out” can now be reframed, “I went to a fight and a conversation broke out”.     

Astrology This Week December 5 - 10th.


We start off the week in Gibbous phase.  We are refining self and independence.   We wonder what it looks like to stand up for number 1.   On Dec 6 Mercury leaves boisterous Sagittarius and enters quieter Capricorn.   Our conversations will shift to practical and leave the righteous.

While we probably are still recovering from the last Mercury retrograde in September we do, have to prepare for the next one.     On the 12th we move into shadow.  

Dec 12:  Mercury enters shadow 8 degrees Capricorn 

Dec 29:  Mercury station retrograde  24 Capricorn 

January 18:  Mercury station direct  8 degrees Capricorn 

Feb 7:  Mercury exits shadow  24 Capricorn 

On December 7--the Moon is full in Gemini.   Our communication skills will be tested.   Our ability to pivot will be tested.    On the same day, Sun oppose Mars which is good for a fight zone to open up.   Again, rermembber to pivot.  

Gibbous Moon

December 3  

10:08pm PST    



Focus on:  How are you refining your ability to “put me first?” How are you refining your self-determination abilities?   How are you refining leadership?  How are your refining independence? 


Special focus

12/3: Venus square Neptune.  Illusionary, dreams and fantasy, are they reachable?  Or is the love not there?  

12/5: Mercury square Jupiter.  Large conversations.  Large opinions.  Rhetoric not helpful. 

12/6: Mercury enters Capricorn  2:06pm PST 



December 7, 2022

Full Moon

16 Gemini 02 

8:08pm PST 


 (Separate Post) 



Special focus 

12/7: Sun oppose Mars.  Fights.  Actions that are rough and tough.  Fighting words.  Opinions that are helpful?  Or not helpful? 

12/9: Venus square Jupiter.  Over indulgence.  Too much big love too much big spending.  Too much big. 

12/9: Venus enters Capricorn