Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Astrology This Week December 5 - 10th.


We start off the week in Gibbous phase.  We are refining self and independence.   We wonder what it looks like to stand up for number 1.   On Dec 6 Mercury leaves boisterous Sagittarius and enters quieter Capricorn.   Our conversations will shift to practical and leave the righteous.

While we probably are still recovering from the last Mercury retrograde in September we do, have to prepare for the next one.     On the 12th we move into shadow.  

Dec 12:  Mercury enters shadow 8 degrees Capricorn 

Dec 29:  Mercury station retrograde  24 Capricorn 

January 18:  Mercury station direct  8 degrees Capricorn 

Feb 7:  Mercury exits shadow  24 Capricorn 

On December 7--the Moon is full in Gemini.   Our communication skills will be tested.   Our ability to pivot will be tested.    On the same day, Sun oppose Mars which is good for a fight zone to open up.   Again, rermembber to pivot.  

Gibbous Moon

December 3  

10:08pm PST    



Focus on:  How are you refining your ability to “put me first?” How are you refining your self-determination abilities?   How are you refining leadership?  How are your refining independence? 


Special focus

12/3: Venus square Neptune.  Illusionary, dreams and fantasy, are they reachable?  Or is the love not there?  

12/5: Mercury square Jupiter.  Large conversations.  Large opinions.  Rhetoric not helpful. 

12/6: Mercury enters Capricorn  2:06pm PST 



December 7, 2022

Full Moon

16 Gemini 02 

8:08pm PST 


 (Separate Post) 



Special focus 

12/7: Sun oppose Mars.  Fights.  Actions that are rough and tough.  Fighting words.  Opinions that are helpful?  Or not helpful? 

12/9: Venus square Jupiter.  Over indulgence.  Too much big love too much big spending.  Too much big. 

12/9: Venus enters Capricorn 

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