Monday, January 30, 2017

Whoops! We had a Technical Difficulty and here is The Astrology for this Week

First of all many apologies to those of you who went to my Aquarius New Moon and it was not there.  I went in and fixed a typo and next thing you know it went to the old default and wasn't there.   Okay it is now fixed.

Please go here for my New Moon Aquarius report.

Again, many apologies for that technological qlitch.

We continue to be in the New Phase of Aquarius lunar month all day Monday then on the 31st we move into Crescent in the late morning (EST).   

Please take Monday and early Tuesday to work with the Aquarian energy.   

This focus:   Where are your people?  Who is your tribe?  Who is your group of like minded thinkers?  Are you out in the world engaging groups?  How is it going?  Are you with your right peeps? Do they support your brilliance?   Do they support your great ideas?   Are they saying something brilliant and you agree?   If you aren’t with these people then get out there and find them.   

The tension is thick in part to our dear friend the warrior Mars who moved into Aries on the 28th and is heading for his first square with Pluto on February 22.  The last time Mars was in Aries  and squared Pluto was March 12, 2015  and the last square with Mars in Libra was December 2015.     We did have a conjunction with Pluto last October but that is not exactly the same.  Look back on those periods and consider what came up for you.     Squares are rougher because they feel out of control or there is a blindsided quality to them.      We may get more information about the upcoming Mars square by watching Mercury.    On the 29th there was a conjunction with Pluto.   Were there tussles at home?   Someone said something that really ticked you off?   And of course taking it out of the person realm, how did that conjunction work out for airports?     Then on the 31st Mercury will square Uranus and we should probably expect more lightening strikes and firestorms.    And then on Feb 2 Mercury will square Jupiter.    Big ass opinions and very strange bedfellows may emerge.    

Also on Feb 2 Venus moves into Aries and will begin its own tussles with Pluto and Uranus that will do a number on money and love, for sure, but more to the point we will see action around ‘values.’   People who value war may be loud. 

Then on Feb 3 we move into first quarter moon.   This is another opportunity to find our like minded peeps.  We make really practical moves to find our tribe of people who have smart ideas that we can support and we open up to let those people who think we are smart and clever to support us. 

Special Focus:
1/29 Mercury conjunct Pluto:  Going back to the well.  Thoughts change, reborn.  Going to the root of stuff and rethinking it.
1/31: Mercury Square Uranus.   Disruptive thinking.   Revolution thoughts.   Watch thy tongue.  

Crescent Moon Phase
January 31, 2017

Focus on: What are you learning about faith?  What are you learning about spirituality?  What are you learning about mysticism?  What are you learning about victims?   What are you learning martyrs?   What are you learning about art?  What are you learning about the great beyond and how you connect to it? 

Special focus:
2/2:  Mercury Sq. Jupiter:  Big bold thoughts miss nuances.  Big mouths can’t hear others.   Over negotiating could mean losing a spine.
2/3: Venus enters Aries

First Quarter Moon
February 3, 2017

Focus on:  What actions can you take that are super practical?  What actions can you take that support your values?  What actions can you take that build up your ideals in a practical manner?   What actions can you take that support a step by step, slow build to success?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Aquarius New Moon! Out of the Chaos We Find Our Peeps

January 27 2017  7:06pm EST

Don't the zig zags for Aquarius look like Charlie Brown's shirt?
Like what he wears before Lucy pulls the football?

Yeah, I think so, too.

Okay, everyone get out of the way, Aquarius New Moon will be upon us this week.
I just put up the article.   Give it a read and be ready to engage your peeps!

And by the way...Happy New Year -- Mr. Rooster!!!

Here's a quick link for your new lunar year with Roster in charge.

Monday, January 16, 2017

This Week in Astrology

This Week in Astrology

We start off the week in the Disseminating phase.   We wake up on Martin Luther King Day wanting to take care of business.   We are aware of loose ends and want to tighten them up.    We also look around and wonder how we can serve?   Is it a charity?  Is it our neighbor?  Is it a friend or family? 

On the 19th Mars is pushing hard on Saturn.  The warrior goes up to the boss and says, “No”.    We are aware of our responsibilities and they frustrate us and feel like big burdens but at the same time we are galvanized and ready to fight our way through these responsibilities.    With Pisces (Mars) our humanitarian side is on a war path and with Sagittarius (Saturn) righteous rhetoric is not giving an inch.   Push is meeting shove.  

The Sun moves into the final air sign Aquarius on January 19  4:23pm EST.    The Aquarius New Moon will launch about 10 days later.   Watch and see if the energy shifts from business and
responsibility to humanity and community in the next few days.  It may be subtle because we are still in Capricorn lunar cycle  which also on the 19th moves into the final quarter.    We go back to our Capricorn New Moon on December 29 and consider how much things have moved since the launch.    How have we stepped up our game that puts us out in the world or helps move up a ladder?   Go back and give New Moon a read and then during the last quarter moon take actions that support your move  up by letting go.  Let go of stuff that is stopping your growth. 

January 15, 2017
6:46pm EST

Focus on:  How are you sharing organizational skills? How are you sharing your ability to focus on details?  How are you sharing skills that serve others?  How are you a good servant? 

Special focus:
1/19: Mars Sq Saturn.  Hard work feels tough.  Burdens need focus and discipline.   Tasks are up to be tackled. 
1/19 Sun enters Aquarius

Last Quarter Moon Phase
January 19, 2017
5:13pm EST

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:
What actions are you taking that jettison old behaviors?   What actions can you take that support transformation?  What are you be asked to let go and release?   What is being born on the other side of ‘letting go’? 


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Full Moon in Cancer

Cancer Full Moon
January 12, 2017
6:33am EST

What a big ol’ full moon in our sky! 

It is glorious.   

Capricorn Sun in the final earth sign reminds us to look at our practicality and look at our goals, our ambitions, at our career and our place in the world.    But halfway through the Capricorn lunar cycle we get the Cancer full moon to help us remember our authentic self.   What moves us?  What do we feel in our soul and bones?  Who is our family?  How do we connect with them?  What and who is our history?  What do we value?   Who do we value?    When we cut off ourselves from our emotions we are robots.   Cancer full moon reminds us we are not animatronics punching time cards, showing up here and there because we ‘should’.   No, Cancer full moon speaks to our roots and feelings and reminds what we are made of from the ground up.  Cancer full moon show us the importance of our emotions not just so we can vent but more to move us after all, the word “motion” is in emotion.    

On this particular Cancer full moon chart, the Sun and Moon are in tough aspects with Jupiter and Uranus.  In astrology this is an aspect called a grand cross.     During the three-day full phase, we could feel stretched in ways we never thought were possible.   Blame Jupiter.   We may be running hard to please others and yes it could be at a cost.     At the same time we could feel the need to break out of restrictions, tell people to just ‘shove it.’    And we also could take a moment and question if our emotions have gotten in the way of our bigger selves?   Where is our cool head? 

With all this tension this is a great full moon to use our emotions to motivate us to take care of business.  Not just work but the business of life.  We have crap that needs to be fixed, ditched, adjusted.   We have To-Do lists.   And we have parts of our life that just simply are not in synch with our emotions.    Use this full moon to consider any adjustments you need to make that make your world a little bit more authentic.

Venus is on top of Neptune offering gentleness to the full moon.   Sympathy, creativity and humanitarianism a greater bigger love will be in the air, which is a nice antidote to any rough feelings that pop up.    Yes, we are capable of taking a breath. 


Monday, January 9, 2017

This Week's Astrology Report

This Astrological Week

Our week starts off in Gibbous phase.  It is important to watch our communication. 

Questions to Focus on:
What needs to be refined about your communication?   What needs to be refined about your thinking?   What are you neglecting about your ability to reason?   How can your communication be refined?  How can you refine your activity with siblings and neighbors? 

On January 10th we feel the tension of Sun Square Uranus.   We want action and we want to break through all obstacles.  How we do it probably not 100 percent kosher.  And how others do to us not so great as well.    Okie Dokie.  At the very least watch your driving.     The tension continues….

On January 11 Sun Square Jupiter in Libra.  Yeah, we know we should play fair but no one is doing it.   How can you keep Capricorn cool while other people are losing their shiite?    And with Jupiter in Libra we know there is some merit in faking it until something is real.    

On January 12  6:33am EST  we move into CANCER Full Moon. 
(See separate post)

Special focus:
1/12:  Mercury re-enters Capricorn.  Phew let’s get back to practical thinking.
1/12:  Venus conjunct Neptune:  Faith and spirit inspire love, gentleness, values.    Money may get fuzzy. Or humanitarian needs are called upon.