Monday, January 30, 2012

Tiger Mother Astrology Take

I saw on Elsa's dispatch a link to Oxford Astrologer and an article about Amy Chua self described Tiger Mother and author.

It is thoughtful article and points out the ego drive in Amy's astrology chart.

Go to link for whole article.

As an indulgent, child-worshipping Western mother, the Tiger Mom thing really gets up my nose.

In case you missed it, (which I'm sure you didn't), last year a law professor at Yale published a book explaining how she was a brilliant mother as well as a fabulously successful academic. I expect she can cook and do really athletic stuff in the sack too. Oh well.

The premise of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is that strict Chinese-style parenting is much better than namby-pamby Western parenting.

The book is a memoir by Amy Chua of how she brought up her two daughters with no playdates, no sleep-overs and two hours instrument practice a day. Since so many parents already seem to schedule their children up the wazoo (French lessons, band practice, therapy) – and then put them on prescription drugs if they don't conform – I really hope we don't start taking this shite seriously.

Time is unknown
So I thought it would be fun to see where Amy Chua's Ceres, the planet of motherhood, fits into her natal chart. I have her birthdate but not her time of birth – still it made me laugh.

Ceres is in Leo in an out of sign opposition to Jupiter in Pisces. Maybe that's a very big need to show off about being a mother. Leo is all about the performance, and at its lowest extremely self-centred.

When asked to discuss the book Chua's daughter said: “I’m sure it’s all about you anyway.”

Sunday, January 29, 2012

From my friend Eve

My friend Eve put this up on her FB page and I read it twice, I can't say exactly why it struck me astrologically but I did feel Pluto in Cap versus Uranus in Aries in it.

TMA website

I wanted to remind everyone that Mountain Astrologer magazine (which I love) also has a companion website with some really wonderful contributors. Currently, there is a terrific piece written by Eric Francis entitled "Scratch Some Virgo, Find Some Pisces". As we all know (painfully) Mars is retrograde in Virgo where it will stay until July and then we have Neptune's move into Pisces next week for a dozen years. Eric's point about the teeter totter effect between these two signs could not be more timely. Here is a snippet, do yourself a favor and read the whole piece.


For retrograde hunters, the last time Mars was retrograde in Virgo was in 1997, but part of that cycle happened in Libra, so we did not get the full effect. Mars did something similar in 1950, splitting a retrograde between Virgo and Libra. Mars spent a little piece of its 1995 retrograde in Virgo as well.

The last all-Virgo Mars retrograde was the famous one that took place in early 1965, famous in my mind, anyway, because Mars passed through the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. Doing so, it stirred up a lot of collective energy, helping spark what we think of as the 1960s. That conjunction, which happens less than once per century, combined the revolutionary power of Uranus with the evolutionary power of Pluto and set many things in motion.

In January, Lyndon Johnson made his “Great Society” speech. Two months later, he sent the first combat troops to Vietnam. The Civil Rights movement was on fire in Alabama, where James J. Reeb, a Unitarian Universalist minister was beaten to death. In April, the first anti-Vietnam War march, organized by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), drew 25,000 people, which was just the first of many impressive antiwar protests that year.

In May 40 men burned their draft cards at the University of California at Berkeley, and marched a coffin to the local Draft Board. Good thing, too. By July, Johnson nearly doubled both the ground troop count in Vietnam and the number of men drafted. (He also signed the Social Security Act of 1965, which provided for Medicaid and Medicare).

Births from this specific era of 1965 include Trent Reznor, Robert Downey, Jr., Eric Cantor and Sarah Jessica Parker. A piece of timeless artwork that manifested in this moment was the recording A Love Supreme by John Coltrane.

We are now having another all-Virgo Mars retrograde. What is interesting is that we are once again in a potent Uranus-Pluto phase — the square. This is the first Uranus-Pluto quadrature (90-degree type) aspect since the ’60s, and it’s pretty easy to feel the resonance between our era and that one. This retrograde will awaken Uranus and Pluto in the natal charts of many people born in the ’60s. It’s fair to say that for a while, the world will feel a little more like home to ’60s babies — though this isn’t just about Virgo.

This particular Mars retrograde also arrives with a Pisces awakening. At the moment, Venus and Chiron are in Pisces. Neptune is about to arrive, which will shift the story of the world, and allow the realm of imagination to be more tangible and accessible. When the question is one of method, we find a counterpart in purpose in its counterpart energy, Pisces. When it’s one of proof (in Virgo) we have a matter of faith (in Pisces).


As we have been discussing here for a long time, Neptune is making its final move into Pisces on Feb 3. Last year Neptune finally breached the walls of Aquarius lapped into Pisces for a few months, then retrograded back into Aquarius for the rest of the year until now this week when it finally enters Pisces for the long haul.

I talked about Neptune in Pisces last Spring then again last fall and of course on last week's New Moon. Think I think this is kind of a big deal? It is, but it is also subtle because Pisces likes to slip in and slip out, hide in shadows, act elusive and has his own way of doing stuff.

Earlier I shared a link to Lynn Hayes write up on Neptune Pisces and I wanted to give you another take. Here is another link this time to Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers blog.

Neptune is the spiritual ruler of this sign, and in its home. Neptune rules the great waters. Now the Outer Invisible Transpersonal Collectivizer will dominate the world's feelings for years. Much will be washed clean, while other things will be washed away. All of us will reorient our consciousness to our subconsciousness, as well as collective consciousness.

Pisces is associated with both dreams and nightmares, compassion and betrayal, forgiveness and hypocrisy. Now a force "beyond our control" begins to work these upon humanity, each responding according to what waters they swim in. For some, prophetic dreams and visions, while for others, ancient ghosts of terrifying shapes residing in the subconsciousness of humanity, leftovers from human misconduct and misunderstanding across millennia.

Pisces and Neptune rule the waves and tides. A good wave can give us a good ride; a violent wave can kill us. A good tide can bring riches and blessings; a bad tide can ground our boat. Knowing inner and outer tides, personal and impersonal tides, will be important in the 14 years ahead of us.

We will all need to learn navigation skills, or know a good navigator to help us steer our "ship of personality" through the tides, reefs, perils, and unknowns of an ocean we on Earth at this time have never experienced before now. By becoming unafraid of that which is beyond words, we can find a greater faith in "All-That-Is," and know that we are as leaves floating on the surface of the ocean held securely in the lap of Divine Mother.

This will be an era of feeling more than we've ever felt, of knowing beyond words, of experiencing what others are feeling to a greater degree than ever before. Those who have not seen or heard the call to human-ness will be made to feel. Not to feel will be a self-betrayal; expanding our ability to feel what others are feeling will redeem the greater promise of compassion toward all that is and help us know our interrelatedness with others in the feeling field.

The Week Ahead

First Quarter Moon
January 30, 11:09pm

First quarter: We do more actions based on the information that we just received. Or we feel our instincts guide us on something. We pursue again. We make another call or we see someone. We mail something. We stir the pot again. This can be a time when we realize that the goals we planted on New need more action from us, perhaps actions that involve breaking away. Are there people who say they have our best interest in heart but fear us growing away from them? Maybe we need to get help from others not the usual suspects. Some independence may need to be exerted.

Focus on: What actions can you take right now that are practical and Earthbound that support your UNIQUE nature? And how can those actions build upon the vision of your new world. What actions are you willing to take that break with the past? What heavy lifting can you do now that puts you with people who have the same vision as you? How does doing things alone NOT work for you? What changes can you make that support you being with others while still being unique. Practical, tangible changes.

Special focus:
2/1: Values and actions are not in synch. Tension in love and money.
2/3: Neptune enters Pisces

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lynn Hayes

Lynn Hayes has moved from Belief Net to Patheos. Lynn is a gifted astrologer who puts up smart thoughtful astrology articles.

Here is a snippet of her latest article about Neptune in Pisces which if you remember from my new moon article will take place in the next week.

By its very nature, Neptune is difficult to talk about. It tends to be evasive and dreamy, and full of imagination and artistic creativity. It also can become lost in the illusion of fantasy and encourage sacrifice of the individual self, sometimes for a higher purpose and sometimes in a codependent loss of Self. In its highest form Neptune inspires us to transcend the material world and connect deeply and directly with an experience of the Divine.

Go to link for more.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Navy Seals Again

When it comes to warrior action we look to Mars and to a certain extent Aries. They are both independent and need to be focused since at their core they are itching for a fight.

As I indicated Mars turned retrograde on Monday a few hours after New Moon--and we learned today that on Monday orders were given by The President authorizing Seals Team to rescure workers in Somalia, one of them an American with health issues who had been kidnapped by pirates in October. It apparently was a small team. They went in and although the details are slim right now, it seems that they killed all kidnappers and reports are they were so surprised by the Seals that they did not even return fire. Exact, clear and precise, it is perfect Mars in Virgo.

Of course, as we know Neptune will be moving into its home sign Pisces this cycle. How will this change the pirate issue? Only time will tell.

ETA: You know I think Pirates will have a but kicking with Neptune in Pisces AND Uranus in Aries. I forgot to mention Uranus in Aries will probably provide a lot of these surprise warrior attacks. I should check back on the Osama Bin Laden raid, I bet Uranus was at Zero Aries for that one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Solar Storm

Well, this is interesting. I know I said, that we would wake up on Monday and feel electricity in the air with Aquarius New Moon----.

The largest solar storm since 2005 is now in progress, causing fluctuations on the power grid and disruptions to the Global Positioning System. The ongoing strong proton storm is in full fury. And it's getting stronger; a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) impact also impacting us, traveling at 1,400 miles per second.

The radiation and geomagnetic storm caused by this CME are normal—about 2,000 geomagnetic storms happen in every 11-year solar cycle—but proton storms are very rare. Only a couple of dozen happen per solar cycle. This one—ranking S3 on a 5-level scale—is dangerous.
The storm has already affected air traffic and may affect satellites.

Go to LINK for full story.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A cyber Education

I heard something today on NPR that was so Aquarius. It is intellectual, it is cyber, it speaks to community, it shares and it is free.

I was kind of blown away.

January 23, 2012

Last year, Stanford University computer science professor Sebastian Thrun — also known as the fellow who helped build Google's self-driving car — got together with a small group of Stanford colleagues and they impulsively decided to open their classes to the world.

They would allow anyone, anywhere to attend online, take quizzes, ask questions and even get grades for free. They made the announcement with almost no fanfare by sending out a single email to a professional group.

"Within hours, we had 5,000 students signed up," Thrun says. "That was on a Saturday morning. On Sunday night, we had 10,000 students. And Monday morning, Stanford — who we didn't really inform — learned about this and we had a number of meetings."

You can only imagine what those meetings must have been like, with professors telling the school they wanted to teach free, graded online classes for which students could receive a certificate of completion. And, oh by the way, tens of thousands have already signed up to participate

Go to NPR to hear the story or read it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Titantic & Costa Concordia

Of course, comparisons have been made between the recent sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia and the biggest dunk of all, The Titanic.

I haven't looked at the Titanic chart in years but had this vague memory of a Moon in Capricorn. Something about the iceberg locked Capricorn in my brain.

Many have written about the astrology of the chart and in fact I found a nice write up Aquarian Zone.

And then in an earlier posting I linked to a great write up on the Costa Concordia astro chart on The chart for the Titanic is tougher (actually neither are good) but that makes sense, not just because more people died on the Titanic but also was it said. The class system on the ship spoke of the time. Working class were on the bottom levels and didn't have a fighting chance. Women and children of the upper class made it into life rafts (or at least more of them). The press had a field day on the class system. And what it said so early into the 20th century about England and the world in general.

Now, with Costa the failings of a class systemm have been replaced with the failings of a broken business model. Underpaid staff, sloppy leadership and a huge ego at the helm. What does it say for our times at the beginning of the 21st century?

of course Neptune's move into Pisces where it will stay until 2026 is perfect as we cross the 100th anniversary of the HMS Titanic.

By the way, I did see somewhere that a grandchild of a Titantic survivor was on the Costa. Wow.

Aquarius New Moon

First of all...Happy Chinese New Year! It is year of the water dragon. Hope it is a good year for all of you.

Okay, so let's all prepare ourselves for this Aquarius lunar cycle. I think the key word that you will be saying almost every day is "weird". And with that in mind, let's just cut to the chase and admit we are all weird. If any of us are under any kind of delusion that we are not---well, the next 28 days will prove how weird each of us is. But having said that we will also see that there are like minded people who are part of our group. We just need to embrace our world and realize we are all in it together.

Enjoy this lunar cycle, it is going to be interesting. The whole article is HERE but here is a snippet of my new moon article.

New Moon Phase
January 23, 2012 2:39am EST

Aquarius – Awaken your intellect

When you wake up on Monday morning, it will feel like a new day. Something will be in the air—perhaps it will feel like electricity. What we do with that electricity is anyone’s guess. I love the light bulbs that light my house and the electricity that fuels my computer but I have also flipped a switch and blown a fuse sending the house into darkness. I have also plugged in something and received a shock. “Ouch,” that too, is Aquarius.

Aquarius is the water bearer. He brings water to the people. He is one of the few astrological signs that is human rather than animal. Water is vital to all humans but it is not just drinking water, water also speaks to thoughts and ideas that nurture man’s brain and intellect. Imagine ancient townsfolk near a watering hole; did they go to the fountain, pour their water into jugs, say nothing and walk home? Unlikely. While at the hole they naturally discussed things going on in the community. “Hey did you hear that there is a new Sheppard in the valley?” “Oh, where is he going to graze his sheep?” Talking and thinking about the community at large is Aquarius. Of course the question is how is that thinking and strategizing good for the group? Or is it just disruptive?

Intellectual pursuits speak to Aquarius but how do we define those areas? Both going bowling with friends on Tuesday night or attending a science convention on Saturday are Aquarius. And people gathering on Facebook is Aqurius. Frankly, you can’t say social media without saying Aquarius.

Aquarians are a rebellious group for sure, they say what is on their mind, they value being iconoclasts, they like their friends but at the same time they value their individuality MORE and they see themselves as rogue or politically incorrect. They are proud of how different they are. Of course, at this stage, “I’m different” is starting to get boring. The internet leveled the playing field on being odd. “Thank you, Youtube.”

During this cycle we need to find a way to harness our individuality, full of skills, charms and talents that make us unique from others. But at the same time valuing our unusual traits should not be at a sacrifice of cutting ourselves off from our world and community. There is no separating ourselves because people don’t understand us. Unless you are completely speaking a different language than the community around you, I promise you there are people who ‘get’ you. But you need to reach out. And if you don’t see it, the next 28 days will have you understanding the value of being connected to a greater world that is on par with your intellectually . Your world is bigger than your realize and this cycle you’re going to see it.

In the US there is a great love for Aquarian energy because the chart for America has Moon in Aquarius—No surprise that America was born from a lot of visionary thinkers. However, let’s remember the founding fathers were also rebels. And not all rebels are as sensible as George Washington. For example, there is David Koresh. Koresh was a Leo with Moon in Aquarius, who took on the Federal government, saw himself as a messiah and filled a compound in Waco Texas with multiple wives and children then died in a firestorm. Ah, the conundrum of Aquarius, is the energy brilliant or misguided? Watch what brilliant ideas come up for you. And then get some feedback from people you respect and ask them what they think of your idea. And listen to them. Just like your ancient ancestors did around the watering hole. Share, listen to other ideas, process and see how they can make sense to improve your world. And by the way, if everyone says you are off---you may need to retool your great idea.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sun enters Aquarius

Today the Sun moves into Aquarius at 11:10 am EST.

Things are about to get weird. "Huh? I thought things were weird enough."
Yeah, me too but now we are in a cycle where people are fighting to be independent and unique but at the same time be a part of a larger group.

Status quo will be turned on its side, a lot like an Italian cruise ship off the coast of Tuscany.

If you have any Aquarians you know they are very intellectual, often iconoclastic, chilly and even when they are having a big emotional outburst they are quick to rationalize it. "Intellect over emotions" is their motto and when they break it they are so darn mad at themselves. We should expect some curious moment in the next month.

Anyway, the new moon is on Monday and I hope to have it up this weekend.
More to come.

In the meantime take your Aquarian out for a hike and talk about smart stuff.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Costa Concordia

I am all about a trip to Italy. But please let that trip not be on a Carnival Cruise.

I found a thoughtful astrological write up at WorldAstrology on this sad cruise which you may find interesting.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just trippy enough.......

As the rainforest acres are cleared about an acre a second....(sigh)...anyway, as it is cleared something is starting to be exposed. Geometric shapes. From what Era?
A thousand years ago and longer....all very trippy.

you'll find whole article HERE in the NYTimes.

Once Hidden by Forest, Carvings in Land Attest to Amazon’s Lost WorldBy SIMON ROMERO
RIO BRANCO, Brazil — Edmar Araújo still remembers the awe.

As he cleared trees on his family’s land decades ago near Rio Branco, an outpost in the far western reaches of the Brazilian Amazon, a series of deep earthen avenues carved into the soil came into focus.

“These lines were too perfect not to have been made by man,” said Mr. Araújo, a 62-year-old cattleman. “The only explanation I had was that they must have been trenches for the war against the Bolivians.”

But these were no foxholes, at least not for any conflict waged here at the dawn of the 20th century. According to stunning archaeological discoveries here in recent years, the earthworks on Mr. Araújo’s land and hundreds like them nearby are much, much older — potentially upending the conventional understanding of the world’s largest tropical rain forest.

The deforestation that has stripped the Amazon since the 1970s has also exposed a long-hidden secret lurking underneath thick rain forest: flawlessly designed geometric shapes spanning hundreds of yards in diameter.

Alceu Ranzi, a Brazilian scholar who helped discover the squares, octagons, circles, rectangles and ovals that make up the land carvings, said these geoglyphs found on deforested land were as significant as the famous Nazca lines, the enigmatic animal symbols visible from the air in southern Peru.

“What impressed me the most about these geoglyphs was their geometric precision, and how they emerged from forest we had all been taught was untouched except by a few nomadic tribes,” said Mr. Ranzi, a paleontologist who first saw the geoglyphs in the 1970s and, years later, surveyed them by plane.

Go to article for whole piece.

The week Ahead

The first half of the week is not rife with outer planet aspects. But having said that I think there may be a bit more tension with the fourth quarter moon that goes into effect January 16, 4:07am

As we know, with the last quarter moon we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense. And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action. It is a time for living “The serenity prayer”

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on: How do your relationships fit into your life if you move up? Do people get that part of you? Or are they resistant? How can you find balance if people hang on to you so hard that it creates pressure for you to stay small? Is this working for you any longer? How can you be true to self and your goals while also maintaining relationships? How can limiting exposure and creating new boundaries help you?

This is a 3 day period and the last quarter moon ends right when balsamic moon starts on January 19, 2:30pm. If you feel any of the tension, it will probably lighten with balsamic.

1/20 Sun enters Aquarius. Take your Aquarius out for a hike or walk or some place unique. They are ‘game on’ for time with you provided that it is different.
1/20: Venus/Pluto: Deep practical understanding of money and values. Including love.
1/21:Sun/Uranus: Brilliant, creative breakthroughs.
1/22: Sun/Jupiter: Too much expansiveness. Stretching too far can boomerang.


And here we sit so many years after MLK's death and we can still see his natal chart in effect. The national program honoring Dr. King is Day Of Service. In honor of his name and day, people are encouraged to give a day of service. Basically, if you have the day off, go to work for others.

King of course was a Capricorn and at the end of the day, what we know about Capricorn is that they never take a day off. Even when they are off they are not off. There is always work to be done. How perfect it would be MLK's holiday weekend where people are encouraged to work. It is also perfectly Cap that his memorial would be made out of stone.

King's Moon in Pisces speaks to his Christianity and his compelling need to express compassion. It is not surprising that he would be the spiritual and physical leader fighting for civil rights through peace. Of course this same compassionate and humanitarian Moon is also perfect for a day of service. Taking care of others speaks to his moon in Pisces.

His Mercury in Aquarius understood the power of groups and connected like minded individuals for a cause. Again this speaks to the day of service.

His Venus in Pisces again supports the love of compassion and humanitarian work. I am sure those people who choose to work this weekend will feel MLK's Venus.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have you seen....

that commercial where the couple are rock climbing?

It is a citibank credit card commercial and I have to say I always stop when I see it.

What I think is so funny is that I am not the only one. It is the subject of voluminous discussions on boards and websites. Rock climbers want to know where it is located. People like me who do not rock climb just wonder if she is in real jeopardy. Some people want to know about the music.

It is funny to me that this came out during Sag and is running during Cap.

It calls to the adventerous (Sag) and the rock height speaks to Cap. Climbing up, getting high. What can be more Cap?

Perfect timing.

Will people sign up for the card? Who knows. But the spot is perfect astrological timing. It calls to us on some level.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The week ahead

This 600 pound gorilla in the room is of course tonight's big ass full moon.
And I really mean it is the focus. There are no real outer aspects of note while the Full Moon is doing his thing for 3 days. So enjoy it and do the work. Remember--how is your family (by birth and by choice) helping or hurting you as you try to move up a station? Are they holding you back? Why are you letting them? Not saying you have to do anything about it but take note of it at least.

the rest of the week has action closer to the end.

1/12: Sun/Mars. Swift actions. By being practical on the big and the small things you will excel.

1/13: Venus/Saturn. Strong, practical values are highlighted and improved upon.

1/13: Mercury/Pluto: Amazing deductive thinking, sharp, analytical insights.
Evolution thinking.

1/13: Venus/Neptune: What is your intuition saying about your values? And do you value your intuition?

1/14: Venus in Pisces

1/14: Venus/Jupiter: Accent on creativity and generosity, big love, big money.

Have a good week!

Kathy Rose

I had a conversation today with astrologer Noel Tyl (more on that to come in a later post) and in our discussion he told me about one of his former students who generates a beautiful New Moon report. Her name is Kathy Rose. When he mentioned her to me I had a moment of recognition and once I found her website I did indeed remember that I had bumped into her videos before and I do think she is very gifted.

It is always interesting for me to see another astrologer's take on New Moon and I am pleased when it is similar to my own information. Of course, I should not be surprised that when we speak in similar terms since the planets are what they are and we're all seeing it. But there are different takes and I can say that Kathy's New Moon in Capricorn approach is a good companion to what I wrote up in December.

I hope you like it:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Full Moon Cancer

Cancer Full Moon

January 9, 2012 2:30am EST

The Sun at 19 Capricorn and the Moon at 19 Cancer speaks to our practical, managerial side versus our emotional and our intuitive side. I hate saying ‘versus’ but with a full moon that is sort of the story. Pulling one direction and then pulling the other.

There is a boost from Mars on both the Moon and the Sun. Mars in Virgo is driving us to take care of details and be practical about stuff. People who get fuzzy and lost in dreamy attitudes will not be supported much by Mars for the next six months and definitely not on this full moon (three day window). It is all about the facts and what makes the most sense. At the same time Sun in Capricorn is always the efficient CEO and while Mars points out what is not working, the Sun in Cap will happily cut it out. That ‘it’ could be anyone, anything or any attitude. And then the Moon in Cancer deepens our feelings for family (either birth or by choice) and what is real for us. Not just sort of real, but what is really us. And if we are not feeling like we are understood, well, see the part about the CEO firing people.
Remember back on New Moon (late December) I indicated that this cycle is pushing us to be our authentic self. At first blush I’m positive many people bristled and said, “I am authentic”. Sure, sure but what I’m talking about is the authentic you-NOW. There is changes afoot and the you of six months ago is not the same you now. Does the world know that about you yet? This could be the full moon where they really get it. And at the same time, you really get it. We are shifting and changing so fast we have no idea who were are but on the Cancer Full Moon we can’t fake it. Our guts tell us.

Mercury is in Capricorn conjunct Pluto (see earlier woo woo post). Our brains are PLUGGED in. What are we thinking about? What stuff is coming up for us to process? How can we get practical and manage those thoughts so that they expertly serve us (Sun in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo)? And how do those thoughts serve our emotions and feelings in a practical way (Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Virgo).
Yes, the moon in Cancer can be weepy and sensitive but this full moon will be crying with a purpose. Releasing stuff for sure. And also tears that get our attention. And some of us will just be straight ass cold---yep, that is the Cap. We’re so busy with all our responsibilities we don’t have time to be mushy. That is okay. It’s all good in the Cap Cancer Hood.

Cue the Woo Woo Music

Wow. Even I can sometimes give myself goosebumps. Today is one of those days.

Here's the story. Earlier this week I was watching a bit more TV than normal because I could feel that I needed some relax time. Instead of cramming everything on my To-Do list in every single waking moment as I have been known to do, thank you Sun conjunct Saturn I decided to lay down in the late afternoon and get lost on The Science Channel. And while there, I bumped into a rebroadcast of the series Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. I watched a few of the episodes and was blown away by the information.

The episode about the Sixth Sense and the Brain was exceptionally profound. Scientists have found a concrete connection to 'group consciousness' . It is impossible for me to explain it accurately but there was a machine designed that runs completely random. However, at certain times, it is not random. It is influenced by human thought. One of those days was on September 11. The collected thoughts started to influence the machine a few hours before the attacks and then continued for the rest of the day. Again, I can't explain it you'll have to watch it for a better understanding.

But now here is the WooWoo part. When I watched it I thought, "I'm going to share this link on my blog when Mercury goes into Capricorn." I felt that the conjunction between Pluto and Mercury totally lines up with the brain expanding series.

And so I had that plan and was going to post this weekend.

Well, this morning, I happened to glanced at the Mountain Astrologer (January Issue) and in Stephanie Austin's Full Moon article she talks about Pluto and Mercury and how it would be a great time for everyone to watch----- Through the Wormhole!!!

I had to read it twice. Why are we both picking up on this? I only got to the Wormhole show by accident and why did it happen this week? God knows Stephanie probably wrote this article months ago before it was published. Did my brain hook up to the thought that existed but I just didn't know it?

Who knows but cue the Twilight Zone music.

And try if you can to watch some of the episodes. Clearly it is meant to be, right?

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Hot Zone points of 2012

Periodically I check in with you guys to make sure that you are up to speed on the 'hot zones' for the year. In 2012 those individuals with planets between zero and nine degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn will be feeling Uranus most of the year.

Uranus is not easy, he comes in from out of the blue and delivers something for us to deal with that is challenging. He doesn't do it to be mean. It is just Uranus values a good 'shake up'. Once we get through the process we will usually see the benefit and can turn it into a plus. The key to Uranus aspect is we have to be willing to go with the flow. If we hang on too hard then the gift of Uranus is lost on us and then we are at war. But how do you go to war with an Earthquake? How do you go to war with electricity? How do you go to war with lightening? I say that meaning, how do you dig in and go up against something that is beyond your grasp?

I have a friend with a Moon at early degree Capricorn and she recently found herself totally unexpectedly in a life and death situation. It was not her life but someone she was trying to help. It shook her to her core. This is Uranus.

One minute we are doing one thing and then the next minute we are doing something completely unexpectedly. Last year I was sitting with a friend at a restaurant and a man with a gun unexpectedly showed up on the sidewalk waving it about like a crazy person (I suspect drug induced). Next thing you knew my friend and I were running to the back of the outside patio. My Ascendant is early Aries and my friend I was sitting with is a Libra. Ah, Uranus (who was poking around in Aries last year).

Now all of us, my Cap Moon friend, my Libra friend and myself did not have anything happen to our physical selves but our mettel was tested at that moment. I realized that I'm pretty good on my feet and in one split second knew exactly what to do. Yeah! Survival Instinct works!! I didn't sit there and think, "Why is this happening?" "I didn't dig in and say, "Hey, I just got served chai tea I'm not leaving it." I didn't fight it, I just did the best I could at that moment and learned something about myself. I also was grateful that police showed up quickly.

My Cap Moon friend is learning that the internal voice in her is strong and she must always follow it. Prior to this incident she was starting to doubting it but now she is more committed than ever to following her strong inner voice.

By the way, I know I used dramatic examples but Uranus does not always mean life and death or guys with guns, it just is a shake up. But remember on the other side there is something for you to value.

By the way, for those of you with zero to nine degrees of Leo and Sag will be getting a positive aspect from Uranus. Changes that are welcomed and needed! They are coming to you. And an occasional lottery ticket purchase would not hurt.


The other set of degree points to watch are six degrees to ten degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Huh, why those signs again? Because not only is Uranus impacting these signs, Pluto is also in the mix.

Uranus shakes us up like an internal revolution. Pluto pushes us to evole. Revolution versus Evolution. As you can see there are some people who are getting both.

You have already been feeling Pluto. It starts as a little feeling inside you. For example you feel drawn to visit a town. After going to that town you realize that you could live there. Or you get a prompt to sell something that no longer resonates with you. Or you just start to jettison people, beliefs, idea, opinions, ways of being. You are shedding. But like Uranus, if you resist changing, shedding--changing, then you are in for problems. You must let go and be open. Do not personalize any of it, just be willing to go through it. Pluto rules volcanoes and under you is this new you trying to come out and flow. Some might get burned by your lava but if you do it slowly you will give everyone fair notice. Including yourself!

Those of you with six to ten degrees of Taurus and Virgo are also feeling the relief of Pluto. Clouds are lifting and there is a new light. Some good is coming, slowly but you can feel it.


Twenty nine degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio along with one and two degrees of Gemini, Virgo & Sag are getting Neptune up their grill. Neptune dissolves things and makes us feel like we are in another world. Dorothy entered Oz not through a tornado but through an aspect with Neptune. You have been feeling this for awhile but there is more of it in 2012. You lay out a plan and think you have got it all figured out and suddenly it morphs. Sigh. Again, back off from your rigid plans and ideas, let things fall away, you will get to a real spot eventually and more to the point you are digging in deep and finding your strong inner intuitive voice. It will speak to you and by the end of this transit you won't blow it off. Your spiritual side is gaining access over your intellect. And for you, Geminis and Virgos this is always a bit tricky!

However, you with twenty nine degrees of Libra and Gemini should be enjoying the mystical element of Neptune. You can see that there is a reason for everything and it fits a bigger picture. You are feeling solid in your skin as you dream yourself into reality. Hurray.


If you don't know your chart go HERE.


Also for more on outer planet transits, I found Sagittarian Mind's blog on Elsa's dispatch and he did a very, very lovely write up about letting go while we process the outer planets. I give it a thumbs up.

Sagittarian Mind.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coming Soon--Water Dragon

Special thanks to smart and savvy David Crook who had a link to an article in BBC News about the upcoming Chinese New Year. The Aquarius New Moon in Western Astrology coincides with the Asian New Year. I vaguely remembered it was dragon in 2012, but didn't realize it was Water Dragon. I say that like I know something about Water Dragons. I don't.
However, I am a fire rooster and whenever I read about it, I gotta say it sounds a lot like me.

Anyway, here's what is in store for all of us.

Here's a snippet. Go to BBC link for full article
In the Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon - marking a year of transition, uncertainty and change.

The Asia-Pacific economies certainly face considerable uncertainty as well as headwinds in 2012, with the eurozone already sliding into recession at the end of 2011, while the momentum of US economic recovery - although encouraging in recent months - remains moderate at best.

The Year of the Dragon will also be a year characterised by political uncertainty, with presidential elections in the US and France, as well as leadership change in China.

In autumn 2012, the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will elect the new Central Committee and Politburo Standing Committee members.

The current President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao are due to step down from the Standing Committee to make way for the next generation of leaders from whom the new Chinese president and premier will be appointed in March 2013.

Despite the political and economic uncertainties facing the global economy, the Asia-Pacific (Apac) is forecast to continue to be the fastest growing region of the world economy in 2012, with growth rising to 5.3% from 4.5% in 2011.

This forecast is based on the IHS Global Insight central case scenario that the eurozone experiences only a mild recession in 2012, with gross domestic product (GDP) declining by 0.7%, while moderate positive growth continues in the US, at a pace of 2.0%.

Keith Olbermann: Where's the Valerian Root?

Today I saw a headline that made me finally go looking around for Keith Olbermann's chart. The headline said something to the effect "Olbermann at war with Current". I thought, "Again?" "What is his deal-e-o?" So, I went looking for his chart. Lynn Hayes did a thorough write up on him a few years ago and her chart is above.

We do not know his time of birth but he is an Aquarian. No shit, sherlock. He and his brethren Bill Maher and Sarah Palin are cut similarly. "I will say what I want when I want to say it." Of course, if you like what they say, you love them and can see them as a lightening rod (Uranus rules electricity) By the way, for those who are paying attention, Obama has Aquarius Rising and Rick Santorium has Moon in Aquarius. And the United States has Moon in Aquarius.

Anyway, the Aquarius energy in Olbermann is obvious. However because we do not know the time of his birth, we are not exactly clear on the degree of his Moon. But we know it is in Virgo. Moon in Virgo is a pretty much a perfectionist but unfortunately they give so much attention to the details that they miss the big picture. What exactly did Olbermann expect when he left MSNBC (in a huff) for the smaller Current TV? They don't have the resources, they can't serve in the same manner, 'get over it' and make the most of it!

I used to work not too far from Olbermann when he lived in Los Angeles and I would see him a lot in some of the same small restaurants holes near our jobs. I have to say, having stood next to him, he's quite tall-- I think he has Sag rising. Especially given he has a sports background and all that 'shoot from the hip' OPINIONs. Saturn in his first house makes sense. Work horse that he is and a few ego bruises.

Anyway, Mars, the warrior will be in Virgo until July and it will at some point be going over his moon. He is hunting for bear. Of course, the key would be to shift that rage energy into proactive energy on self, not on the executives at Current and see if he can retool himself so that he can play the 'long' game and not the 'short' game. This will be a big hurdle for him but if there was ever a year for it, 2012 would be that year.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Next few days ahead

Normally I put up the Week Ahead on Sunday. But of course New Year's Eve, New Year's day and non-holiday holiday of Monday January 2nd have thrown me off. Basically it was four days that felt like Sunday.

Anyway, here's a little snippet going on this week. The Full Moon is on Monday and I'll put that write up in the next day or so. My son is not back in school yet and therefore my house is about as quiet as a rock quarry and a wee bit difficult to concentrate. However, I will put up full moon in the next day or two.

January 5, 4:37am EST -- Gibbous Moon

During this Gibbous we focus on: What are you forgetting that is extremely practical? How can you be as practical as you can right now? Where can you show stick-to-itness and fortitude to get through something? The beauty of being a top executive or CEO is that you don’t get rattled easily. How can you right now show others and yourself that you are not rattled by anything? Get your practical on!
Get your intellect on!

January 8 Mercury enters Capricorn

January 8 Mercury/Jupiter: Big visions and big thinking. Ability to cut through things, see what you need, believe what you need and figure out the practical applications to get it.

January 8 Mercury/Uranus. Abrupt breaks in lines of communication. A drive to be independent. Impatience abounds. Snappy answers to every question even if it is not stupid. Watch thy tongue!

The Times We Live : Suing Honda

I heard about a story yesterday and thought, "Yep, those are the astrological times we live in."

A woman in California bought a Honda Hybrid in 2006. The sticker claimed the car would deliver 50mph. She never got close to 50mph and is now barely getting 30mph. The woman frustrated chose to skip a class action suit against Honda where she would be lumped with thousands of others. Instead, she went to small claims court. She is suing for 10,000.

Can you feel the Uranus in Aries? One person (Aries) taking a unique (Uranus) challenging (Aries) position?

If she is successful there are 200,000 other Hondahybrid owners who could be next. That could cost 3 billion---and that would speak to the Pluto in Cap square Uranus. People are just sick and tired of stuff not working and they are going to do something about it.

BTW: Interesting it is happening in Los Angeles. Is that Uranus conjunct Mercury? (earlier post) Maybe. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Los Angeles Arson Fires

We have discussed before that it is not just people who have astrological charts. We can draft a chart for a city or a business or partnerships, if there is an official 'start' date we can draft a chart.

Astrologers have been known to use two charts for Los Angeles. The first one is dated September 4, 1781 when 14 families and the Spanish Governor dedicated the town next to the river, "The Town of the Queen of Angels."

The next chart drafted was after California left Spain, after the Mexican American war and after California joined the US. That date is April 4, 1850 when the town officially incorporated. At the time it had a population of about 1500 people but the map of the area is a map that most Angelenos would recognize as the bones of the city that would later flesh out in the following decades and century.

I will be honest and say I can see both charts working for Los Angeles. What is noteable is Aries. With the Virgo date in 1781, the Moon is in Aries. And with the 1850 date, the Sun is in Aries (along with four other planets), no surprise that this is a city that frequently has to battle brush fires! But lately, I am more inclined to go with the Aries chart. Especially, after five days of a arsonist wrecking havok in the city. My husband and I woke up in the middle of the night each night since Friday to continuous and eerie fire truck sirens. Way to bring in the new year. Sigh.

Of course, Uranus the planet of odd and strange and 'revolutions' is marching through the stellium (group) of Aries planets. And is right now near Mercury's April 1850 placement. The arsonist was arrested yesterday and I found this quote interestingly--"Uranus".

The suspect was sitting in the back of a squad car at Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue.

A small group of bystanders gave him the middle finger — and he returned the gesture with a smile, according to one witness.

"It was creepy," said Rick Savage, a music producer.

Last night the suspect spent the night in jail and we had no fires---They probably have their man. His motive? He is angry with America, in particular something to do with his mother being asked to leave the US. Twisted loyalty by a creepy son, trying to get a message out? Oh, sounds like Uranus conjuct Mercury to me. And how perfect for LA's Moon in Capricorn with Pluto not too far away.

Anyway, the 1850 chart loaded with Aries planets has got my attention. Uranus will be marching over all these planets in the next few years along with squares from Pluto. It is going to get bummpy. For all you who live here by the way, "get earthquake insurance."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

May 2012 bring you many unique breakthroughs (Uranus in Aries) along with a refreshed empowerment that serves you and your world in signficant and meaningful ways (Pluto in Capricorn). Along with joy and abundance in finances and whole bunch of brilliant thoughts and connections (Jupiter in Taurus & Gemini).