Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Navy Seals Again

When it comes to warrior action we look to Mars and to a certain extent Aries. They are both independent and need to be focused since at their core they are itching for a fight.

As I indicated Mars turned retrograde on Monday a few hours after New Moon--and we learned today that on Monday orders were given by The President authorizing Seals Team to rescure workers in Somalia, one of them an American with health issues who had been kidnapped by pirates in October. It apparently was a small team. They went in and although the details are slim right now, it seems that they killed all kidnappers and reports are they were so surprised by the Seals that they did not even return fire. Exact, clear and precise, it is perfect Mars in Virgo.

Of course, as we know Neptune will be moving into its home sign Pisces this cycle. How will this change the pirate issue? Only time will tell.

ETA: You know I think Pirates will have a but kicking with Neptune in Pisces AND Uranus in Aries. I forgot to mention Uranus in Aries will probably provide a lot of these surprise warrior attacks. I should check back on the Osama Bin Laden raid, I bet Uranus was at Zero Aries for that one.

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