Saturday, January 7, 2012

Full Moon Cancer

Cancer Full Moon

January 9, 2012 2:30am EST

The Sun at 19 Capricorn and the Moon at 19 Cancer speaks to our practical, managerial side versus our emotional and our intuitive side. I hate saying ‘versus’ but with a full moon that is sort of the story. Pulling one direction and then pulling the other.

There is a boost from Mars on both the Moon and the Sun. Mars in Virgo is driving us to take care of details and be practical about stuff. People who get fuzzy and lost in dreamy attitudes will not be supported much by Mars for the next six months and definitely not on this full moon (three day window). It is all about the facts and what makes the most sense. At the same time Sun in Capricorn is always the efficient CEO and while Mars points out what is not working, the Sun in Cap will happily cut it out. That ‘it’ could be anyone, anything or any attitude. And then the Moon in Cancer deepens our feelings for family (either birth or by choice) and what is real for us. Not just sort of real, but what is really us. And if we are not feeling like we are understood, well, see the part about the CEO firing people.
Remember back on New Moon (late December) I indicated that this cycle is pushing us to be our authentic self. At first blush I’m positive many people bristled and said, “I am authentic”. Sure, sure but what I’m talking about is the authentic you-NOW. There is changes afoot and the you of six months ago is not the same you now. Does the world know that about you yet? This could be the full moon where they really get it. And at the same time, you really get it. We are shifting and changing so fast we have no idea who were are but on the Cancer Full Moon we can’t fake it. Our guts tell us.

Mercury is in Capricorn conjunct Pluto (see earlier woo woo post). Our brains are PLUGGED in. What are we thinking about? What stuff is coming up for us to process? How can we get practical and manage those thoughts so that they expertly serve us (Sun in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo)? And how do those thoughts serve our emotions and feelings in a practical way (Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Virgo).
Yes, the moon in Cancer can be weepy and sensitive but this full moon will be crying with a purpose. Releasing stuff for sure. And also tears that get our attention. And some of us will just be straight ass cold---yep, that is the Cap. We’re so busy with all our responsibilities we don’t have time to be mushy. That is okay. It’s all good in the Cap Cancer Hood.

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