Monday, January 16, 2012


And here we sit so many years after MLK's death and we can still see his natal chart in effect. The national program honoring Dr. King is Day Of Service. In honor of his name and day, people are encouraged to give a day of service. Basically, if you have the day off, go to work for others.

King of course was a Capricorn and at the end of the day, what we know about Capricorn is that they never take a day off. Even when they are off they are not off. There is always work to be done. How perfect it would be MLK's holiday weekend where people are encouraged to work. It is also perfectly Cap that his memorial would be made out of stone.

King's Moon in Pisces speaks to his Christianity and his compelling need to express compassion. It is not surprising that he would be the spiritual and physical leader fighting for civil rights through peace. Of course this same compassionate and humanitarian Moon is also perfect for a day of service. Taking care of others speaks to his moon in Pisces.

His Mercury in Aquarius understood the power of groups and connected like minded individuals for a cause. Again this speaks to the day of service.

His Venus in Pisces again supports the love of compassion and humanitarian work. I am sure those people who choose to work this weekend will feel MLK's Venus.

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