Wednesday, February 24, 2021

This Week's Astrology: Feb 22 - 29


Gibbous and Full Moon on a ten year old refrigerator 

This week the lunar waxing moon is gibbous and then full.   There are no major aspects this week of the non lunar planets.  Nice.    Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th joining the Sun who left Aquarius on the 18th.    After so much Aquarius stimulation punctuated by last week's Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, the move of Venus into Pisces is a welcomed respite from the mental agitation.   

The full moon can expose insecurities but we turn once again to faith and kindness found in Pisces to get our equilibrium.   Just keep swimming.   

Gibbous Moon

Feb 23, 2021  

10:40am PST 




Focus on:  How are you refining or using discretion with family?  How are you sifting through your roots?  What have you neglected with your emotions?   



Special focus

2/25: Venus enters Pisces 



Full Moon Phase –  

Feb 27, 2021  

12:17am PST 

8 Virgo 57


See separate post 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Virgo Full Moon - Feb 27

Dory from Nemo.  

Virgo Full Moon

Feb 27,2021 

12:17am PST 

8 Virgo 57 



In general, the full moons in Virgo are wonky three-day windows.  It is not that they are problematic or full of drama, but more that Virgo Full Moons can stoke our insecurity.    We look at others and situations and see all the problems.   Or we look at ourselves and feel ‘less than’.   Virgo who is always in search of perfect can bring our most critical eye.  It is a great moon to tackle tasks and fix stuff.  But we have to be careful that critical eye does not cloud our judgement.   As the expression goes, “Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.”  


So, what is the solution?   Like all full moons we turn to the opposite side of the teeter totter which on Virgo Full Moons means we turn to the  Pisces Sun for guidance.     The Sun in Pisces helps us tap into something bigger than our flaws.  When we are really rattled and super critical and anxious, we should find our intuition.  Or creativity. Or find humanity.  Or find prayer.    In short, on Virgo full moon we are reminded that there is something bigger out there than our to-do list.       


The chart for this Full Moon has the tightest aspect between the Sun & Moon with Saturn (semi sextile and inconjunct) followed by the aspect of Sun & Moon with Uranus (sextile and Trine) at less than two degrees.    This is most curious since Saturn and Uranus just wrapped up their tense square aspect last week.  The Saturn square Uranus aspects will occur two more times this year and it is the signature aspect of the year.    The first-round last week was a bit of an assault on the senses.   Ask anyone in Texas about their electrical grid (Saturn in Aquarius- which rules electricity).     On the personal level take a look at where you felt your inner grid collapse?   Where did you feel your energy leave you or short out?   What hurdles showed up?  Do you have more insight on your responsibilities?  Or do you know more about what is not your responsibility?    What I find to be quite remarkable is that this powerful Saturn square Uranus aspect for 2021 is followed so quickly by a full moon where both Sun and Moon are making tight aspects with...drum roll... Saturn and Uranus.   What are the odds?   Evidently, the universe seems to think we need to find our way with both Saturn and Uranus on this full moon.  


When I was a kid, my friends and I would go to a public Olympic size pool and try to swim to the deepest part with the only goal to touch the bottom with our hands.   I believe I was successful once and felt challenged since my friends were better swimmers than me, but it didn’t stop me from trying every time I went swimming in that huge pool.   I think of that act when I consider Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo full moon.  The desire to want something concrete, an easy identified task to do, insecurity if it can be done while being in an opposite of a concrete environment.     And of course, Pisces is a water sign which speaks to swimming.  


Where will we be swimming on this full moon?    What are our tasks?   It could be anywhere and anything, but Saturn speaks to responsibility.  Some things demand we step up or since Saturn also cuts down, some things are not our responsibility.   The Aquarius  suggests we may need the help of our community.    Or perhaps we will have a task that will help the community.   We could seek like- minded ideal help or  brainstorming solutions with friends.  Uranus in Taurus could provide unique assistance that is practical but could come from out of the blue.   This full moon could find you bumping into something weird that is helpful and may provide useful later in 2021.      The challenge on this three-day cycle is that there is also a thread of impulsivity  (moon quincunx Uranus) which could amplify provocative behaviors.   Take note of  someone acting ‘crazy’.   Be mindful of the narrator's state of mind and as always, get silent and meditate if things seem too confusing.   


One gift to the whole full moon chart is Venus on the Sun opposing moon.  There is a patina of gentleness and kindness that should soften the harsher criticalness of Virgo.   We may connect with others through love, beauty and shared values.   


Finally, if things get tense, one thing that will also help is put on music and dance or get lost in a good movie as these are Pisces’ long suits.  Replenish the psyche and soul when the task seems daunting.    And remember, just keep on swimming.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Astrology This Week: Feb 15 - 20


Week of February 15 – February 20 



This week is the first round of the only major aspect for 2021.  Saturn square Uranus  which occurs three times:  Feb 17, June 14 and Dec 23.    This aspect set up constraints and lessons.  It is not a feel-good aspect by any definition.   There are those who will want to lay down the law or snip power and there will be others who will bristle at being told what to do.   How these manifests, is still unclear but we know it involves humans coming together (Aquarius) and among others, money, things that are owned, real estate and established practices (Taurus).   Two weeks ago  when the Reddit day traders decided to take on investors who were shorting the stock Game Stop and caused major losses for big hedge funds,  my friend Ann called me up and said, “Well that’s perfect Saturn square Uranus.”  I agreed.     A few days later a woman in Myanmar, who is a gym teacher set up her usual aerobics class and videotaped it unaware there was a coup taking place behind her.    It was all insane and unpredictable which are perfectly Uranus and Aquarius.   We are in cuckoo days.  Got it. 



On February 20 Mercury will station direct.    There should be relief for those of us who have felt misunderstood or we misunderstood what was told to us.    Technological mishaps were everywhere for some of us.  We should see some issues that have been total haywire straighten out once Mercury station direct.   Celebrate by hugging that friend or friends that helped you get through the last three weeks---Make it a Zoom hug.  


Lunar phases this week: 



Crescent Moon Phase

Feb 15,  2021

7:39 am PST  


Focus on: What are learning about your ability to be independent?  What are you learning about going your own way?  What are you learning about the power of pursuing something new?  What are you learning about your self-starting abilities? 



Special Focus

2/17: Saturn square Uranus (See Above)



First Quarter Moon 

Feb 19, 2021 

10:47am PST 



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your communication abilities?  What actions are you taking that engage community and neighbors?  What actions are you taking that interface with siblings?  How are your actions mixing it up bringing in new information? 



Special Note

2/19:  Venus square Mars.  Love of humans versus love of money.  Anger around money and values?  Breakthroughs may be needed.

2/20: Mercury stations direct motion 4:51pm PST 11 Aquarius 01 (See above)

Mercury Station Direct Feb 20


Mercury Station Direct 

Feb 20, 2021 

4:51pm PST 


Our first Mercury retrograde of 2021 wraps up on Feb 20.   Gee, Mercury has been retrograded?  I hadn’t  notice.   I joke, of course.  I had many conversations with friends and loved ones experiencing miscommunication, deliveries gone awry and technology collapsing in front of them.  It has been a pure Mercury in Aquarius retrograde, for sure.    I note that these final days of Mercury in Aquarius retrograde that the electric grid in Texas failed many Texans.   I am sure people will be asking a lot of questions not just on a personal level but as a community when they do an autopsy on that failure given Aquarius rules electricity and community efforts.  


These Mercury retrogrades in 2021 are all taking place in air signs so they may not bring out tons of tears but more mental angst.  We should feel some  anxiety lessen as the retrograde wraps.  It is worth looking at the dates of the retrograde and asking some questions about what we have learned.   


January 15 Mercury enters shadow 

January 30 Mercury station retrograde 26 Aquarius 29

February 20 Mercury station direct  11 Aquarius 01

March 12 Mercury exits shadow 

How has my communication with others been elevated?   What re-tooling am I doing with others around shared goals?    How has my communication helped others shine?  How has my thinking about being a part of a group or community changed?   How have I connected to community in the last three weeks?   Have I needed new circles?  Have new circles needed me?   Where have I let my weird shine?  What brilliant idea came up in me?  How have I found a shiny new idea in me?   Where did I let myself down because of out dated thinking?   How have I been a good friend?   How has someone else been a good friend? How can I make improvements in my thinking based on what I have learned in the last three weeks?   

Enjoy Mercury stationing direct.     It is safe to breathe again.  

Monday, February 8, 2021

Aquarius New Moon - Feb 11 - Your Place In Community


Image from Mythic Decor 

New Moon 
23 Aquarius 17
Feb 11, 2021 
11:05am PST 

The Aquarius New Moon launches on Feb 11 in the middle of a six planet stellium in Aquarius that has not happened since Feb 5, 1962.   Of course, because we still continue to be in the era of unprecedented.   

You will find my article (as always) on Margaret Wendt website

May you start to find your community.   It is probably changing a bit. 

Saturn Square Uranus Round 1 - Feb 17


By far the biggest tension this year will be Saturn Square Uranus during all 2021.    The great restriction meets up with the great rebel.    There will be forces trying to contain (Saturn) and while that is going on other energies will be demanding revolution (Uranus).  Conserving versus progressing please note these are verbs not nouns.   Saturn in Aquarius can be pretty cold and as soon as it went into the sign, we all had to shelter in place.   Zooms are very Uranus, which is the planet of new technology.  Zooming where we live is very Taurus which likes the creature comforts of home.  Experts at the writing of this report suggest that Covid is here for most of 2021 with perhaps some relief in the fall.  The tension of these two planets could speak to the restlessness and tension as we remain housebound.   Those who appear careless about important issues  will not be well received and especially charged up around the Saturn/Uranus dates.   During the last Uranus in Taurus (1930s) boundaries of nations changed.  There were mass migrations some of it weather related.    Global warming and extreme weather could be pronounced in 2021.  The dustbowl took place in the last Uranus in Taurus.  And of course, there are economic challenges.   Many of us will be asked to show up in a practical way for others.   Business and government will need to be on the correct side of solutions this year.   The challenge for everyone is to remember the human being.   Many will be ditched by new technology. We will need to be innovative to make sure there are solutions for everyone.     These are the three Saturn/Uranus dates in 2021: 


Saturn square Uranus  - Feb 17 

Saturn square Uranus – June 14

Saturn square Uranus – Dec 23 

Six Planets in Aquarius Feb 9-11 PST


Feb 9  5:20pm - Feb 11 11:23pm PST  

This week has a remarkable two-day window.   

Between Feb 9-11 the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn are all in Aquarius.  I technically cannot remember the time that these many planets (called a stellium) were in Aquarius since I was a small kid. The last time we had this stellium was in 1962, a nice write up by Lynn Hayes - Aquarius planets 1962.     


The planets have been slowly loading up in Aquarius since December, bit by bit entering the sign that connects us to:



Innovation- both in thinking and technology

Social Media

Finding like-minded goals

Independent thinking 



Eccentric perhaps odd 




Some of us may already be feeling our compass turn inside of our bodies and psyches pointing us to a meatier experience out of our community.    Questions could be popping up such as:

How can I be more helpful in my community?

Can I work with others for a new solution to issues? 

What do I want out of social media? 

Is it time for me to replace some outdated equipment? 

Is it time for me to get past my fear of new technology?

Where is my oddness?  

Is it time to let my weirdness guide me?

Where do I need novel thinking? 

Is it time to mix up my friendships?  Put some on the back burner bring others more in focus. 

When is the last time I really dug into intellectual pursuits?  Is it time to get on it? 


Obviously, these are big questions and the will not all get their answers in a 48-hour window.  However, it is the actual stimulation of them all coming together which is a new moon (separate write up) is what is significant.  The first switch turned to on at the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21, this New Moon with 6 planets in Aquarius is double downing our Aquarian energy.   Given the rough year we had in 2020, this stellium of planets is a mental palate cleanser that should be well received.    Be inspired.   See what comes up for you and if it feels intellectually fresh and brings out the humanitarian in you, well, it seems you are connecting to Aquarius.   Good job. 



Saturday, February 6, 2021

Astrology This Week: Feb 7


We are in the last phase of the Capricorn Lunar moon that launched three weeks ago.   We wrap up the seeds we planted on Cap New Moon.  Final actions that speak to our place in the world, our career, putting ourselves out there. 

The new moon in Aquarius launches on Feb 11.  That will be a separate post. Also once the Moon enters aquarius (balsamic) it will launch 48 hours where 6 planets will be in Aquarius!   A most extraordinary window.  

Last Quarter Moon Phase

February 4, 2021 

9:36am PST   




Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

What actions are you taking that cut down to the bone?  What actions are you taking ask you to go to your depths?  How are you processing your power?  Where are your resources?  What is going on with sex, money and taxes?  



Special focus

2/6: Venus square Uranus 6 Taurus 58.  Values and friendships seem at odds with the grunt of being practical.  Money and love are chaotic or at odds. 


Balsamic Moon Phase


February 7, 2020

8:54 pm PST     


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on How are you releasing your cynical nature?  Do it for the next 3 days.   Just do it. 



2/8: Mercury conjunct Sun (inferior) 20 Aquarius 01 – looking backwards, fixing some out of step thinking, reassessing friendships and groups. 

2/10: Mercury square Mars  something smoldering does need to be communicated.   Abstract arguments help whom? 

2/11: Venus conjunction Jupiter 12 Aquarius 35. Abundant, helpful, generous, sharing ideas and community.   Thinkers find each other. 


Aquarius New Moon February 11, 2021, 23 Aquarius 17 11:05am Metal Ox Chinese New Year