Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Week Ahead

On Sunday we move into Crescent phase.   Crescent is the time when we learn information.  We get some data, even if you think you are not getting information, stop, and re-look at everything.  Who called you?  Even the silliest things, when they come up during Crescent are note worthy.  A parking ticket?  An argument with a spouse?  A refund check from the phone company?  All of it needs to be considered a message from the universe.  And during the Gemini lunar cycle where we are rewiring our thinking and our brain—we benefit by paying attention to all messages, even those from the Universe.   

Crescent Moon Phase
June 1
2:01pm EDT  

Focus on:  What are you learning that speaks to your family?  How is your communication with your family?  What are you learning that speaks of your roots?  Of your tribe?  Of your food?   What are you learning about your emotions and how you communicate them? 

On the 5th we move into 1st quarter moon.   

First Quarter Moon
June 5
4:38 pm EDT

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that support your daily life and your daily schedule?   How do you walk your talk—really are you doing it?  Do you talk about wanting to exercise more but blow it off?  Look at what comes up these 3 days and consider it is all about walking your talk.  And you will have probably have little patience for others who do NOT walk their talk. 

And on Saturday June7,  Mercury turns retrograde.   A post will follow on that somewhat annoying topic.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday & Saturday

We continue to monitor the action when the moon is in a cardinal sign.  On Friday morning the Moon will move into Cancer.   I've thrown in some of the nice ones as well as the usual suspect crosses.  
Watch your moods, everyone!

May 30  10:13am EDT Moon enters Cancer
May 30  11:49am EDT Moon conjunct Mercury
May 30    2:03pm EDT Moon sextile Venus
May 31    1:04am EDT Moon trine Neptune
May 31    5:29am EDT Moon square Mars
May 31  11:56am EDT Moon oppose Pluto
May 31    4:42pm EDT Moon square Uranus
May 31  10:39pm EDT Moon trine Saturn
June 1      2:32am EDT Moon conjunct Jupiter

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gemini New Moon

Gemini New Moon
May 28 2:40pm EDT

On Wednesday afternoon (EDT) Gemini lunar cycle will begin.   And given the aspect with Neptune and given Mercury turns retrograde on June 7 and Neptune turns retrograde on June 9th we probably should just agree that the universe is putting lunacy in this lunar cycle.  But that is okay, we are on a mission.  We are going to be flexible.  We are going to be light on our feet.  We are going to shift and change, we are going to have every mood in every day and we don't care because we are learning the gift of adaptability.    The whole article can be found HERE.

But here is a snippet.

May 28 2014
2:40pm EDT

Let’s get this out right away.   Gemini is one of the smartest, fastest and cleverest signs of the zodiac.   Those of you with planets in Gemini know exactly what I mean.    You were born with light bulbs “ON”.    As a Sagittarius, Gemini’s opposite sign, I have always had Geminis in my life.  They always make me laugh, they are brilliant word nerds and I can say with some authority ---they tell a great story.     During the Gemini cycle, we are making connections.   We are connecting our thoughts; the synapses in our brains are ON.   We are putting things together in a new way.   We are also connecting with people.   Our neighbors, our siblings, the person on the bus, the woman behind the counter, the guy that cleans our rugs –they are all opportunities to connect.   Our connects are ON.    We are communicating.  We are expressing our thoughts. We find stories.    We are writing, we are blogging, we are sharing our thoughts.   Our mind is ON.

During the Gemini lunar cycle we are lighter than the previous two cycles.  Aries is fiery and intense, Taurus is grounded and methodical and with Gemini, the first air sign buoyancy abounds.  In Gemini we bounce around from one thing to another thing, looking for variety, looking for life spices.   Gemini rules writing, newspapers, magazines and emails, texts and blogs.   And in this cycle, every day is a short story.     It is also worth noting that we all have been through a lot in the last year with the cardinal crosses.  Is there a new you emerging but are you still communicating like the old you?   This will be the cycle that you unload the voice of the old you.   

Underneath the Gemini lightness, the smartness, the cleverness, the constant communication is a lesson---Dexterity.    With Gemini they can turn on a dime.  Shallow at times, for sure.  But they also know how to pick up on a sea change and switch course.  Mental dexterity has saved many a person’s life.    For that we owe Gemini a  “Thank you.”

On this New Moon chart we have the Sun and Moon trine Mars and square Neptune.   With a trine to Mars, the next 28 days will feel like 56 days.   As if we are on one of those crash and burn vacations through Europe.  Wake up in Paris go to bed in Berlin, wake up in Berlin go to bed in Lucerne.   We are moving at record speed.  Mars in Libra is a pretty social animal so expect a lot of engagements and impromptu activities.    I wish I could tell you what you are going to be rushing through, but I can’t because the deal with Gemini, every day is a roll of the dice. You wake up prepared to have a big conversation with So&So, and then you get a text that they can’t meet, then you decide to clean the fridge, then you get a text from someone asking you to lunch, then at lunch you run into someone you haven’t seen in awhile and you go with them to the park with your kids, and you run into someone and then you go home and there is a phone message from So&So now available to talk---- get the picture?    Go ahead and make plans but be prepared for them to change.   And if you get mad about having to change plans then you are missing the point of Gemini.  Remember dexterity. 

go to link for full article. 

Monday, May 26, 2014


On Friday night I turned on the local news hoping to settle down after a long week of mini dramas, when I saw scenes of chaos in IslaVista.   I was numb.  UCSB is my alma mater.  There was a lot of confusion but I could tell this was not going to be good.    When I woke up on Saturday the news was worse than I could have predicted.  Seven people dead, including perpetrator, seven wounded and a small community shocked.   For me this was personal, one of the victims was shot in front of the apartment that I had shared with my three roommates thirty years earlier.  My roommates and I have all reached out to each other.   It may be three decades later but our college life in Isla Vista is seared in our hearts and psyche, it is integral to who we are today and we were all rubbed raw by the news.  

As the information unfolded on Saturday I was not sure I even wanted to look at the astrological chart.   A few months ago there was another sad story in IV (Isla Vista) when a young man rammed his car into innocent people attending a street party.    I chose to skip that chart.  But as more information came out and I looked at the map in the LA Times with red circles numbered 1-10 indicating where people had been hurt or killed, I was transported back in time to when I was a 20 year old coed trying to find my way in life and on a bicycle, going up and down those exact streets with not much more than a joyful heart and the smell of ocean, eucalyptus and tar was in the air.   I couldn’t skip this chart.  

Elliot Rodger, the young man who committed the crimes began his rampage by killing his housemates and their friend using a knife.   We do not know at what time he killed the housemates so we can’t draft a chart for this event.  But we do know the time of the killings when he switched to guns. 

The chart for the rampage started at 9:27pm with the first call to 911 reporting bullets have being just shot.   

The chart has Sagittarius Ascendant, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aries.  

For the last six months, readers of TracyAstroSalon know we’ve been following the clusterf*%$k  when the Moon is in a cardinal sign forming harsh aspects to Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.   I have taken the time to point it out to all my readers each week.     And so it was in this chart---Moon in 3rd house on top of Uranus.   Third house is the communication house and Moon in rough Aries can be seen in Rodger’s written manifesto and horrible Youtube posts.   

Double downing on the communication was Mercury on the descendent along with the Sun in Gemini.  Reports are that he used social media right up until the events along with calling his therapist and emailing his mother a few minutes before he began his shooting spree.      Sagittarius on the ascendant is also a communication sign but really speaks to the events taking place in a college town, since Sag rules higher education.   Pluto is connected to violence and is in the first house in Capricorn.   Capricorn gets its strength by working through its insecurity.  That is the upside to Cap.  The bad side of Cap is when it is obsessively addicted to its insecurities (think Nixon & Watergate).   This was certainly the case in this chart and with Pluto square Moon (one of the female planets) and square to Mars in Libra, which is at the very top of the chart (MC) connects to Rodger’s rage against women which he put up for the whole world to see:

"I'm 22 years old and still a virgin, never even kissed a girl. And through college, 2 1/2 years, more than that actually, I'm still a virgin. It has been very torturous,” he said. "The popular kids, you never accepted me and now you will all pay for it. Girls, all I ever wanted was to love you, be loved by you. I wanted a girlfriend. I wanted sex, love, affection, adoration.”

In particular his anger was focused against sororities.  He also spoke how lonely it is to live in a beautiful town feeling unloved.    Mars in Libra in harsh aspect to Uranus and Pluto is all over his manifesto.   

Rodger was not a student at UCSB.  He was attending the local community college in Santa Barbara but was living in a university town.   As an alumni of UCSB I can talk with some authority that the university students do not co-mingle much with the city college students.   And frankly it was visa versa as well, my experience was the community college kids lived in Santa Barbara not Isla Vista.   He could have had movie star good looks and a lot of money and it still would have been difficult for him to cross the barrier of a university sorority girl.  It may be shallow but consider any university town and you will see the same hurdles.     I was looking at the Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in harsh aspect to Uranus and Pluto and I was thinking about his international parents; his mother from Malaysia, his father from Great Britain, his step mother from France and I could not help but think if one of them had been American they may have advised him to not live in the university town.   Sigh. 

On Friday, his therapist got a call from Rodger and then she called his mother to check her email that was sent at 9:17pm, the mother read it and then called her ex-husband.  Both jumped in their car and headed for Isla Vista.   The report is that they did call 911 but while driving north on the 101 they heard about the rampage on the radio.  They could not stop it.   Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces---help slipped through everyone’s fingers.  

For timing we look at Saturn.   In this chart Saturn was in trine with Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces and as hard as it is to believe this is a positive aspect.   Saturn in the 11th house speaks to groups and associations and it turns out that Rodger pounded on the door of the Alpha Phi house, which was locked and no one would let him in.      Had someone opened the door the casualty rate would have been much higher.   We can thank Saturn. 

The whole story is sad on many levels.   The parents who got called that their child at the beginning of the prime of their life was killed.   The parents of Elliott Rodger who clearly struggled with their son’s condition (ASD) and now the rampage of damage that he did must be unbearable.    For my college roommates and I who look back on that period of our life at UCSB with fondness we are so sad that something so awful has occurred and this is how the world is learning of the small little community which we loved.        I have said it more than once and I’m saying it again, I will be happy when Mars moves out of Libra.   I’m tired of love getting bitch slapped.  

Saturday, May 24, 2014


This Weekend continues to have a stressed out Moon.   Moon in Aries will have the following tough aspects on Saturday May 24

5/24 4:07am EDT Moon oppose Mars
5/24 11:20am EDT Moon square Pluto
5/24 2:52pm EDT Moon conjunct Uranus
5/24 9:44pm EDT Moon square Jupiter

However, underneath the frustrations and tensions of Moon is a bright aspect.   Jupiter and Saturn are in a trine putting the emphasis on inspiration and metamorphosis.  Isn’t that like life?  You wake up wanting to finally tackle something or move up in some personal ladder and take flack (moon) along the way.  That’s okay.   You will have a great Saturday if it kills!   Go for it.

Then late in the evening the Moon goes into Balsamic phase for 3 days.  This is when we release, we let go, we shed. 

Balsamic Moon Phase
May 24
9:15 pm EDT  

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on   We release our noise.  We release our loudness. We release our fire. We release our brasness.  We release doing things alone.  We release “1” so that we can play more with others in Gemini.

We also have the following aspects:
4/26: Mercury/Neptune: Gentle dreamy thoughts, soft intuition and communication.
4/27: Sun/Neptune: Inspired, motivations connect to dreams. 



New moon post will follow.