Sunday, May 11, 2014

What's going on?

This weekend (May 10, 11:35pm EDT) we moved into a Gibbous Phase moon.   

Focus on:
How does your partner fit into your life in a practical way? What do you receive from partnerships?  How much do you interact? How do you interact?  Is it all working?  Does it need fine-tuning?   Does it need finessing?  

5/10: Sun/Saturn:  What does your heart tell you is your responsibility?  We can’t hide from our responsibility.

Also on Saturday the moon moved into Libra which activates the cardinal squares and oppositions which albeit are less pugnacious since April but are still the bully in the astro neighborhood.

Here is the exact data:
May 10 Moon in Libra 1:19pm EDT
May 11 Moon conjunct Mars 7:22am EDT
May 11 Moon square Pluto 2:40pm EDT
May 11 Moon oppose Uranus 4:56pm EDT
May 11 Moon square Jupiter 8:51pm EDT

In addition to all cardinal stuff, Mother’s Day might have a bit more tension than anyone wants with Venus Opposed Mars.    Tension around money and love, action versus laziness.   Being stuck versus rebirth.   And Mercury is in a square with Neptune—tweaking communication.    Fuzzy, gassy, hard to follow.    Bumping into prayer may help but lost in religion probably not helpful.   And in that astro environment we say, “Happy Mother’s day, Mom!”

On Monday the 12th Mercury and Mars are in a great aspect.   Thoughts will push actions and quick thinking brings quick action.  Cleverness rules the day. 

On the 14th Venus and Pluto get into it.  They do this twice a year pushing on our power issues, our love issues, our value feels raw.   How are we valued?  How are we not?   What and who do we value?  Are we misguided?
Also on the 14th is the Full Moon in Scorpio.   That post will follow later in the week.   But some of the energy will be around:

How do you process blocks?  How do you hold on to things/energy/stuff that no longer serves you?  What do you do in a practical way to get rid of stuff?  What is going on with your resources?  How can you expand them?  But not giving up the stuff that works in your life?

And finally on the 15th  The energy lightens up. 

5/15: Mercury/Venus:  Talking of fun and joy and lightness
5/15: Mercury/Uranus: Mental gets a bolt of lightening. New ideas

5/15: Venus/Uranus:  Out of the blue values, love, money gets electricity

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