Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Week

We are still in New Moon until 11:49pm EST  Saturday Feb 21.
If you are reading this and you still have time...plant some seeds that speak to your place in your tribe.   Are you holding a missing piece to a puzzle that you might not even know exists?  Or maybe someone is holding a puzzle piece for you?  How are you tuning into the world around you?  Are you letting information come to you?   Can you take a moment and breathe before you react too quickly?   How are you connected to others?  How do you matter?  Are you marginalizing yourself or your impact?  Are you marginalizing the impact of others or tribe?  

Reach out....stir the pot...see what it brings you in the rest of the lunar cycle.

You are not alone...listen for the radar beeps.

And even after New Moon moves into Crescent phase we are still collecting information about our place in the world.   Where do we need to exert independence to find our tribe?  

Crescent Moon Phase
February 21
11:49pm  EST

Focus on:  What are you learning about your independence?  What are you learning about shooting straight?  What are you learning about breaking free? What are you learning about putting YOU first?  

Special Focus:

2/23: Sun sq Saturn:  Religion vs Spiritual. Righteous versus ‘lost’.  
2/24: Venus Trine Saturn:  Love of hard work.  Working hard for love.  Being practical about love. 

First Quarter Moon
February 25
12:13pm EST
Focus on:  What actions can you take that support your communication? What actions can you take that support your neighborhood?  What actions can you take that support you connecting with others?  What actions can you support you being ‘light’?   What actions can you do that support NEW thinking?

Special focus
2/25:  Mars Trine Saturn.  Actions build toward future.   Taking visions and putting them to work. 
2/25:  Sun con. Neptune.  Dreamy, disconnected.  Highly sensitive.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The second Aquarius New Moon of 2015

Aquarius New Moon
29 Aqurius 59

Feb 18, 2015
6:47pm EST

29 Aquarius 59

You will find the whole article on MargaretWendtSite .  This is a weird new moon for sure. But it is also important.    Where do you find your inner light?  How does it connect with others?  How are you connected to other people even if you don't know it?   What is your piece?  Where do you fit in the cosmos?  

Here is a snippet but go to the link for the whole article.

Happy Lent!   And  Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!  May you have a great Wood Sheep Year.  

This is a weird new moon.  

It is a brand new moon but it is at the last degree of Aquarius.  In fact two minutes after the new moon launches the Sun and the Moon move into Pisces.   Technically, it is an Aquarius New Moon at 29 degrees but it is being influenced by Pisces.   The last five months have been auspicious with four new moons at Zero degrees  (October through January) and then the last two at 29 degrees (March 20th will be at 29th degree of Pisces).    These new moons highlight the knowledge and power of being at the very beginning of a journey and the knowledge and security of being at the end of the journey.    When you start a road trip you are excited with anticipation.  When you are in the final miles of a road trip you are excited that your journey is completing.    Having a new moon at the final degree of a sign is a little bit like starting a journey on the edge between a desert and a jungle.  Two entirely different terrains and one journey connects them.   We are going into a new land.    Like a boy scout we should always be prepared. 

So, what is the focus of this, our second Aquarius New Moon?  

When we launched the first Aquarius lunar cycle 29 days ago we were finding our tribe of like-minded people, we were focused on finding our brilliance and our weirdness.   We found our own inner beautiful weird compass.      Great.   Now we begin another 29 days and we should once again, not be afraid of our brilliance and weirdness and our ‘tribes’.   But what is the point of being brilliant and weird and finding our tribe if it does not elevate us?    With Pisces lapping on the shores of this new moon we need to ask bigger questions like how does our brilliance, weirdness and oddness help connect us to the Universe?  How are we finding our place in the cosmos?

Pisces knows that we are apart of a much bigger picture.  There is something far greater going on.     We need to pay attention to synchronistic events.   Look at all coincidences that come up in the next 29 days.   You should continue to be brilliant and weird but not lose sight that you are apart of a bigger story.   

And how do your friends or your tribe connect to this bigger picture? Recently, I had a friend of mine win an award for her writing.  I could not have been more excited if it had been me.   And in fact I found myself getting misty when I heard the news.  I was standing in the market when I got the text.    Right there at the cash register I welled up.  And I realized that I had been in a tribe drought.    None of my friends have had a really good thing happen to them in the last few years.   I didn’t even realize it until I felt something swell inside me.  Pride for my friend.  Pride for my tribe.  Pride for “us”.    To be fair, I am a bit numb to marriages or the birth of babies and of course they are happiness and depending on the circumstances they too can elevate a group.   But this felt different and at that moment I thought about our second Aquarius New Moon.     What does it mean to be connected to a larger group? How do your peeps elevate you?  How do you elevate them?   How do the actions of others put wind in your sails?  And how are we connected to one another in a cosmic sense?    

If the last Aquarius new Moon asked us who is our tribe?  Maybe this new moon we ask ‘how is our tribe doing?”   If we were asking to find our brilliance and weirdness maybe now we ask to use both in a way that connects with the bigger,  hidden world.    Use this 29-day cycle to send beeps out to the universe and see what comes back.    What person or situation shows up?   Maybe some of our tribe is out in the wilderness looking for us.   Maybe we hold a missing piece to a puzzle.  Maybe there is a person holding a missing puzzle piece for you.  See who pops up in your life in the next 29 days and see how it all fits in a cosmic way. 

On this New Moon chart the Sun and Moon are ringing the bells of all the outer planets.  This doesn’t happen often but what we have is Sun and Moon in semi square to Pluto and semi square to Uranus.    And Sun and Moon in conjunction to Neptune.   

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Week

Balsamic Moon Phase
February 15
1:16pm EST   

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on We release our pretenses.   We release our coldness.  We release our snotty.  We release our ‘better than’.     Special note about this Balsamic. It is interesting that it is occurring the day after Valentine’s day. There will be people who realize that their partners are just out of sync with them and may dump them.

Special focus:
2/18: Sun semisq Pluto:  Purpose feels thwarted.  Evolution feels stalled. Where can you find balance between the two? 

 We will be having our second New Moon in Aquarius.  It is at the very last degree of Aquarius...will post in a few days. 

29 Degree Aquarius NEW MOON
6:49PM EST

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

News Newsmakers

Last week I wondered about Brian Williams and the hoopla surrounding his story enhancements and I thought about Saturn in Sag.    We all basically were watching the pitfalls of exaggerations which could for sure be the property of Jupiter in Leo as well.     Then when Jon Stewart announced he would be leaving this year from Daily Show I thought..."Huh, announce now?"  And then I remembered he and Brian Williams are friends and love to get their New Jersey on and I thought, "Oh, maybe he was giving Williams coverage while the media surrounded his announcement and not his friend Brian"  How Aquarius of him.    And now today, Bob Simon, CBS 60 Minutes correspondent was killed in a car accident.    Upon hearing that,  I stopped everything to look at Neptune.   Neptune is at 6 degrees Pisces and later this year Saturn will be squaring it but I wondered where is it right now and I looked and it is 4 degrees Sag.  I gotta say 2 degrees may be close enough to cause some pain.    Neptune dissolves anything it touches and on some level I think maybe that is what we are dealing with in all three cases.  

Weird.  Wow.  What.


I woke up this morning to news that David Carr, NY Times Media Reporter died.  He collapsed at work last night.      If you don't know about him--you can read about his extraordinary life HERE.  

More wow.