Monday, February 2, 2015

Leo Full Moon

Leo Full Moon
Feb 3, 2015
6:09pm EST 

14 Leo 47

So we have been in this super cranky time.  It started in 2012 and will  wrap next month.   During this tense three year period we have been assaulted over and over with one question:

How are you letting deep-rooted fears keep you from making profound changes your life?

How does this apply to your love life?
How does this apply to your finances?
How does this apply to your family relationships?
How does this apply to your community?
How does this apply to your daily habits?
How does this apply to your role in the world?
How does this apply  to your goals?

Where are staying small in all these areas (and others) because you are too afraid to break the status quo?

The last time we had this tension and breakthrough period was:
1960’s and 1930’s.

The next time we get this tension will be in the 2040’s & 2070’s.

I hope to be here in the 2040’s but I will be old.  Big time.
And I will NOT be here in the 2070’s.  

But my child and your child and all of our friends’ children will be here in 2070’s (god willing) and what we do NOW will impact them.    No one lives in a vacuum no matter how much they want to believe they do and the actions we are taking or not taking since 2012 will ripple down to those people in the  2040’s and 2070s.   

 What happened to your parents or grandparents in the 1930’s had an impact on your family in the 1960s.    And what got launched in the 1960’s is impacting your life and your family now.   Take a moment and do the math.   What impacted great-grandma, grandma or mom (depending on your age) in the 1930’s?    And how did that influence Grandma or mom in the 1960s?   And now how is that impacting you?    Did you have a grandparent who died early or abandoned the family in the 1930’s?   Did that child who experienced that profound loss turn into a victim or a crazed control freak?   Did they then give birth to wild child (s) of the 1960’s?   And how is that influencing right now?   Or maybe you had the opposite.  Maybe someone built a company or got a monster education in the 1930’s and in the 1960’s they just kind of blew everything up.   Maybe they walked away and now you and your family are still paying for that blow up.  

I could make up scenarios all day long but what is more important is for you to take the time and just look at the dots and connect them. 

With Aquarius we look at how we are with others.   We are not alone.   We belong to a community.  Also with Aquarius we get to be weird and do things our own goofy way.  But if we are scared to be strange or goofy we are also scared of our brilliance.   And so we get Leo Full Moon to shine on our uniqueness.    

With Leo it is personal.   We stand of the middle of the stage and embrace being a star.   Unfortunately, being a ‘star” has gotten a bad rap because of all the lame famous people who suck up a lot of media attention.  That is not the ‘star’ I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the people who do good or laudable work.   Something that makes them proud.    Not ego stuff.  But pride in craftsmanship.   
Leo is creative and dynamic.    Leo is courageous.   Leo is Brave. 
Do you think it is any accident that this courageous full moon is showing up in the last few weeks before the final square of Uranus and Pluto (3/16)? 

Adding to this Full Moon is the big ol’ muther of a planet, Jupiter.   Giant Jupiter is the doorway planet.  Jupiter brings opportunities.   Jupiter builds bridges from here to there.    Jupiter has a huge gravitational pull.  Watch how you get pulled into a fiery energy.   What needs to get burned?   How will this provide an opportunity?
Did you know that there are seeds (nuts) of some trees that only open up after a fire has scorches and cracks open the shell.  Only then will the seed begin its journey towards Tree-hood. 
What seed will crack in you with this full moon?
Will it be your creativity, your bravery, your brightness, or your ability to no longer hide?  

Remember the final date of the Uranus/Pluto is March 16.   After that date we will still be processing the energy but as time moves on it will dissipate over the next months and year.    And we won’t see it again for 30 years. 

What we will have between now and March 16 is
Leo Full Moon
29 Aquarius New Moon (zero degree)
Virgo Full Moon
And then we will get an eclipse 29 Pisces New Moon after the aspect. 

Use this Full Moon to launch the work your soul is asking you to do between now and March 16.  You deserve it and the world needs it. 

Thank you for shining bright.  

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