Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mercury Direct Today

May 30 9:21pm EDT-----
Thank god THAT is almost over. Oh, I am personally counting the minutes. Never has the energy been so cuckoo. I found myself in a whole host of weird places and positions as Mercury retrograded from Gemini to Taurus and now today it is going to stop and turn direct.

Since May 7th, when Mercury began its backward journey things have gone to hell in a handbasket. And yes, as always we know that the retrograde motion appears to be going backwards (from Earth) but if you actually lived in a nice little Condo on Mercury your planet would not stop spinning and turn the other direction. It just looks like that from our position here...Of course if you lived on Mercury you would not know what anything was doing outside your condo because the average temperature would be 1000 (f) degrees and you would probably be burned up.... so let's forget all about that...

Anyway, since Mercury retrograded -- communication has been wacked. How many things broke in your life in the last three weeks? How many emails did you send to the wrong person? What is going on with your relationships? Have people been freaking out on you? How are all your neighbors? (gemini) and your siblings (gemini)? And how are your resources (taurus)? And your money (taurus) and your properties (taurus)? Well, expect the energy to lighten up as everything unwinds again.

As I indicated somewhere, I intend to throw my keyboard (why does it stick?) and my phone off (why can't it dial?) off a pier---after I set it on fire. I have had this shitty phone for so many years and it actually was kind of expensive and it does not work well --at all-- and it truly sucked during the retrograde---If anyone has suggestions for a good phone please post. I am buying it tomorrow.

Once Mercury turns direct you are free to sign contracts, make big purchases, finally have clarifying conversations with people. YOu can even call the CRAZY people and talk to them.

The next Mercury retrograde will be in September so do all you can this summer that is sensible and then prepare for the crazimaking fireworks again in September.

Carry on, troops!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Neptune Retrograde

May 29--12:30am EDT (28th rest of time zones)
Every year Neptune retrogrades for about five months. We can't get too worked up by the action because lets face it, if it is going backwards for nearly half the year every year--we just are kind of used to it.
Having said that, the actual day of the event might present something for the world to watch. Although, I can't remember right now what went on in the news on that date last year when it turned retrograde BUT what I can say is that the Neptune retros for the last few years have taken place in May and then the Direct dates comes up in late October or November.
Now---ponder this....last year when it retrograded at the end of May (around Memorial Day) and came back up for air November 2...the world was not the same. It was a whole new world by November 2nd.
The Stock Market crashed and burned September/October 2008---the last month of the retrograded neptune. Of course, analysts can tell you now that there were creakin' and crackin' signs during the summer if people were willing to watch. Sure, maybe? But who was looking we were all lost in our neptune retro world... playing the game, "Hey see no evil --feel no evil."
But what might come up for us to look at this summer? One thing I saw in today's news that kind of rocked my little bones was the news that 12 percent of all mortgages are underwater and a large percentage of those mortgages are not subprime. Meaning these were people who took reasonable loans and had good credit...and they are underwater.
I will be interested to see what other things are reported tomorrow on the last friday of the month and the day that Neptune retros.
And where will we be November 4 when it turns direct?
Remember all of this is taking place in the sign Aquarius which is groups and associations. What group do we fall within society? Are we poor? Are we rich? Are we workers? Are we unemployed? Are we working at job that moves our soul? Are we just doing our time and collecting a check because we don't have anything better? Are we volunteers at our kids schools? Why not? Do we wish we could do more work like that? Do we wish we could be more a part of society in a more constructive way?
and drumbeat... are you inspired by community? And if the answer is NO..then why the 'eff not? I'm not saying it to be provocative I am saying it really in a 'Neptune in Aquarius' (last 4 degrees way). Remember it will only be here until we don't have a lot of time to figure this out...
These are some of the things we should be pondering this summer. Perhaps as we figure out why---- whatever world we land upon in Fall when November turns direct will not be as shocking.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get out of the way----It is here Jupiter/Neptune/chiron

May 27 4:06pm EDT
Jupiter conjuncts Neptune & Chiron 26 degrees Aquarius 28 minutes (18 minutes arc for Chiron but close enough to count)
first let's take a moment and bow our heads to the esoterica....which is when I pull out the Sabian symbols for the degrees. If you don't know much about Sabian symbols go here or go here:
Sabian symbol: An ancient pottery bowl
filled with violets. The keyword is: Tradition. When positive, the
degree is a high realization of values a real gift for using them and when
negative, a loss of self in conventionality and its meaningless

And now the notso esoteric----
At first blush when you see the words “Jupiter conjunct Neptune” it seems like another ho hum aspect. But this no prosaic aspect between planets. First of all the last time Jupiter got on top of Neptune was 1997 and that was when they were in Capricorn.
Now they are on top of each other in Aquarius and the last time these two were on top of each other in Aquarius was 1843 so as you can see this is not any ho-hum day or cycle! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it magnifies everything it touches. It can be racist and philosophical. Neptune is the gassiest planet in the solar system. It is hard to touch it because it can be vague and nebulous. It is the planet that rules cinema, oil, illusions, drugs, hospitals, worlds behind worlds. Jupiter rules religion and Neptune rules spirituality. Crazy religious zealots love this aspect. Curiously, right after they conjunct on the 27th Neptune will turn around and go retrograde on the 29th. And then in June Jupiter will retrograde. These guys will be back and forth over each for months which means we will experience the conjunction all summer long and then in the winter (about a week before Christmas) they will conjunct for the final time. Jupiter is joyful and optimistic Neptune is dreamy and depressed. Expect a summer and fall of BiPolar energy. Up and Down Up and Down. If you you’re yourself experience super highs and super lows in some area of your life you probably can blame Jupiter and Neptune.
If you have not done your chart yet, please go here: Please draft your chart and then find where 26 Aquarius is located. Whatever that house which contains that degree then expect a roller coaster of ups and downs.

There is one other part to this whole business between Jupiter and Neptune and also neighbor Uranus (in Pisces) that involves Mutual receptivity. I won’t get too bogged down on the explanation but think of it this way--- Jupiter is a landlord and Neptune is in his apartment. Neptune is a landlord and Jupiter is in his office building. Uranus is a landlord and both Jupiter and Neptune are in his wearhouse. The bottom line is they are all like one big Menage---messing with each others. Creepy? Kinda. But more importantly they trust one another and it is adds of a bit of “aren’t we swell?” to all the aspects.

And on the greater landscape they will be doing a job to our economy. Not just the US economy, the world economies will be up everyone’s grill.

I have seen a lot of astrologers write about some of the astrological challenges and curiosities that we are all experiencing at this time but I must say Ray Merriman is a cut above the group. He is one of my favorite astrologers. To me he always has the ring of the real nickel (interesting metaphor for this aspect). In the current issue of Mountain Astrologer (June/July) Ray’s article “The Economy & The cardinal Climax of 2008-2015: Camelot or Financial Armageddon” is spot on. He discusses many aspects we will be experiencing and he writes:

“It is interesting that 1
843 was the year following another Great Depression in the U.S. that lasted from
1835 through 1842. It was set off when President Andrew Jackson abolished
the Second US National Bank, which at the time was the central bank of the U.S.
much like the Federal Reserve Board is today.”
The article points out which many of us have pondered---that cuckoo crazy, shawl wearing Andrew Jackson shut it down and it was not until 70 years later that a central bank peered through the mist again when Woodrow Wilson put ink to a paper and it was law. What happens if that central bank doesn’t make it? Something to think about. Go get the Mountain Astrologer and read Ray’s article. It is a must read for anyone who uses money.
And what about Chiron?
Well, simply said Chiron is the teacher that pushed you and pushed you in school. Remember how much you hated it when you felt the bar raise? But you did it because you had to and in truth you wanted to impress your teacher just a wee bit? Well, that is in the mix with Chiron. Chiron teaches us a lesson but often it is by pointing out when we step on our own johsons (Hey--I'm a gal I don't have a johson") or by just getting in our own way.
Look to the news.. see who is puffed up with Jupiter and in illusion by Neptune. They will teach us all a lesson.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gemini New Moon----Is up

Gemini New Moon-- May 24 8:11am
3 Gemini 28

In about 5 hours the Moon will be new in the sign Gemini. This is always a fun and lively time of the year. So many possibilities so many fun encounters. A lot of talking. It is like everyday is a cocktail party conversation. And we are all Holly GoLightly. The only problem is that not everything will be as it seems this cycle and we have got Jupiter getting ready to get on top of Neptune this week and coloring this whole 28 cycle. Get ready for some ups and downs. Perhaps it is a good thing it is starting in Gemini, it might not sting as much since Gemini likes things 'light."

You can read my article here:
By the way---some of the problems with logging in and finally been resolved. I think it will be easier to get to my articles now.

In the meantime here is a snippet:

Added to the mix is the fact that Mercury is still retrograde on this lunar cycle so that puts an additional cuckooness to the situation. Stuff you hear just simply might not be accurate. Gossip will be high. Snoopiness is everywhere. When you are talking on your cell phone to someone who you can’t stand you better make sure you really clicked “Off” before you say what you really think. And periodically in certain lunar cycles I have to remind everyone to check their emails. Your brain and hands could be moving so fast (perfectly Gemini) that you could send the wrong email to the wrong person. “What a biatch Diane is!” …whoops, “Sorry Dianne, but you know I meant Biatch in that friendly cool way.” During this cycle, before you send the email, double check everything!

Globally, I expect we will have a flurry of activity during this lunar cycle. Things will be moving fast. Data will be coming to us from all angles. We will laugh about a lot of stuff. Some of it will be true and some of it will be false. Since Venus is getting a tiny bit of a slapping I expect our currencies will take some hits. Perhaps not huge but something will just be ‘off’. There may be some weird alliances this month. Even strange couplings. “Huh, he left his wife for her?” “She left him for that guy?”

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Many apologies...

I am sorry I have been MIA for this week.
I promise I will be back tomorrow with some stuff.
Also, I have to work on Gemini New Moon.
This Mercury retrograde has been murder on my schedule and very difficult to get the writing completed. Bear with me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Saturn in Virgo OPPOSE Uranus in Pisces---what does your daily life look like? ..And why?

Uranus the planet of rebellion and the agent of change has been slogging through Pisces the sign of mysticism, enlightenment and stuff that is woo-woo since 2003. Pisces is also one of the signs that rules religion (it shares with Sagittarius) and crazimaking! Well, I personally have seen enough crazy religious zealotry in the last six years to last ten lifetimes.
Uranus will officially end its trek in Pisces in March of 2011...But and this is a big but (can I say that?) we will get a taste of Uranus in Aries in May of 2010 before it retrogrades back into Pisces.
A move from Pisces into Aries is big and I don't know if two signs could be more different. Part of the reason for this difference is that Pisces is a water sign and Aries is a fire sign. Pisces is a mutable sign and Aries is a cardinal sign. And most importantly, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the first. That is a huge difference.
Ever been in the beginning of a relationship? Ever been in the end of a relationship? Big difference, right? Well, that is going on with Uranus. He began this cycle in 1928 and he is tired.
He is going to hit Aries and he is going to shake up the world like he did between 1928-1934. And if you don't have a cheat sheet, let me remind you that was the time when all those despots rose to power and began the drum beat that took us into World War II. Yikes. Anyway, when Uranus goes into Aries it will bring a lot of upheaval which we will talk about that ad naseum later in the year.
In the meantime, it is really a great time to address ourself to the final months of Uranus in Pisces since we will not experience it again for 84 more years. And unless I am frozen I will not be here to help. So, lets get it right now because once it is gone it is gone.
Uranus likes to bring unusual thoughts to a situation. It likes to mix it up. Of course right now Uranus is in a teeter totter with Saturn in Virgo who is demanding that we dot all our 'i's" and cross all our 'ts'. It is also going through our schedule and asking how we run our daily life. Well, since Uranus is over there with unusual thinking on the other side of the teeter totter I would like to suggest many of you might benefit by some new thoughts.
What do you think about your life? How do you think about your day? How do you think about your boss? Your spouse? Your kids? ---I could go on, but you know what I am asking.
Then, what exactly do you affirm each day? How many times do you say to yourself (and those count, too) "I am so fat". Or, "I wish I was rich, why am I broke?" Or "How come I can never meet anyone?" These thoughts are not helping you. What would your life look like if you affirmed other thoughts like, "I only work for and with people that I like." "I am happy and grateful that we live in a house that we love and easily afford"? You get the idea what I am talking about. This kind of daily thinking and changes is exactly what Uranus in Pisces oppose Saturn in Virgo is asking of many of us.
For those of you who know you need this kind of change and want to get it loaded locked and rolling before Uranus moves into Aries next May and finally in 2011, then I have a suggestion for you. Go check out this movie by Louise Hay. It is based on her successful book "YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE." I watched it recently and I have seen a lot of movies about self awareness and I really think it has a lot of good practical suggestions.
Go for it! Make Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo work for you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saturn in Virgo--Turns Direct May 16, 2009

Saturn has been retrograded since December of 2008 in the sign Virgo. It is part of the reason that we have gone nuts with our schedule. It is the reason why our “TO-DO” list during this whole year has been a pain in the ass. Virgo can go crazy with lists upon lists. And Saturn is the planet that likes to work hard. It is the discipline planet and it is the Dad planet. It is the boss and in the sign Virgo it is the micromanaging boss.

On May 16, 10:06pm --Saturn is going to turn direct and it is finally going to make some real head way in Virgo. It has been going back and forth in the early and mid degrees for about a year and a half driving most of nuts. (Especially Sag and Gemini ---sigh). It has also been partly responsible for all the job losses everyone has been experiencing since last fall. I say partly because Uranus in Pisces which has been opposing it also has a hand in cutting the jobs. But let’s take a minute and talk about it. Saturn in Virgo has been asking people to look at their lives and how they run them.
There are many people who have been on a treadmill for many years not aware of their own families and friends because they can’t spend more than a nano second of time on anything but their work. So, what has happened? People have been reaching out to people in the only way they can in that nano second. They forward an email joke. Or they send a quick Jacquie Lawson card. Sure, a cyber card is sweet or funny but for heaven’s sake that is not the way to run your life?! There is a whole world around you that wants more of you. Your spouse, your children, your friends. Everyone in their soul and psyche is craving more relaxed time with one another. Celebrating the ordinary. Sitting on a back porch with a good friend catching up. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, Saturn (along with Uranus) is shaking people free from the grind and a lot of people are losing their jobs and re-thinking their lives entirely.
Yes, the lack of income is hurting and I am not under any circumstances minimalizing the situation. But Saturn is going through and cleaning schedules so people can figure out what they want in their life and how they want to spend their time. When Saturn turns direct many people will find themselves selling their houses and seriously consider making changes like a big move not just for a job but for a whole life change. Their daily life will look better. Expect a lot of movement between now and December then the next Saturn Retrograde will take place in the beginning of 2010 but it will be activated in Libra which is a different set of issues than Virgo.
Oh, and for the record, did you learn about the value of thrift during Saturn's retrograde in Virgo? Did you learn that others want your old stuff? Yep, recycle those shirts you don't wear to someone you know. They want them.

Get Mountain Astrologer ASAP!

I got my new Mountain Astrologer (June/July) and I immediately read the cover story entitled "The Economy & the Cardinal Climax of 2008-2015: Financial Armageddon?" written by Ray Merriman. This is a MUST read for anyone who is feeling a little funny in their gut about their investments or their jobs or the economy in general. Not that gross feeling...... I mean, hell we all have been feeling like we got hit by a truck since Fall of '08. I'm talking about that other vibe you are picking up on. The one that gives you the willies. That is the cardinal climax you are zeroing in on. I know I have been mentioning the cardinal climax for awhile both here on my blog and on my new moons at Margaret Wendt's website but Ray has been all over this topic since 1994.
Just to refresh everyone, the cardinal climax will occur in August 2010. Pluto in Capricorn will square Saturn & Mars in Libra and square Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. This is just a bitch of an aspect and we are building towards it now. Uranus and Saturn are already in their mid teeter totter opposition as we speak. And it is my feeling that those of you who are already feeling something that gives you the willies, it is because Uranus and Saturn are already talking to you. The cardinal climax is not the end of the game by the way. It is not like we get to the summer of 2010 experience a few bumps and then, brush ourselves off and have a doozey of a fall...the opposite is the case. The cold hard truth is that we are in a hot zone between 2008-2015 with extra tension in 2008, 2010 and 2012.
Naturally I know all this but even with me knowing this stuff coming ahead I know I still benefited by Ray's take on it. Personally, I think he is the best astrologer on this topic.
A little snippet:

New stimulus packages are being initiated that will push the US budget
deficit to over $1.2 trillion, up from the $500 billion projected a few months
ago. All of these efforts to boost the economy could result in a sudden
swing from deflation to inflation by the autum of 2009, according to my
understanding of of the principles of financial astrology. And once
begun, that trend will be hard to stop while the Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune
mutual reception is in force. Jupiter and Npetune alone are
inflationary. The presence of Uranus means that movements exceed the
forcasted range of limits. Herin lies the danger.

The "Good Times" feeling of the mutual reception could end abruptly
especially after November 2009, when Saturn will make its first of three
passages in a waning square to Pluto. This will be the next step of the
developing cardinal climax that threatens what I have called and Economic
Ray does not mince words. He cuts to the chase. If you value your inner voice that has got your attention--then go to the bookstore (or online) and get this magazine and read all 8 pages of this very well researched and detailed article about these times we are in.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pluto in Cap--- OLD is GOLD

Pluto is not the planet that rules films. That is Neptune. Pluto is not the planet that rules Television. That is Uranus. What Pluto does rule is----the masses. And when it transits a sign it is similiar to a lightening road, electrifying the energy of that sign and attracting masses of people to that energy. When Pluto travels through a sign we will frequently see a whole slew of movies come out that match perfectly the energy of Pluto's transit.
For example when Pluto transited Libra, relationship movies were the rage. Goodbye Girl, The Heartbreak Kid, Annie Hall, Manhatten.
When Pluto moved into Scorpio the rage was movies with the darker forces of relationships such as Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct along with some good old fashion Greed stories---like Wall Street. When Pluto moved into Sagittarius broad comedies were the rage, like Old School, (how perfectly Sag) Zoolander, Meet the Parents , you get the drift.
Of course once Pluto leaves the sign it does not mean that those movies will no longer be made or be successful it is just that the appetite might not be as strong. And fewer films will be made. For example, "When Harry Met Sally" felt like a good old fashion relationship movie. One which we would have seen during the 1970's when Pluto was in Libra. However, when it was released Pluto was in Scorpio. Harry/Sally stood out because there were less 'feel good about relationship' movies and more "what a sick relationship" movies were in fad. Of course had been made in the 70's it might not have stuck out as much.
Now, here we are barely 2 degrees into Pluto in Capricorn and we're starting to see a sea change. UP, the new Pixar film due out this month is a film about an old widower. When was the last time you saw an animated film where the lead protagonist is an 80 year old widower?
The word you looking for is 'never'.
And although HBO is television and not film but they are as they like to say, "the biggest movie company on your tv" or something like that... Gray Gardens is a movie all about a mother and daughter in their 80's and 60's and their crazy life with 100 cats and no electricity but a direct line to Jackie Kennedy Onassis (how perfectly Capricorn).
We should expect more movies involving aged people. At the same time I believe we will also see movies about corruption of businesses and troubling infrastructure and corporations. No shock to me that Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" is in production. My guess it will be a ball out of the park during Pluto's reign in Capricorn.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Mom's point of view

I am sure this can be blamed on my Moon in Cancer about to get a nice trine from the Full Moon in Scorpio but I feel like reaching out of astrology for a second and talk like a mom to all of you as I remind you of something.

A number of you are parents and a lot of you live in the Northern Hemisphere about to experience summer. Our days are longer, the air is warmer , we can feel the season in our bones. But what we feel in our old tired bones (tired mom speak) is also happening to our children. The only difference is that their bones are growing!

At my son's school I volunteer a lot and I have seen the kids squirm more, it is harder to get them to focus and sure, there have been some impulsivity issues. But at the same time I know my own son is eating like a horse and his clothes are getting so tight. Clearly he is in a growth spurt.

What I have experienced during growth spurts is-- kids emotions get stretched, they can cry and whine more, they can be a bit more agitated, they push back on us. You know, the old 'talk back' stuff. But once the spurt settles down and they are on the other side there is usually a developmental growth. Suddenly they ask you a question they never asked before. They bring up a subject with a bit more maturity. They just seem to be 'bigger'.

Researchers have found that children do their biggest growing during summer. So, we should expect more little bumpy behavior now. Naturally, feeding them more, curbing junk products (especially the artificial dyes--they are the worst) and trying (I know this is hard) to get them to bed early will help during the spurt. And lots and lots of hugs.

I also am a huge fan of Cod Liver Oil. I use Carlson's which I get at my local Whole Foods Market but you can get it all over the place. Certainly on Amazon. I also have seen the benefits of aromatheraphy (lavendar to help sooth sleep) and cranial sacrel therapy is always good at least a couple times a year. Anyway, pardon my moon in cancer in the 4th house. But I just wanted to share some of my mommy stuff with you.

Scorpio Full Moon this weekend!

Scorpio Full Moon
May 9, 2009
12:01am EDT

On this fixed sign full moon (Taurus Sun/Scorpio Moon) there can be a streak of stubbornness. Holding your ground on something or not budging. I can already find it influencing me and the moon is not even full yet---let’s just say I am about one minute from writing a letter to my neighborhood complaining about one vile neighbor! Anyway, the point is that this is energy where we can hold our ground on stuff. At the same time we could have a tendency to go overboard since the Moon is making a square to Jupiter. Moon in Scorpio is so black and white.. “everyone is doing it” “no one is doing it” “I hate it” “I love it”. There is no gray when the Moon is in Scorpio. And with Jupiter in Aquarius which is asking all of us to get out of ruts, it is bringing out our inner rebel, it is asking us to expand our world and be different. That sounds good but when the moon is feeling all emotional it might not want to expand, it just wants to stay in its world and emote, ah, that is the rub. See if you feel the two conflicting energies this weekend “leave me alone” “I want to do something different”.
At the same time with a moon square Jupiter there could be emotional eating. Did someone say salted cashews?

But at the same time we have a beautiful trine from Moon to Uranus which can bring in some needed changes. Perhaps we will be pushed so much to hold our ground that we will ask ourselves what changes can we make so we don’t have to go through this again? Perhaps that could be a gift of this full moon.

Additionally the Sun is still making a Trine with Saturn so we continue to experience a nice influence of building structures and stepping stones to our needs. Perhaps this weekend we will find the emotions to come up with a plan so that where previously there might not have appeared a way—and now suddenly there is a way.

Either way, if you are really worked up, hit a steam room or take a long bath. Because when it is all said and done, Scorpio is a water sign afterall!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stress test on Mercury Retrograde

Last week when The Treasury Department said they would push the results from the Stress Department to……drum roll, May 7. I (and I’m sure many other astrologers) almost fell over. May 7 is when Mercury turns retrograde. I am not sure when the announcement will be made but my best guess is it will be in the morning while Moon is still in Libra. Perhaps when the data is in the hands of experts it will be soft and fuzzy hard to decipher in a Mercury retrograde way----but by the time the Moon moves into Scorpio (12:48pm EDT) it will have been sliced, diced and the cold hard facts will be in.

There is already rumors that BofA needs 34 billion dollars. And I’m sure others will be in similar shape. But having this hit while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini it might just be a case of “tell me some bad news I don’t already know.”

Same goes with the job reports due on Friday.

Mercury Retrograde Today

On May 6 for Western United States and May 7 -1:01am (EDT) for the rest of the world----Mercury will retrograde in the sign Gemini.

I mentioned back in February during the Aquarius retrograde that I think the Mercury Retrogrades in Air signs are not nearly as painful as the retrogrades in the other elements. Yes, it is wacky that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Yes, that most important piece of paper that you drive across the city to give to someone will be left on your dining room table. And yes, your computer that has been a bit slow lately will implode when you turn it on one morning. Yes, our technological issues will be stretched like tight jeans on Thanksgiving. But it is technical. How we respond will be a test on our emotions but it is not that the retrograde itself is about emotions. It is not. It is about our minds and mental abilities. Especially given this retrograde is in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.

When double checking the Sabian symbol for 01 Gemini 44 ---it is “Santa Claus filling stockings furtively.” In the Edmund Jones book it reads: “The key word is prodigality. When positive, the degree is an unusual capacity for bringing man’s possessions into a wide acceptance and for heightening every proper joy in worldly goods and when negative, a childish or clandestine futility in seeking any normal richness of living.”

The text for the Sabian symbols is a bit ethereal but in my mind when I think about a Mercury retrograde in Gemini in a powerful Taurus lunar cycle that has a pronounced Pluto aspect, I gotta tell you ---if it breaks, really ask yourself if you really need to replace it. Sure if it is really necessary go ahead and get a new one. But if you are on the fence, “Maybe I need it, maybe I don’t?” Then consider letting it go.

Also, if you find your schedule going bonkers-- work with it. Perhaps you always meet someone for tea on Monday but for some reason during the retrograde everyone’s schedule goes cuckoo—well don’t fight to fit that routine in. Let it go. See how your life fares without that ritual. Perhaps a new routine is supposed to come. Heaven forbid if you skip the tea and replace it with meeting with a trainer at the gym!

Remember we are coming up with skills and disciplines during this lunar cycle that will help support our dreams and goals of Treasure Map or even if we didn’t make a map, we are learning how to polish ourselves so that our inner diamonds finally come out. Use this cuckoo Mercury retrograde to serve you in a bigger way. That doesn’t mean you should be sloppy. You should copy your hard drive before the retrograde, do all your big business stuff before it. Try to avoid signing contracts during the period. That is part and parcel of a Mercury Retrograde. But when all the craziness hits, don’t have a huge break down, consider that it came up to help you. I can’t say how only you know that. After the retrograde it will be more clear.


It has been awhile since I reminded everyone how a retrograde works. Take a moment to read this:

How long is the influence of the retrograde?

The best way to understand the influence is by setting up a visual.
Imagine Mercury is a car and this car is leaving Seattle and heading for NYC. So, the car leaves Seattle and heads East… this is called MERCURY DIRECT. The car continues on its trip and it goes by Chicago continues on the road but as it gets close to Indianapolis it starts to slow down…and just as it hits Indianapolis it stops and turns around. The Slow down is called MERCURY STATION and the Turn around of course is called MERCURY RETROGRADE. Now the retrograde car is heading west again and heading back to Chicago. When it finally gets back to Chicago it slows down and turns around and now heads east again returning back on its journey to NYC this is MERCURY DIRECT. The car will continue on its journey and this time when it goes by Indianapolis it doesn’t stop it just continues on its merry way to NYC.

What is significant is that the road between Chicago and Indianapolis will be seen once, then twice (going backwards) and then a third time (when it goes direct again). This road between Chicago and Indianapolis is the SHADOW PERIOD. This means the very first time we see Chicago we are put on alert that there is a Retrograde ahead and so be prepared we may see this landscape again.

23 April - 01:53:32 UT - Mercury shadow begins (22 ta 52' 6")7 May - 05:00:26 UT - Mercury stations retrograde (1 ge 44'32")31 May - 01:21:54 UT - Mercury stations direct (22 ta 52' 6")15 June - 19:25:02 UT - Mercury shadow ends (1 ge 44'33")

To continue the analogy: On April 23 we drove by Chicago. We will be turning retrograde on May 7 (reaching Indianapolis) and then going all the way back to Chicago until May 31 where it will turn around and head again for Indianapolis and finally passing it on June 15th. As you can see from shadow point April 23 to shadow point June 15 is about 2 months. That doesn’t mean it will be all rocky during that time. No, not at all. The rockiest times will probably be during the actual retrograde (June 15th – July 9th) but we will most likely revisit topics that come up in the time between the two month shadow dates.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sun Trine Saturn

Sun Trine Saturn

(A little help, please.)

On Tuesday May 5 5:34am (EDT) The Sun in Taurus will be making a glorious trine to Saturn in Virgo. This aspect happens twice a year and the last time we had it was January 11. Saturn is a taskmaster but when it is in a harmonious aspect (and yes, Trines are harmonious) the work it asks of us is usually rewarding. Saturn is our fathers and advisors it is the planet of the elders. Getting a little help from someone older than us is very likely on a day when Sun trines Saturn. If you have any difficult task you might come to a solution more readily on May 5. Or if you need to reach out to someone for help they may actually say “yes” and be very helpful. Don't we hate when people say 'yes' and not mean it? Well, that is not the case today. There will be follow through.

Taurus loves things that are concrete and it loves to build solid foundations. Getting a perk right now from Saturn in Virgo would put the emphasis on daily foundations. Saturn in Virgo is also about serving others. Great day to start a diet and mean it and actually have the diet serve you rather than feeling like some ardous task or routine. Hey a diet that works is always good.
If you have some stuff on your To-Do list that is really nagging at you, do it today. Don’t let this energy go by without you reaping some rewards. Great day to make some good connections and get some help.

It should be interesting what we see in the news on this day. Perhaps someone really stepping up and helping someone significantly will make the news. Or, perhaps a big huge messy problem will show improvement on the 5th. I don't usually talk about stocks but perhaps it will be a good day for blue chips. Note: 'perhaps'.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Venus Square Pluto Part Two

Venus Square Pluto---- Saturday May 2-- 1:10pm (EDT)

Back on Friday April 3, Venus Squared Pluto, this was in the middle of the G20 where basically all the leaders of the free world agreed to print money. You can read what I wrote then HERE, since it will apply again for this Venus Square Pluto (Venus still in Aries).

Normally in a year there are two squares between these two planets but this year we get an extra hit because Venus spent April going backwards and now that she is going straight again she has met her lethal lover again in Aries.

The Aries energy being the first fire sign is naturally impulsive, rash and prefers things hot. It can take everything personally. Let me say that again. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is personal (As one who has many friends and family with Moon in Aries I know from what I speak.)

The nice thing about taking things personally is that it invests a person in something. The bad thing is people get hot headed. Of course Venus is the planet of values and money and love so investing in those is not too hard. But Pluto in Capricorn is not personal, it is way too cautious and conservative to let rash energies steal the day. But at the same time like a dog protecting its favorite bone---it is passionate about its GOALS and responsibilities. God, help anyone who gets in the way of either. But all in all, Capricorn prefers things cold. And Pluto is ruthless.

Now, what happens when a hot front meets a cold front? Well, like Dorothy and Toto we should head for a storm shelter because a twister is coming! Our money could get bitch slapped again today (Friday) as we build towards the aspect and of course on Thursday Chrysler declared bankruptcy. No surprise to anyone I am sure since the time Pluto went into Capricorn (November) Chrysler has been hooked up to life support. I guess it needed Venus and Pluto to give it the final lethal injection. And what was a perfectly Venus (in Aries) square Pluto (in Cap) energy to me took place this week on the royal family’s front lawn. Imagine doing the deed there, yikes! And surprise, surprise... it was announced that the wife of a world leader (Carla Bruni) had a sex tape stolen (ie: sold to the highest bidder I'm sure) from her former boyfriend. Will that hit the internet this weekend? Que sara sara.

What does this all mean to you? As always, watch your money, watch your business. Which could also mean family business. At the same time what is the rash side of you wanting to do? Who will it piss off or disrupt? I’m not saying don’t do it, but don’t expect to get away with doing it without a little flack.

The next time we will see Pluto and Venus squaring will be in October and December and in August we’ll see an opposition so don’t be surprised if some action from this weekend returns back at those times.