Friday, May 8, 2009

Scorpio Full Moon this weekend!

Scorpio Full Moon
May 9, 2009
12:01am EDT

On this fixed sign full moon (Taurus Sun/Scorpio Moon) there can be a streak of stubbornness. Holding your ground on something or not budging. I can already find it influencing me and the moon is not even full yet---let’s just say I am about one minute from writing a letter to my neighborhood complaining about one vile neighbor! Anyway, the point is that this is energy where we can hold our ground on stuff. At the same time we could have a tendency to go overboard since the Moon is making a square to Jupiter. Moon in Scorpio is so black and white.. “everyone is doing it” “no one is doing it” “I hate it” “I love it”. There is no gray when the Moon is in Scorpio. And with Jupiter in Aquarius which is asking all of us to get out of ruts, it is bringing out our inner rebel, it is asking us to expand our world and be different. That sounds good but when the moon is feeling all emotional it might not want to expand, it just wants to stay in its world and emote, ah, that is the rub. See if you feel the two conflicting energies this weekend “leave me alone” “I want to do something different”.
At the same time with a moon square Jupiter there could be emotional eating. Did someone say salted cashews?

But at the same time we have a beautiful trine from Moon to Uranus which can bring in some needed changes. Perhaps we will be pushed so much to hold our ground that we will ask ourselves what changes can we make so we don’t have to go through this again? Perhaps that could be a gift of this full moon.

Additionally the Sun is still making a Trine with Saturn so we continue to experience a nice influence of building structures and stepping stones to our needs. Perhaps this weekend we will find the emotions to come up with a plan so that where previously there might not have appeared a way—and now suddenly there is a way.

Either way, if you are really worked up, hit a steam room or take a long bath. Because when it is all said and done, Scorpio is a water sign afterall!


  1. Hi Tracy! I'm a Scorpio(Pisces moon) and my husband has a Scorpio Moon(Leo/Virgo cusp sun). I'm just curious how a Scorpio moon could impact us? Condensed, question on your blog version of course! :)

  2. Hi, Mia, just to remind you the moon is in scorpio every month. the last time it was in scorpio was April 10 and 11. You might want to look back on your date book and see what came up. The only difference now is that the energy is stronger and has the sun pulling. I would guess the emotions would be up this weekend. of course your moon in pisces and scorpio sun are okay with it. if your husband has more Leo than virgo in him...he could be frayed or perhaps reactionary. just let him be and go hang out with your girlfriends.

  3. Duh,sorry. Thanks for the answer! I'm always up for a good reason to hang out with my friends ;)