Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gemini New Moon----Is up

Gemini New Moon-- May 24 8:11am
3 Gemini 28

In about 5 hours the Moon will be new in the sign Gemini. This is always a fun and lively time of the year. So many possibilities so many fun encounters. A lot of talking. It is like everyday is a cocktail party conversation. And we are all Holly GoLightly. The only problem is that not everything will be as it seems this cycle and we have got Jupiter getting ready to get on top of Neptune this week and coloring this whole 28 cycle. Get ready for some ups and downs. Perhaps it is a good thing it is starting in Gemini, it might not sting as much since Gemini likes things 'light."

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In the meantime here is a snippet:

Added to the mix is the fact that Mercury is still retrograde on this lunar cycle so that puts an additional cuckooness to the situation. Stuff you hear just simply might not be accurate. Gossip will be high. Snoopiness is everywhere. When you are talking on your cell phone to someone who you can’t stand you better make sure you really clicked “Off” before you say what you really think. And periodically in certain lunar cycles I have to remind everyone to check their emails. Your brain and hands could be moving so fast (perfectly Gemini) that you could send the wrong email to the wrong person. “What a biatch Diane is!” …whoops, “Sorry Dianne, but you know I meant Biatch in that friendly cool way.” During this cycle, before you send the email, double check everything!

Globally, I expect we will have a flurry of activity during this lunar cycle. Things will be moving fast. Data will be coming to us from all angles. We will laugh about a lot of stuff. Some of it will be true and some of it will be false. Since Venus is getting a tiny bit of a slapping I expect our currencies will take some hits. Perhaps not huge but something will just be ‘off’. There may be some weird alliances this month. Even strange couplings. “Huh, he left his wife for her?” “She left him for that guy?”

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