Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stress test on Mercury Retrograde

Last week when The Treasury Department said they would push the results from the Stress Department to……drum roll, May 7. I (and I’m sure many other astrologers) almost fell over. May 7 is when Mercury turns retrograde. I am not sure when the announcement will be made but my best guess is it will be in the morning while Moon is still in Libra. Perhaps when the data is in the hands of experts it will be soft and fuzzy hard to decipher in a Mercury retrograde way----but by the time the Moon moves into Scorpio (12:48pm EDT) it will have been sliced, diced and the cold hard facts will be in.

There is already rumors that BofA needs 34 billion dollars. And I’m sure others will be in similar shape. But having this hit while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini it might just be a case of “tell me some bad news I don’t already know.”

Same goes with the job reports due on Friday.


  1. Great Call on Mercury Retrograde , now that we are into the middle of may and Saturn Direct is upon us , do you see a stock market crash in the middle of next week , this being written on may 15th @ 12:12a 2009 , I certainly do and it will last all the way into the end of june
    Thank you Tracy

  2. I am not sure if there will be a crash. But I would be keeping an ear out for some opinions that are much harsher than expected. Meaning.. a lot of people are saying, 'we passed the bottom' look at the rallys. No one wants to hear how many bear market rallys there were in 1929 and then we had the 1930's..that was not a pretty decade. There will be some truth tellers in most unusual places is my opinions and I think we will see more of them once Saturn turns direct. Right now? We have got a buttload of smoke and mirrors. Oh, yeah.. go get that Ray Merriman article. That is the ring of real nickle!