Monday, May 4, 2009

Sun Trine Saturn

Sun Trine Saturn

(A little help, please.)

On Tuesday May 5 5:34am (EDT) The Sun in Taurus will be making a glorious trine to Saturn in Virgo. This aspect happens twice a year and the last time we had it was January 11. Saturn is a taskmaster but when it is in a harmonious aspect (and yes, Trines are harmonious) the work it asks of us is usually rewarding. Saturn is our fathers and advisors it is the planet of the elders. Getting a little help from someone older than us is very likely on a day when Sun trines Saturn. If you have any difficult task you might come to a solution more readily on May 5. Or if you need to reach out to someone for help they may actually say “yes” and be very helpful. Don't we hate when people say 'yes' and not mean it? Well, that is not the case today. There will be follow through.

Taurus loves things that are concrete and it loves to build solid foundations. Getting a perk right now from Saturn in Virgo would put the emphasis on daily foundations. Saturn in Virgo is also about serving others. Great day to start a diet and mean it and actually have the diet serve you rather than feeling like some ardous task or routine. Hey a diet that works is always good.
If you have some stuff on your To-Do list that is really nagging at you, do it today. Don’t let this energy go by without you reaping some rewards. Great day to make some good connections and get some help.

It should be interesting what we see in the news on this day. Perhaps someone really stepping up and helping someone significantly will make the news. Or, perhaps a big huge messy problem will show improvement on the 5th. I don't usually talk about stocks but perhaps it will be a good day for blue chips. Note: 'perhaps'.

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  1. thank you so much for this info about people who really mean what they say and that are not liars. I have a pet peeve with the word diet for me nutrition is better because it deals with a life long approach to health. I also hate that astology sees Saturn as male Cabalistically, I prefer female but I can do both/ and because that is the FEMININE.