Monday, June 30, 2014

Mercury Direct


Mercury turns direct on July 1.   Does anyone need me to tell you what a relief it will be to get this little guy straight again?  Lord. The retrograde began on June 7 at 4 Cancer  and it turns direct at 24 Gemini.    As we discussed last month the gift of the Mercury retrograde especially one that is in the Gemini lunar cycle is an opportunity to re-program our brain.   What has been going on with you since June 7?  Or actually if you want to push it back to the shadow point, what has been going on since May 24?  What nonsense have you heard?  Or what nonsense have you shared?   Where have you been challenged?  Why?  Have you learned anything from this process?  And most of all have you learned patience?    Some of us no doubt learned that we are tired of being so emotional.   Others learned that they can’t share data or information with some people because they run with it in a destructive manner.    Have you learned how to manage what you say to people?    Yeah, it is hard but it is a skill that is in much demand.   Some people like to shoot off their mouth without thinking.    Not so cool.    Anyway, on July 1st (8:38am EDT)during the Crescent lunar phase Mercury turns straight.   Given that position we should see some benefits in dialogues within our family almost immediately.   And our brains should feel relief as well.   Phew.

Also on July 1  we move into Crescent Phase.  At the end of the week the Sun will oppose Pluto as it does every year.   The fireworks will not just be in the sky that day.  Family could be full of misbehaviors.

Crescent Moon Phase
July 1
6:16am EDT

Focus on:  What are you learning that speaks to your self esteem and pride? How are you activated by pleasure and joy?  What are you learning that speaks to courage?  What communication are you having that brings out drama?

Special Focus:

7/4: Sun/Pluto:  Family and emotions versus being an executive and CEO. Finding balance between the two worlds. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Cluster Time


We are in the New Moon and we are technically past the cardinal crosses but the energy is still out there grinding on and won’t break up until Jupiter and Mars leave Cancer and Libra later in the month.   So, let’s watch the Moon for a clusterish time.

June 26:  Moon in Cancer  5:06pm EDT
June 27:  Moon oppose Pluto 5:39pm EDT
June 28:  Moon square Uranus  1:16am EDT
June 28:  Moon trine Saturn 2:48am EDT
June 28:  Moon square Mars 3:19am EDT

June  28: Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:03pm EDT

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cancer New Moon

You will find my Cancer New Moon article HERE 

Here is a snippet but go to link for full article.


June 27
4:08am EDT
5 Cancer 37

For those of us in the northern hemisphere we look no further than the sweat on our thighs as we get out of our hot cars to know that summer is upon us.  Perhaps tmi?  Yeah, perhaps.  For the rest of you below the equator, enjoy your chilly nights.    Oh, how we envy.    In either case we are now in the season of Cancer.    Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and we have discussed for years on these reports that during the Cancer lunar cycle we need to flush.   Flush out our bodies, our psyche, our history, our patterns and replace it with freshness.   Taking a fresh approach, a fresh angle, a fresh thought and using it to cleanse our self.    Cancer the crab with its pinchers can hold on to stuff.   I mean hold-on-to-their-shit-with-a-vice-grip.      And when they hold on, oh how things can get smelly.    All three water signs  (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) have a tendency to whine or complain (border on martyrdom) usually when they feel unappreciated.  But too much of that thinking and they get backed up.  Figuratively and literally.  There is also a nervousness with Cancer when they think too much.    Again, they benefit by letting go.    This is why during this 29-day cycle we must learn to let go, find the flow and pursue freshness.    Just a change of scenery can do a world of good. 

When crabs are in the ocean they do have paddles to help propel them but often they use waves and currents to get to where they need to get.   Fresh currents will pull them to a new spot where they can find new food and other resources. But you can’t find a new current unless you let go of the rock.   For many of us, even if we don’t have Cancer planets, we have been feeling the battle of the cardinal crosses which includes Jupiter in Cancer.  We have been jittery, we have been snappy, we have been snarky.  When we are stretched like that, we can hang on to our rock, just like the crab.   But now maybe we should jump off our rock and get a new perspective.      Can we test some waters?     

Cancer is legendary for its cooking, food, caring, nurturing and devotion to family. It has an extraordinary memory, loves history and is sentimental.   Cancer appreciates coziness.  But at the same time, those pinchers, oh, those pinchers can be tough.   Nothing like being on the receiving end of a Cancer snap.   And I say this as someone who has Moon in Cancer and my son is a Cancer!  I know from pinchers!  Cancer has emotional peaks and valleys.  They can go up super high and then come crashing down which of course is similar to the ocean with its  gentle laps or thunderous tsunamis.  During Cancer lunar cycle we will ride up and down.  But if you think you are getting pulled into something you don’t want, then dive through it.  Don’t get caught in kelp or seaweed.  Remember crabs on the beach don’t run straight ahead, they like to run to the left or the right.    Kind of hard to track them.  Be like the crab and don’t commit if you don’t feel it.    Just dive through until you get on the other side.     

Some questions to pursue: Where do you need to flow this cycle?   Where are you finding fresh thinking?  Fresh ideas?  Where are you backed up?  Where are you holding on too tight?   Where do you need to give a pinch?  Where do you need to run to the left or right to avoid a pinch?  What wave is taking you up? What wave looks like it is going to crash?   

On this Cancer New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.    And Because Pluto is still in a square with Uranus and Mars, some of the tension from the April grand crosses will vibrate though these 29 days.  It is not as bad or as tense as spring but there is still stuff being worked out.  And with Cancer we will no doubt be processing our emotions and feelings, maybe some stuff that came up in the last couple months that is still stings needs processing.        

If you are thin skinned and take offense to any slight—good luck.   If you numb your feelings with food and booze—good luck.  If you are scared to process your feelings—good luck.  Now if you want to use the 29-day cycle to full advantage then you will seek the elevated Cancer energy.   What does that mean?  

First of all Cancer is very intuitive and sensitive.  It also knows how to harness its emotions.   Remember the crab can lay in wait, hidden in a watery cave and just when something delectable swims by—out go the pinchers.  Pluck!   That takes tremendous self- control.   Cancer’s intuition can guide self-control.   But this is not to be confused with shutting down and getting backed up.  Nope.  We’re talking about using intuition and self-control to your advantage.   Of course, Pluto has his own strong psychic energy and he will be showing the way to needed changes.   If you are too involved somewhere you will get the message to pull back.  If you are too removed somewhere you will get the message to get involved.  If you are whining or complaining see if you get reasons to stop the complaints.  Perhaps you are motivated to look at your patterns (there is a Cancer word).  For those people who are unaware of their role in stuck patterns and stuck relationships, consider reading Harriet Lerner’s book:  The Dance of Anger.
Your anger is a sign of something.   And who is in charge? Oh, yeah—You!   But remember the key is too take a fresh approach.      

Along with the square to Pluto, the Sun & Moon are....go to LINK for rest of article.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's going on?

This Week 

Hello, Friends, I’m sorry this is tardy but as you know I have a lot of personal stuff going on.   But I did want to get in here before new moon to remind everyone that we start the Balsamic moon today (24th)  and  because you are great students of the 8 lunar phases, you know that during the 3 day Balsamic phase we release.  Oh, how we release!

On this particular balsamic the focus is on:

We release our blocks.  We release our stubbornness.  We release our ‘stuckness’.   We release rigidity.  We release laziness.  

Also going on: 

June 25:  Mars opposition Uranus. 

Okay, gang, we discussed this a lot back in April and March.  This is the last opposition from Mars to Uranus.  This is the warrior fighting the revolutionary.    There is a little extra sting to this aspect because Uranus is in Mars’ home sign.  “How dare Trotsky live in my home!”  Question:  Where are you doing battle?  Where is Lenin or Trotsky doing battle with you?  What is the point of trying to convince anyone they are wrong?  Save your breath.    Instead focus on stuff in your life that needs a new path (Uranus in Aries).  Focus on your relationship and how it needs energy (Mars in Libra).   By the end of July Mars will finally move out of Libra where he has been since December.   I will be the first to tell you that I am counting the minutes because I am over it.  But the truth is Mars in Libra when it is utilized properly will invigorate needed changes in partnerships and relationships. That is a gift.  If you are relationship(s) are stuck—use these next four weeks to get it going. And if you are unclear what is stuck—look and see what comes up these next couple days.  

On June 27 we will have the Cancer New Moon.  I will put up soon.