Monday, June 9, 2014

This Week

The week begins with Gibbous Moon (1:32pm EDT) on Monday.   During Gibbous we sort through data.  We refine.   We make sure we aren’t neglecting things so later we aren’t  saying, “rut-ro that was important.”

On this Gibbous we are refining our resources, our loans, our debts, our sex, our death with rebirth and the things we share with others.   That is a mouthful.   What have you been neglecting in those areas?  What needs fine-tuning?

Also as we discussed earlier Neptune turns retrograde on Monday. 

The rest of the week will be focused on Venus and Mars.   Venus is in opposition to Saturn on Friday.   That is one cold aspect.   Listen to the conversations, there will be a lot of, “What have you done for me lately?”   Venus does not feel loved with Saturn or she does not feel loving.   She is reserved.  She retreats.  She feels completely undervalued.  Interesting aspect to have come up during a Mercury retrograde where we are rewiring our emotions (Mercury in Cancer).    We get really practical about our love.   And we get practical about our creativity, our art, our money and to a certain extent our value.  A lot of people will feel that they are not charging enough for their craft and services.   And they are probably correct.    

At the same time Mars squares Pluto on Saturday.  This is our warrior up against his frigid opponent, Pluto.   The truth is both are warriors.   Where Mars is on the ground in hand to hand combat, Pluto detonates an atomic bomb.    Little different style, no?     Having these two go at it with each other is a reminder that there is stuff in our life that needs repair or work (Pluto in Capricorn) and if we have been shallow about the work or lacking the commitment (Mars in Libra) we will see problems.  Some of us will have to step up our game and negotiate real solutions even if it is difficult.  And yes, this is a perfect aspect to cut your losses and move on.    Curiously, Venus oppose Saturn also has a cut your losses energy to it.    See a theme?

And also on Friday we get a Full Moon in Sag.    Post to come. 


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  2. Vse od sobote, 7.junija 2014 je Amanda uradno samo moja punca in ne da mi jo ti satanovi služabniki jemljejo.