Thursday, April 30, 2009

Truth or hype?

I don't know if anyone went to my blog on Tuesday Night but that evening I put up a post about the swine flu. On Wednesday morning I removed the post because I suddenly got cold feet about talking about health stuff. But today I find myself coming back to post what I pointed out on Tuesday.

Over the weekend the Swine Flu basically hit the news engines. When we look at the New Moon chart (which influences the whole 28 day cycle) we see that Mercury squares Jupiter and Mercury squares Neptune. Jupiter exagerates anything it touches and Neptune puts up a cloud of illusion or mystery to say the least. Mercury of course is the planet of communication. If this chart were a human being walking around, I would be suspect of anything that came out of his mouth. The question I have is that 30,000 people die every year from the flu in the United States, with or without vaccines. How do we know there were no deaths by swine flu last year? Or the year before? Is it because the media has attention on it now? I don't know and I'm not going to pretend to be a person who works for the cdc. All I know is that Mercury square Jupiter and Mercury square Neptune do not make a reliable narrator.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the we speak...

If any of you care to hear me talk about Taurus New Moon and this 28 day lunar cycle---you can find me HERE Margaret had asked me awhile ago to do another show with her and I had every intention of speaking about Aries New Moon but Aries being Aries.. I ran out of time before I could get to her. As it is, I am glad that I got to speak about this Taurus cycle. There are some perks this month. Despite all the oddball news, you should find some real solid ground and in these shaky times that is a real perk. Take a listen.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Did your Temper grow? Blame Mars & Pluto

Mars Square Pluto

Yesterday April 26 at 12:14pm (EDT) Mars got into it with Pluto. Mars the planet of warriors and fighters gets into it with Pluto the planet of explosions and volcanoes. Mars demands action on the outside and Pluto demands change from within. When these two get together and start sparring, everyone should get out of the way! Additionally Aries (where Mars is located) is the sign of new growth, new beginnings and putting self first to find its identity. And Capricorn (where Pluto is located) is defined by capitalism, established order, hierarchy, bosses and things that get respect. If there was a perfect imagery for these two fighting it would be a visual from the 1960’s when young people rioted established institutions like banks and industries to make their point for needed change. And then the police were brought it in when it did not go over smoothly. Basically, when these two collide expect fireworks! If anyone got into it with anyone it may have been fulfilling a deep need for change. Yesterday's energy could have put it over the top.

There could be some slop over rage today too..but it is dissipating.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Taurus New Moon is April 24 11:22pm (EDT)
For all intents and purposes the Taurus Lunar Cycle is rich with opportunities. There is a stability that many of us will find during the next 28 days that has been missing for a very long time. Saturn and Uranus opposition has not gone away and they continue to cause stress in our lives but for the first time in quite awhile we may feel a hint of stability this cycle. Not that the world is suddenly going to slow down and clean up its act (gawd, no) but more importantly WE will feel a wisp of solidity in our lives. Or at the very least we will start to see a way towards those things that we value and want. I know this little Sagittarius is looking for to the next 28 days, greatly!
Anyway---I have written quite a bit about the Taurus New Moon which you can find HERE . Give it a read and see how your own life might benefit by some of the influences!
Here's a tidbit:

Taurus is an earth sign, it is durable, it is hard working, capable of putting its nose to
grindstone and persevering better than any other sign. And on this lunar
cycle the Sun and the Moon in Taurus are making a great aspect to
Pluto. We have already talked about how Pluto is in Capricorn
doing what it does best, causing death and destruction to those things we have
outgrown (whether we know it or not) but at the same time Pluto is also
the planet of rebirth and renewal. Once you clear out the trash there is
room for good.

Well, with this Lunar cycle, Pluto is talking to the Sun and Moon like a shady guy in an alley, “Psst, Taurus, I know I’m trashing a lot of the world right now, but don’t worry, I’ll help you out.” And he is not lying. He can be helpful.

During the next 28 days many of us will be overwhelmed with a strong sense of practicality and a bit of a ruthless side to us that is actually good. If something seems frivolous we will say, “No, thanks”. If something seems like a big fat energy suck we will say, “No, thanks.” If something seems like it is going to waste money, we will say,
“No, Thanks.” And we will not feel one ounce of guilt. Even if it is our mother asking us to drive somewhere and talk to some person for her and do some kind of thing and then write a check we will say, “Sorry, Mom, I’m busy” and we won’t give it one more thought. That is a gift.

The other gift of the Taurus bull is the ability to come up with sound plans and work hard towards a goal. Many of you (because you are good listeners) made Treasure Maps on Aries New Moon and this Taurus new Moon will be the lunar cycle where you really get insight as how to accomplish your dreams. You will see a path. Taurus is not about short cuts, it knows the value of hard work and discipline. But don’t think of this as hard work like ‘oh, poor me I have some drudgery in my future.” It
is more like that skip in your step when you have just finished a weeks’ work
and are putting the check in your savings account. “Phew, I was able to
save a little more money this week and put it away.” Hurray. That is the accomplished feeling that makes Taurus run.
go to the link for the whole article.
blessings to you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sun Trine Pluto

On April 23 at 1:44pm The Sun in Taurus will exactly Trine Pluto in Capricorn.
These two hooked up one day back in April 2008 (21st) just before Pluto backed up into Sag and then proceeded to trine the Sun in Leo later that summer.... But all that has changed now that Pluto has officially moved into Capricorn. We are good for nothing but Earth Trines between now and 2023 when the Sun moves through Taurus and through Virgo. Pluto is one of the most powerful planets in the zodiac and the Sun is very significant since it is our identity and purpose.
Of course the weight of this aspect is most pronouce for people who have planets at the Zero to about 3 degree of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. You, my friends are in your salad days and I hope you are making the most of it!!!!!
But even for the rest of us who don't have planets at those degrees in those signs we can still feel the energy of the day because the transit is making a trine somewhere in our chart. If you are feeling a desire to build upon something. If you feel more structured to tackled something, good for you. You are not wrong.
At the very least we will all be feeling very, very practical about something. And even for those of us who are not always practical this is a bountiful day. We might get an inkling of a part of us that is a diamond in the rough. Apply pressure and see what you get!
as they say in Batman.... BAM, POW, SHAZZAM!

Do you feel the energy? Go for it.

Venus Conjunct Mars

Tonight and all day today the sparks will be flying----because at 7:19 pm (EDT) Venus and Mars will do the deed and get on top of each other. Even if you don’t know astrology somewhere along the way you have heard about Venus, the goddess of Love and Mars the planet of war (and passion). With a conjunction it means they are on the same degree. Which if I can, let me set the visual for you, if you are older this is Liz and Dick drama. Or for the younger sets, Angelina and Brad drama or Britney Spears and anyone drama. Just a big power trip between, “Love me because I am beautiful” “No. Be with me because I want you.” Who is whom is up to you.

We can see our money and values (Venus) get activated and need some action (Mars) by us. “Whoops, I’ve got to get a check to the bank before another one bounces!” At the same time there might be a confrontation (Mars) that needs our attention and instead of it being hard and ugly it could go a lot smoother (Venus) than we planned. And if you are in a relationship and are in love then by all means head to the bedroom and make it all good in your hood.

Additionally, this conjunction is taking place in the last degree of Pisces so you should take a look at last night’s dreams (Monday night) and tonight’s dream. Our unconsciousness is getting probed literally and figuratively by the Mars and his spear and Venus is coaxing him. Together they could say to you---“What are your dreams telling you? What is your gut saying to you?” Love and action can help process out the fears. Go for it.
On another note:
Yesterday's mini blood letting on the stock market should not be a surprise given that Venus turned direct last Friday a few minutes before the stock market closed. It all got processed out yesterday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Re-Birth of Venus: Lessons learned?

Venus turns direct today (March 17) at 3:25pm (EDT). Thank gawd.

Venus the planet of love and things that we value (like money) has been retrograde for the last six weeks (since March 6) and outside of Mel Gibson’s attorney (who got a phone call last week that really helped his 401K) the rest of us have been experiencing a steep learning curve. All the things that we value have generally looked weak or have been challenged or at the very least we are re-evaluating them. Venus retrogrades happen about every year and half, and when they come up they ask us to look at the things that mean so much to us and see if they still have meaning by the end of the retrograde.

Is that boyfriend who you were crazy about six weeks ago still so charming? And how about that investment you thought could pull through this economic nadir: does it still feel like it will have wings for a take off? Six weeks ago you may have joyously gave your time freely to something you thought was so important and now on the other side of the retrograde you are saying to yourself, “I have got to get off this project.”

Basically all that was so beautiful back in the beginning of March may not be so shimmery now. But at the same time on the other side of this retrograde we are seeing things that maybe we did not value prior to March 6 with new eyes. Perhaps that old tired thing that meant so little to us in the winter now feels like the right place to invest our time, love and appreciation.

With a Venus in Pisces we are exploring the bigger meaning of life: how do my values fit in with my connection to source? Of course, one has to be careful with interpretations that feel divinely designed since Pisces can also be deceptive and delusional. “God told me..” kind of stuff can be troubling. Ah, the rub.
The good news is that this Venus retrograde is in the last degree of Pisces (29 degrees 12) and when we are in the last degree of any sign we can feel a hint of the upcoming sign which in this case is Aries. The Ram is positive and forceful and inspires us with possibilities. If your energy has felt draggy like a cold that won’t go away, now finally you should feel a hint of lift. But remember the lessons you learned in the last six weeks. They have merit. Our next Venus retrograde won’t be until the fall of 2010 so these lessons need to stick for awhile.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you unload the bad habits? Mars Conjunct Uranus

Mars Conjunct Uranus 24 Pisces 26

Did you feel it? About an hour ago (as of this posting) Mars met up with Uranus. Like all Mars aspects we experience this about once every two years. Last time the two of them met up was April 29, 2007, which when we look at a time line for April 2007 (Thank you, CNN), we find the shootings at Virginia Tech took place about a ten days before the conjunction and Madeline McCann the little girl on holiday in Portugal disappeared about five days later. Both situations held the world’s attention for some time that year and even longer.

Of course Pluto was still in Sagittarius which drove the media in a constant search for ‘shiny metal objects.’ Now that Pluto has moved out of media driven Sag and into corporate Capricorn the world is bent more towards economic issues. Of course, we already mentioned in an earlier post that Pisces rules the seas and no surprise modern day pirates were taking up news cycles. Will there be more? Maybe. But I wonder more about something else.

This is the final time in our lifetime that Mars will Conjunct Uranus in Pisces. The next time the two of them meet up will be in 2011 in Aries. The energy of Pisces and the energy of Aries could not be any more different. Our first Mars/Uranus in Pisces conjunction was in 2003, followed by 2005 and 2007 and today the final round. Pisces is the sign of completion, tying things up, along with releasing things and of course it is the sign of our own self undoing, it certainly is the sign of the victim and we could see that in 2007 but it is also the sign of completions and finalizing things. Perhaps the The Universe may offer up a story where someone or something is just ‘done’. Maybe another big bankruptcy? Whatever, it is we will know it and feel it and and our response will be “time to move on.”

In our personal life, take a moment and think about 2003, 2005, 2007 and see how your life has changed? Uranus in Pisces demands changes in our unconscious, it asks us to wonder, “Why does this happen to me?” “Why do I do these things?” “How can I get some new activity in my life”? If you have not made the changes in your life as much as you would like and you insist it is due to outside circumstances, perhaps you may reconsider that appraisal and replace it with an idea that you are the one stopping the change. Run with that concept at least today.

Remember wherever Pisces is in your chart, Uranus is sitting there all charged up with electricity and here is the biggest warrior of all, Mars zapping Uranus with a lightening rod.

You will never get these two together in Pisces ever again in your lifetime, so why don’t you take the time today and think about some changes you could make that would bring you more in alignment with the world in which you want to live. And ask yourself, “What are you doing to stop it?”

For example, and I will use this because it is easy, if the world you want to live in is a healthier or thinner body then why on Godsgreen earth are you eating the foods that you choose? Fried this, sweet that? Apply this reasoning to other areas of your life. What are your habits and how are they hurting you?

Do you need to cut it out? Do you need to drop the bad habits? That is where Mars conjunct Uranus can help. Take some time today and this week to access your inner warrior and Uranus the agent of change to work together on your behalf.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates? A little fall out of Mars Oppose Saturn

Back on March 26, I wrote on the Aries New Moon (which you can find here) that one of the influences for this 28 day lunar cycle was the tug and pull of Saturn and Mars. The two planets are in opposition and on April 4 the aspect was exact. I mentioned that the Mars in Pisces is the very energy of a drunk pirate. Interestingly a few days after April 4, pirates yo-ho-yo-hoed themselves into the news when they took over a tanker. As of this morning's post they are now morte, by the action of US Navy Seals. Three shots ended the drama. How perfectly Mars in Pisces Oppose Saturn in Virgo. For those who care here is the text I wrote about the opposition and its infuence this cycle.

The Standoff: Saturn and Mars

So, we have Pluto sitting up all high and mighty in Capricorn zapping Moon/Sun/Mercury/Venus in Aries which gets them all fired up about something. And at the same time, somber Saturn in Virgo is opposing Mars in Pisces during this lunar cycle. It will take place exactly on April 4. But the energy will be felt on the entire lunar cycle. What do we know about these two? Well, Mars the warrior is fighting for the spiritual cause (Pisces) while Saturn in Virgo is saying “Not so fast. We have details to work out.” Expect more discussions about health care during this cycle. It is a mess and it is huge. The energy could also put more pressure on our food source, something fuzzy (Mars in Pisces) is in the mix. Of course Virgo is a sign filled with government bureaucracy and Mars in Pisces will point out some major fuck up. But whatever the issues that do come up, Saturn in Virgo thinks that the answer can be found by sorting through the details line by the line while Mars knows that the answer is to set the whole thing on fire and throw it off the bridge. Perhaps the answer is in between? We’ll see if we can get there. And God forbid if someone takes this opportunity to show the world why his or her religion is the best of all. If so, they will not like the backfire results. Of course, neither Virgo or Pisces are necessarily the signs ruling the economy but Saturn is all about business and has much to say about the economy and Mars in Pisces could be best described as a drunk pirate. Are there more Bernie Madoff’s? Will the bow break?

On a personal level we will continue to feel we don’t have enough time to do anything. We wake up in the morning and then about ten minutes later it is time to go to bed and we have not accomplished enough on our To-Do list. This is the cycle to prioritize your list. Seriously, take away the fuzzy factor in your own life. What really needs to be done? Have your “come to Jesus” moment about your life and say it clearly, “I am never going to fix ___ so I am moving off of it.” Aren’t you tired of feeling preoccupied or guilty about that unfinished thing on your list? Take the opportunity of this aspect to really assess if it needs to still be a topic in your life. I imagine there will be many people addressing their finances one more time under this aspect and perhaps many will opt for bankruptcy. It might be the right move to get back to center and give them the time they need again. When I ponder this aspect and given the energy we are feeling between Pluto and all the Aries planets, plus the ongoing Uranus Saturn aspect that we are under all year…. An image comes to mind of that famous scene from NETWORK starring actor Peter Finch who plays Howard Beale

“This is not a psychotic breakdown; it's a cleansing moment of clarity”

He then goes on to say

“Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!' So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!'

I can’t shake this image when I think about some of these aspects. It might not be as dramatic as the film but certainly the energy is very similar to our astrological aspects this cycle. So, if you feel like you just want to explode, it is not you. It’s your inner Howard Beale speaking.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Moon April 9

Libra Full Moon

As always we feel our emotions pulled during the full moon. Everything is so black and white. Every thought and feeling is either the most brilliant wonderful fantastic expression of joy or the saddest, bleakest most depressing expression of pain. Highs and Lows. And that is true for MOST full moons. But I believe you will find that this full moon is not nearly as dramatic. Relationships will be a bit flustered since it is a Libra Moon but Neptune and Jupiter are making a lovely aspect to the moon and the Sun also gets a nice perk from Jupiter. Some of our wishes and dreams will feel like a real possibility. Good (that is why we made our treasure maps, isn’t it) and at the same time we have a deep spiritual connection. Even if you think God is nothing but a giant peach don’t be surprised that on full moon you get the feeling that you and the peach are in synch. Additionally, the communication will be deep and to the point liberating many of us from the burden of pretense thank you, Mercury trine Pluto.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Of Pluto and Nutjobs: And what it means to us.

This weekend while I was busy running around like a crazy person I realized that I neglected to mention Pluto’s big retrograde last Saturday afternoon (April 4 1:35pm EDT). Although, it sort of doesn’t matter that I didn’t mention it because there usually is some news event that highlights any big (or semi big) astrological moment. In this case, it is cuckoo North Korean Kim Jong Il and his big old UN-Defying-Missile-into-the-Sea.
Less than twelve hours after the retrograde move by Pluto, Kim said, “Hey, every look at ME!” and then shot his missile over Japan and into roaring ocean. China of course told everyone to remain calm. But really Kim who possibly has one of the lowest self esteems of any world leader (since those buttheads of the 1930s) just could not stand that the G20 leaders had gotten together without him to talk about the economy---and he was pissed. How perfectly Pluto retrograding in Capricorn!

Also, just prior to the retrograde, in Israel last weekend the new prime minster said of Iran, “You don’t want a messianic apoloptic cult controlling atomic bombs.” Are you kidding? I just want to be able to get into my skinny jeans again--- must I think about Iran and their missiles? Yes, Pluto has retrograded! Sigh.

And besides all these International tests—no surprise to me that 48 hours after the retrograde, Italy experienced a very large earthquake. As you know on Aries new moon I felt there would be some kind big quake this lunar cycle.

On a personal level, many of you might have felt your gears down shift last weekend. Pluto retrogrades for about five or six months every year so we are pretty used to its backward motion. But I know for me I often feel my energy drop for a day or so after the actual date of the retrograde. Low energy, blah, maybe even a bit depressed. Don’t blame anyone, but Pluto.

As always special note for those with birthdates between December 21 and December 26 and June 21 and June 26. Pluto is trekking back and forth over your sun (Capricorn) and opposite your sun (Cancer). I know you can’t believe the chaos and swirl of emotions and that is all around you and within you. Perhaps you think it is over? Nope. As one who went through Pluto on my Sun ten years ago I can remember it like it was yesterday. Every day I said, “What the ‘eff?”

The answer was there were parts of my life that were no longer serving me. But I still hung on and hung on. That is why it takes Pluto a year or so to make his point. Why don’t you take the next six months to really unload the behaviors, patterns and fears that have been doing a number on you for so long. “I can't _____ because of _____”. Fill in those blanks.. the first blank is something you really want and the second blank is your fear. And by the way, that fear is the one thing that is keeping you SMALL. Why do you insist on being small? Start to release it. Once this transit is over, you’ll realize the life you had before was just the intermezzo. The real life is for you after this transit. Trust me. Been there, done that.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mars Opposition Saturn

Today April 4 at 8:55pm (EDT) Mars in Pisces will oppose Saturn in Virgo. Now, an opposition from Mars to Saturn is a fairly regular event. Meaning it happens about every two years or so. Basically, so you can understand it--imagine an old man walking around a high school track. He is not going that fast but he is progressing. Now imagine a young fit man moving at a faster speed. Eventually that young fit man will run right by the old man and get on the opposite side of the track from the old man. The young fit man is Mars, the old geezer is Saturn.

Everytime Saturn moves into a new sign he knows that eventually Mars will be in the opposite sign. The last time Mars got into it with the old man was in 2007 when Saturn was in Leo and Mars was in Aquarius. Go back and look at the cover of People magazine during that time, the rise and fall of Britney Spears, the love match love loss of Brad, Angelina and Jennifer, the over all celebration of celebrities had hit an all time high or low depending on your perspective. While at the same time the celebration of the ordinary guy in reality TV was also clogging our airwaves --Classic, "Celebrate ME!" Leo versus "No Celebrate US" Aquarius.

Now old man Saturn is in Virgo and aren't we all celebrating the accountant right now? HOw perfectly Virgo and given the mess Wall Street is in. Forget the CEO, let's cherish the auditor! Virgo also rules health and hygiene, and food stuff (actually shares it with Cancer).

And the young guy is Mars. Who if I (deliberately) forgot to mention is not just a young fit guy, he is also a fit warrior. And Mars is suited up and ready to fight in the sign Pisces. Pisces rules health care, spiritual things, the world behind the other world like big business, hospitals and prisons to name a few.

Quick lesson: Pisces is the sign of the two fish swimming in the ocean. An ocean is a world unto itself. When you are sitting on shore do you have any idea what is going on behind that shimmering blue water? Behind that aquatic wall there are fish fighting for their lives, plankton growing, dying, sea turtles poking into kelp nests, seahorse birthing and eels slipping in and out of rockes. It is a world behind a world. And that is Pisces. So, it coulld be IBM, Microsoft, GM, SingSing, Kaiser, you get the drift.

And it should be noted that The Government is both ruled by Capricorn and Pisces. Capricorn is the power behind it but the way it runs, is very Pisces. A world behind a world. Just some days you don't know what is going to show up, will it be the Cap or the Pisces. Yuck.

Anyway back to today. So here we have Saturn in Virgo and Mars in Pisces getting into it. Pisces, the biggest martyr and Virgo the sacrificial Virgin. Great.

As tempted as it may be this weekend try to avoid the tendency to play 'CAN YOU TOP THIS?" and tell everyone how shitty of a life you have--- "You think your situation is bad, let me tell you about mine.." First of all, there is always someone who has it worse than you so get over it.

And secondly you should try to avoid is general martyr stuff. "Okay I will do it because no one else will." Please knock that stuff off. You are doing it because you are doing it. The end. Let's not talk about it or think about it. Just do it. Why am I saying that? Because if you honor Mars and he is a warrior you just know the action that needs to be done and you do it. Where it gets all 'effed up is when you try to make more of it.

And Saturn in Virgo? We are all making sacifices. We have to just Man up and do it. Again, no need to make more of it than that. And here is where the goodies are----if you can find the energy from Saturn to take care of the details and take care of business and not make more of it. And if you can slay the dragons that mars is asking from you and again not make more of it..and this includes your heart. Even if you don't act like a martyr with your family and friends it is also important not to feel it in your heart. YOU ARE JUST TAKING CARE OF SHIT. Okay. It is that simple. But when you can do this stuff now expect some benefits by the time Mars in Aries Opposes Saturn in Libra in two years. That is such a critical time for relationships and self awareness that you want to be ready to use it to your advantage. Best way to do that is to use Saturn and Mars now to your advantage.

Just do it.

Oh, and if we see crazy (forgot to mention that part) Pisces energy and a martyr making a public show of something--don't be surprised by it and don't make more of it. There will always be crazy people doing things that are misguided. Moving on.

edited to add: One final note. If you go back to my New MOON article HERE you will see that even though Mars and Saturn are exact today, they are influencing the whole 28 day Lunar cycle. So, you must try to avoid the martyr stuff all during this cycle, it is most pronounced this weekend but really it flies for the whole month.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Venus Square Pluto

Venus Square Pluto----
Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.

Friday April 3 6:22am (EDT)

Twice a year Venus bitch slaps Pluto (ouch- can I say that?) And today is the day the aspect is exact.
Let's go over it for a second. Venus is the definition of love, creativity, money and all the other things that we VALUE and here she is getting into it with talk dark and deadly Pluto. Of course, Pluto who is usually brooding and plotting and figuring out how to drain the power out of something ---does not like Venus trying to charm him. And usually when it is over, it is Venus who regrets it.

And since Venus is about money---we should expect money in the news...what's new? I know. But the fact that the G20 is taking place under this aspect should make everyone shudder (It sure is a wee bit daunting to this astrologer) but so it is.

So, what broke in the news a few hours before the aspect? Funny you should ask, the G20 has agreed to 1.1 trillion to stimulate the world economies. And if you don't mind me thinking for you----This is not good. Because like James Bond seducing a sexy KGB agent, it ain't going to be good for the pretty gal. Which would be Venus---which means our MONEY.

And because in order to make 1.1 trillion--they have TO PRINT MONEY. OUCH!

Of course, CNBC pundits are dancing around like little girls announcing, "The bottom is over, the bottom is over." Not quite, my friends---this is coming back to bite us. We will learn more of the trouble around the first week of August (opposition) and then later in October (square) when Venus goes in for more trouble with Pluto.

NOw what does this mean for all of us personally? Covert activities in the name of love do not do anything helpful this day or the whole weekend. If anyone says to you, "I'm only telling you because I love you....." Run the other way. They are NOT telling you that out of love. It is all about power, baby. Ignore them and instead start thinking of a solution to your money problems. That is the best way to use the square!