Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Taurus New Moon is April 24 11:22pm (EDT)
For all intents and purposes the Taurus Lunar Cycle is rich with opportunities. There is a stability that many of us will find during the next 28 days that has been missing for a very long time. Saturn and Uranus opposition has not gone away and they continue to cause stress in our lives but for the first time in quite awhile we may feel a hint of stability this cycle. Not that the world is suddenly going to slow down and clean up its act (gawd, no) but more importantly WE will feel a wisp of solidity in our lives. Or at the very least we will start to see a way towards those things that we value and want. I know this little Sagittarius is looking for to the next 28 days, greatly!
Anyway---I have written quite a bit about the Taurus New Moon which you can find HERE . Give it a read and see how your own life might benefit by some of the influences!
Here's a tidbit:

Taurus is an earth sign, it is durable, it is hard working, capable of putting its nose to
grindstone and persevering better than any other sign. And on this lunar
cycle the Sun and the Moon in Taurus are making a great aspect to
Pluto. We have already talked about how Pluto is in Capricorn
doing what it does best, causing death and destruction to those things we have
outgrown (whether we know it or not) but at the same time Pluto is also
the planet of rebirth and renewal. Once you clear out the trash there is
room for good.

Well, with this Lunar cycle, Pluto is talking to the Sun and Moon like a shady guy in an alley, “Psst, Taurus, I know I’m trashing a lot of the world right now, but don’t worry, I’ll help you out.” And he is not lying. He can be helpful.

During the next 28 days many of us will be overwhelmed with a strong sense of practicality and a bit of a ruthless side to us that is actually good. If something seems frivolous we will say, “No, thanks”. If something seems like a big fat energy suck we will say, “No, thanks.” If something seems like it is going to waste money, we will say,
“No, Thanks.” And we will not feel one ounce of guilt. Even if it is our mother asking us to drive somewhere and talk to some person for her and do some kind of thing and then write a check we will say, “Sorry, Mom, I’m busy” and we won’t give it one more thought. That is a gift.

The other gift of the Taurus bull is the ability to come up with sound plans and work hard towards a goal. Many of you (because you are good listeners) made Treasure Maps on Aries New Moon and this Taurus new Moon will be the lunar cycle where you really get insight as how to accomplish your dreams. You will see a path. Taurus is not about short cuts, it knows the value of hard work and discipline. But don’t think of this as hard work like ‘oh, poor me I have some drudgery in my future.” It
is more like that skip in your step when you have just finished a weeks’ work
and are putting the check in your savings account. “Phew, I was able to
save a little more money this week and put it away.” Hurray. That is the accomplished feeling that makes Taurus run.
go to the link for the whole article.
blessings to you.

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