Monday, September 28, 2020

Aries Full Moon October 1


A flame-y full moon on a fridge, in Covid, 

October 1, 2020

2:05pm PDT 

8 Aries 09 

Harvest Moon 


The Aries Full moon on October 1 is the first full moon in October and then on the 31st is the Taurus Full Moon which of course will be a blue moon (two full in one month) on Halloween.   Sure, a blue moon on Halloween?  Yes, why not in 2020. 


The Aries full moon is the complement to the Virgo New Moon which launched two weeks ago.  In that report we discussed the intense astrological period we are in between September – December (Please give it a read).   This is not a season for the meek.   While every day may not be an S show, it could feel like it and it may all blur in our memory as a mess.  But we must remember the power of the Virgo lunar cycle (which we are still in for two more weeks) that says, “Take everything, one step, one conversation, one bite of food, one dollar spent, one little part ---at a time.”    Everything is do-able when it is tackled in manageable sizes.    


The Aries Full moon unfolds three days after Saturn station directs (9/28) and two days after the intense Mars square Saturn (9/29) and three days before Pluto stations direct (10/4) This is an astrological grind which we will see on the mundane level (in the world) and we could feel personally.   It is almost difficult to explain except to say what you see in the news and feel in your gut has an astrological significance.   So, in that environment we get fiery Aries Full moon.  Aries loves birth, doing something new, carving its own way, it seeks independence and it reminds us, “I am”.  It loves to feel its own need to survive.  In short, it likes to get its blood going and it enjoys a good tussle.   


While the chart for the full moon is not burdened with tough aspects, the fact of it coming up in this heated time and so close to the Mars Saturn aspect, suggest that frustrations may percolate, resentments build, feelings of trapped or shackled will rub us wrong.  So much that we might say, do, respond more sharply than normal.   Some people who have no problem leaning into their anger --will do what they do when they are angered (with enthusiasm no doubt).     And there are those who can tap into the anger and get super smart and practical and use it in a productive manner.   Great. But the people who are most challenged during this Full Moon (and Mars’ retrograde in general) are the people who fear their anger.    For some they fear that if they unleash their anger they will never stop.   Okay.  Maybe that serves you most of the time but remember this is a full moon where the Sun in Libra is on the other side of the Moon in Aries.   Libra loves to keep peace.  But during this Aries full moon with a retrograde Mars in Aries (home sign) getting into it with as many planets as he can---one needs to ask if that is peace is at any cost?   Are you paying for it in other ways?  Perhaps a little lean in on anger this full moon could be of benefit.  You don’t need to go crazy but maybe baring teeth might put someone on notice that you are here, too.  That is perfect Aries. 


One last thing, while the Sun and Moon are not in big aspects with planets there is a conjunction between the moon and Chiron suggesting there is a lesson about owning power and finding the fire inside us.   Perhaps the fire and some inspiration will find you during this phase.   Great.    The full moon lasts from October 1, 2:05pm pdt until October 5, 5:25pm PDT 


Onward, Soldier.  


Thursday, September 24, 2020

The next 10 days


First Quarter Moon 

September 23, 2020

6:54pm PDT




Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your career?  What actions are you taking that present you out in the world?  What daily actions are you taking that benefit by a bigger push that match your goals?   How are you pushing your leadership skills? 


9/24: Mercury opposition Mars.  Thinking and communication are opposite of actions.  Actions appear to not have thinking.  Balance versus forcefulness.  Angry rhetoric.   Sharp tongues. 

9/27: Mercury enters Scorpio 



Gibbous Moon

September 27, 2020 

1:32pm PDT 



Focus on:  How are you refining your friendships? How are you discerning your groups?  How are you figuring out your place with your circles?  How much time do they need?  Is it working for your own goals? 


Special focus

9/28: Venus trine mars.  Action is in synch with values.  Money, love get an energy boost.  

9/28: Saturn direct 25 Capricorn 20 (see below)

9/29: Mars square Saturn.  Actions seem thwarted.  Sobriety is a cold blanket to enthusiasm.  Rushing versus stasis.    Challenge status quo. 



Full Moon Phase –  

October 1    

2:01pm PDT 

9 Aries 08  



Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you?  


Focus on 

Self.   Independence.   Will power.   Determination.  Self-motivation.  


see separate post 



Special focus 


10/2:  Venus enters Virgo 

Yes-- About Every 4 Days it is Something


Moon Tangles 

Because everything is so loaded these months, I am also tracking when the moon is in cardinal signs and tangles with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.   We may feel ourselves pulled into the energy. Try to use it to accomplish stuff versus scuffles.  Unless someone needs to see you bare teeth.  Then sure, show your fangs.  


9/17 Moon enters Libra 11:55am PDT 

9/19 Moon exits 11:32am PDT 


9/23 Moon enters Capricorn 4:16pm PDT

9/25 Moon exits 11:07pm PDT


9/30 Moon enters Aries 7:47 pm PDT

10/3   Moon exits 8:12am PDT


10/8 Moon enters Cancer 8:45 am PDT

10/10 Moon exits 5:24pm PDT 

Pluto straighten out and fly right -- October 4 station direct


Pluto King of the Underworld stealing some gal from the WWW 


October 4 

6:32 am PDT 


Jan 3         Pluto enters shadow 

Apr 25      station retrograde 24 Cap 59 

Oct 4          station direct 22 Cap 29 

Jan 25      Pluto leaves shadow 


Pluto wraps up its annual retrograde at around the same point it got into it with Saturn.   Pluto has trekked back to the degree it was on January 3.  It feels almost like starting the year over but a little faster and a little less burdened. Once Saturn stationed direct, Pluto is relieved to have Saturn the taskmaster off it’s back.  Now Pluto can do what it does best—use its intuition to shed and evolve.   For those people who have any planets between 22 and 25 Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra you are exhausted by Pluto.    Pluto is trying its best for you to find your power, but it means a willingness to change and evolve.  It makes us very uncomfortable and Pluto can take us to our knees.  It is hard.  But what we don’t know is that something is building.  It is a path out and a path to some place new.    Even if you never live more than a few miles from where you are born, you can evolve and shift as much as the person who leaves their home in Ft Wayne and moves to an ashram in Bhutan.  Everyone deserves an evolution.   Consider how your power has shifted since the beginning of January.   Consider the evolutions you have made and other ones you need to do in order to access power and be more productive and practical and a leader in your own life.    

Saturn, Saturn, Saturn --station direct September 28.



September 28 

10:11pm PDT 


Feb 3         Saturn enters shadow 

May 10      Station retrograde 1 Aquarius 57

Sept 28     Station direct 25 Capricorn 20

Jan 3         Saturn leaves shadow 


Saturn as we have discussed, began the year with a Pluto conjunction.  It then traveled into Aquarius the final air sign of the zodiac.  Aquarius speaks to humanity.  Saturn is boundaries and as it unfolded humanity was pushed into quarantine. It appears Saturn is not subtle this year.     We also have relied on technology which is ruled by Aquarius.  Saturn will return to Aquarius on Dec 16.  Then on Dec 21, Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius.  Jupiter conjuncts Saturn every twenty years but this one will set off a two- hundred-year cycle of air sign conjunctions.   It is notable that all year I have brought up that there has been a conversation around ‘breath’.   “I can’t breathe” and George Floyd and now the Western US is covered in smoke.   Saturn in Aquarius coupled with North Node in Gemini remind us to stop and breathe.    Take a moment, slow down, Saturn does not rush anything.  Aquarius is the final mental sign; it communicates but in a weird way.  Consider going to your inner self and look for a red light and green light.  Access it so you can always find an answer for “Should I _____?”  See if you get a red or green light for an answer.       


In the meantime, we have to clean up issues still left unresolved in Capricorn.   Once Saturn turned retrograde in May it began to revisit all it had uncovered since Feb 3.   Capricorn is industrious and creates systems and patterns that serve great numbers of people.  It can serve the greater good. At the same time, business, banks and government are all in the wheelhouse of Capricorn.    It is no surprise that during this time people are asking what they want of their government and leaders.  They also have questions about how big business runs.  Sustainability in all areas is up for review.  We are also questioning our own personal sustainability (jobs, relationships, style, health) whether it is in practices or thinking.   There will be bumps and hurdles in the mundane and personal worlds.   Look back to Feb 3 and wonder what you could have activated then?   And had you stayed focused what would be the results now?  If you feel like you missed the boat, do not get caught up in depression.  Instead find that missing discipline and access it now in Virgo.   Consider how much you will accomplish between now and January 3 (Saturn leaves the shadow point).   Remember we will not have Saturn in Capricorn again for about 28 years.   Use this time to its most advantage.  How nice it turns around in Virgo lunar moon where we are willing to focus on our habits.  Make the habits work for you.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Virgo New Moon. September 17.


Young Woman Powdering Herself.  George Seurat (1890) Courtaud Gallery. London.  

25 Virgo 00

September17, 2020 

4:00am PDT

There is so much going on right now in our astrological landscape.  It can be overwhelming.   Thank goodness we have Virgo New Moon and the 29 day cycle to stay sane.    Be grateful to Virgo.   My report is here to read.  

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Astrology This Week September 12 - 18


This Week in Astrology 


Because there is so much tension between Mars and Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto we are taking note whenever the moon is in cardinal signs.    We watch those two and a half days because the Moon will tussle with all four planets.  Sparks, hurt feelings, short fuses, lashing out, hurdles, frustrations, nervous tension the need to ‘do’,  it is a mixed bag when the moon is in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.    In the case of this week, we have:


9/11 Moon enters Cancer 1:22 am PDT

9/13 Moon exits 8:32am PDT 


9/17 Moon enters Libra 11:55am PDT

9/19 Moon exits 11:32am


If you find yourself getting in squabbles when the Moon is in a cardinal, try to get to the root of the tension.  What’s really going on? Do you need to draw a line with someone? Do you need to express who you REALLY are?  Do you need space?  Do you need find your identity?  Do you need to look for a practical solution?   Dig deeper. 


We start the week  in the last quarter phase of Leo lunar month with the emphasis on communication.    

On Saturday, Sept 12 Jupiter turns direct at 27 degrees of Capricorn.   Big problems need big solutions.    The directional change by Jupiter is within a few days of Mars stationing retrograde.   We can be forgiven if we all feel our heads spinning as that is a lot of planetary energy shift within a week.   


On the 13th we move into Balsamic phase putting the emphasis on releasing emotions.    Then the New Moon in Virgo launches on Sept 17.  I will post later. 


On the 15th Venus squares Uranus.  Money and love could feel stretched or chaotic.  The need to be bold conflicts with the need to be resourceful.  Get quiet.  Find your superhero.  Look for unusual practical answers. 

These are tense days.   We all need to remember to breathe.  Keeping our hand on the rudder of our boat can be difficult but we must try to do it.  



Last Quarter Moon Phase


Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

What actions are you taking enhance your communication skills?  What actions are you taking speak to your siblings and your neighbors?  What actions are you taking that improve your research abilities?  


Special focus

9/11:  Sun oppose Neptune.  Matters of faith and spirituality, humanitarian love needs practical application.  Cynical voice is challenged by the need for faith. 

9/12:  5:40pm PDT Jupiter station direct 17 Capricorn 24 (see above)



Balsamic Moon Phase


September 13, 2020

8:24pm PDT   


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on How are you releasing your emotions?  Read that twice.  


9/14:  Power speaks to you in ways that make sense and there is a practical application of that power.  Evolution within brings great change.

9/15:  Venus square Uranus.  Chaos around money, love and values.  Is it disruptive or is it needed change? 

9/17:  Mercury square Jupiter.  In the last hour of this Leo lunar cycle our thinking is challenged by our ‘big ideas’.  Are our beliefs in alignment with our ideas?   


Virgo New Moon September 17, 2020 4:00am 25 Virgo 00



Jupiter Station Direct Sept 12


Jupiter Station Direct  

Sept 12,  5:40pm PDT 


Jupiter direct in 2020


Feb 18 Jupiter enters shadow 

May 14 Jupiter stations retrograde 27 Cap 14

Sept 12 Jupiter stations direct 17 Cap 24

Dec 6 Jupiter leaves shadow 



Jupiter has and continues to be a big player in 2020.  Jupiter and Pluto have had two intense aspects (conjunction) one in April and June and their final hook up happens November 12.   The weirdness that is our 2020 is due in part to several astrological issues including the tension of Jupiter and Pluto.  Pluto in Capricorn is showing the world the cracks in our government, business and big systems.  Jupiter in Capricorn wants big, practical solutions that can help the common good.  Of course, with a conjunction –there is tension.   Finding the solution works when the majority agree on the problem.  That is the rub.


Jupiter stationed retrograde on May 14.   Since May we have been assessing our ideas and philosophies either by things that have come up in our lives in a real way or by observations we have seen in the mundane world.   We are getting more and more informed on the problems. The gravitational pull of Jupiter is enormous and some of us may have been pulled into situations that were NOT on our ‘To-Do” list.  Ah, such is Jupiter when he has a lesson he wants to impart.   Jupiter is the bridge planet between the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and the outer planets that speak more to society (Jupiter and Saturn) and the generational transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).   


We discussed in previous reports that the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was 2008, the year of the economic crash.   In December of 2019 Jupiter went into Capricorn and we saw the air go out of the economy.   Jupiter is part of the Covid-19 story.   By the time Jupiter retrograded in May we saw the cracks and fissures of a slowed down economy.   At the same time case numbers and deaths by Covid continue to be high.   When Jupiter stations direct on September 12 it will be exactly where it was in Feb 18.    If we could go back to Feb and tell ourselves something, what would it be?   What knowledge have we learned that we can’t unlearn now?   How have our opinions been shaped since Feb?    What have we been taught by the Universe?  


Once Jupiter stations direct, he will move at a clipped pace and head towards Aquarius.   Jupiter will enter Aquarius December 19th and it will bring out a new lesson planner involving society and the groups of people that we share like mindedness.  Until that time, we process all that we have learned about practical solutions and practical applications that we can use in our life on personal level and on societal level.  


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mars Station Retrograde: September 9


Mars retrograde

September 9, 2020 

3:22pm PDT 


28 Aries 08 


Mars station direct 

Nov 13

15 Aries 14 


We have been discussing Mars all year. Everyone knows Mercury retrogrades, but there are other planets who also (appear) to stop and go backwards and that includes Mars.   Mars retrogrades every two years.  Mars is a forceful warrior.  Direct, committed to marching forward every hour of every day, every week.   A soldier like Mars who always wants to be going forward is not a good sport when he goes backwards.   Mars retrograde can be rife with tension.   Even if we do not have a planet touched by transiting Mars, the retrograde can stir up stuff that we all deal with one way or another.    In the case of this Mars retrograde, it is taking place in his home sign of Aries.  During the two- month retrograde Mars will get into it with three planets; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.    The first round of the aspects took place on August 4, August 13 and August 24.  If you have been feeling a force ramping up and tension building, look no further than these Mars squares.  Tension around action and feeling thwarted or trying to take care of business while navigating endless hurdles will be palpable.    It is a difficult time for those people who have short fuses and have problems with patience, even those people who are cool as a cucumber will be pushed.   But it is not all bad, people who have been asleep and let others walk over them may wake up.   People who have been busy letting others do the work and call the shots may say, ‘No, I want to lead now.”   Those who hang out in a head space of ‘peace at any cost’ may be challenged.   Lines could feel crossed.  


Aries speaks to survival and life force.  Where is independence needed?  What does it look like to hold a hill in battle?  When is it better to give up the battle to win a war?  Or maybe it is time to no longer be in war?   The last time Mars retrograded in Aries was the fall of 1988 which ties to the beginning of the Berlin Wall and the USSR fraying.  By 1989 the soviet union would be over.    Do you remember what was going on in your life in fall of 1988?  What was your ‘life force’ telling you?    The time before 1988 was fall of 1941.   If you do not know world history, it is worth pointing out that Mars was retrograde in the fall and exited the shadow period at the end of December 1941.   In between Mars turning direct and leaving the shadow, the world experienced Pearl Harbor.  ‘nuff said. 


Mars aspects will be:

Sep 9         Mars stations retrograde 28 Aries 09

Sep 29       Mars square Saturn

0ct 9          Mars square Pluto

Oct 18       Mars square Jupiter

Nov 13      Mars stations direct 15 Aries 14

Dec 23       Mars square Pluto

Jan 2         Mars exits shadow 

Jan 6         Mars enters Taurus 


This is not an easy period.   We need to be on our toes.  We may need to move fast.  We need to find the fire in the belly.   We need to calibrate our energy.   And as hard as it may be, breathe, exercise and try to keep your powder dry.   If you can.