Thursday, September 24, 2020

Yes-- About Every 4 Days it is Something


Moon Tangles 

Because everything is so loaded these months, I am also tracking when the moon is in cardinal signs and tangles with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.   We may feel ourselves pulled into the energy. Try to use it to accomplish stuff versus scuffles.  Unless someone needs to see you bare teeth.  Then sure, show your fangs.  


9/17 Moon enters Libra 11:55am PDT 

9/19 Moon exits 11:32am PDT 


9/23 Moon enters Capricorn 4:16pm PDT

9/25 Moon exits 11:07pm PDT


9/30 Moon enters Aries 7:47 pm PDT

10/3   Moon exits 8:12am PDT


10/8 Moon enters Cancer 8:45 am PDT

10/10 Moon exits 5:24pm PDT 

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