Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pluto straighten out and fly right -- October 4 station direct


Pluto King of the Underworld stealing some gal from the WWW 


October 4 

6:32 am PDT 


Jan 3         Pluto enters shadow 

Apr 25      station retrograde 24 Cap 59 

Oct 4          station direct 22 Cap 29 

Jan 25      Pluto leaves shadow 


Pluto wraps up its annual retrograde at around the same point it got into it with Saturn.   Pluto has trekked back to the degree it was on January 3.  It feels almost like starting the year over but a little faster and a little less burdened. Once Saturn stationed direct, Pluto is relieved to have Saturn the taskmaster off it’s back.  Now Pluto can do what it does best—use its intuition to shed and evolve.   For those people who have any planets between 22 and 25 Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra you are exhausted by Pluto.    Pluto is trying its best for you to find your power, but it means a willingness to change and evolve.  It makes us very uncomfortable and Pluto can take us to our knees.  It is hard.  But what we don’t know is that something is building.  It is a path out and a path to some place new.    Even if you never live more than a few miles from where you are born, you can evolve and shift as much as the person who leaves their home in Ft Wayne and moves to an ashram in Bhutan.  Everyone deserves an evolution.   Consider how your power has shifted since the beginning of January.   Consider the evolutions you have made and other ones you need to do in order to access power and be more productive and practical and a leader in your own life.    

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