Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gemini New Moon 2011 -Eclipse #1

There are three eclipses this summer. The first one is tomorrow's new moon (partial eclipse). The other two are on the full moon in June and then Cancer's New Moon on July 1. I believe of the three July 1st is the heaviest. But they are all connected to each other. You can't get to three without stopping at two and you can't get to two without first getting one. Tomorrow's eclipse puts the accent on information. We will all receive some important data between now and the full moon. Some of it will sting (god, who hasn't had a critical zinger from a Gemini) but it might be the exact information that we need to improve upon areas of our life. In particular, relationships. It is going to be an interesting Gemini Lunar cycle and a very interesting waxing moon.

I just posted my full article on Margaret Wendt's website. You can go to the link for the whole body but here is a snippet.


“Can someone turn on the air, please?”

The Gemini New Moon is of course focused on our brain. I say, of course, because I’m positive you can identify any Gemini in your life as quick, smart, bright and with a lot to say. At their core they are always trying to connect. Elementally, Gemini is air and because it is the first air sign of the zodiac, it is all about our first thoughts which tend to be all about number one. “Let me connect for me and my interests.” By the time we get to the second air sign, Libra, we apply our thoughts to relationships and partners and when we get to the third air sign, Aquarius, we are ready to focus our thoughts on groups and those people whom we share the same intellectual interests. In each case the brain is very much in play with all three air signs.

In nature, the power of air is obvious. Haven’t we all spent a sweltering summer day hoping for an evening breeze? Or what about a cloudy, overcast week; how relieved are we when a hard wind blows and replaces the clouds with a sparkling blue sky? Of course, wind is also capable of tremendous damage. Anyone from Alabama or Joplin, Missouri can speak with authority on the power of tornadoes.

How wind translates to us personally is through communication and connections.
We have a problem that we have mulled over so much that we are stuck, we see no solution, then someone comes into our life and we share our problem. Quickly, that person offers up a fresh idea, an alternative way out, something we never considered before, this is akin to an evening breeze. The new solution cools us. Air is the connection that can bring disparate energies together. After all, how do seeds from flowers and plants end up miles away from their host? The wind. The seeds are blown eventually landing and taking root in new neighborhoods. A nexus of information is Gemini. No wonder Gemini rules neighbors, siblings, gossip, writers and books. What blows into our life for the next 28 days will be new connections. Not just the people but the connections that happens in our brain. We ‘get’ stuff like we never got it before.

Of course when the wind is misbehaving and dangerous is when we are in mental free fall. We know we are spinning out when our brain is overly charged, when every thought spins out and creates another thought that spins out and creates another thought until we are floating so high that our brains can’t find up from down. When our thinking is fragmented and we talk ourselves out and into stuff in a frenzied state, we are in short, experiencing a mental tornado. And like real tornadoes the aftermath of mental twisters is just as destructive. If you find yourself wrapped up in a intellectual frenzy, get quiet, find your center and breathe. Journaling can also help soothe the brain.

Saturn is in The House

Luckily this Gemini cycle has a little boost from Saturn which should temper a lot of the sporadic fragmented Gemini energy that we typically experience. The Sun and Moon are making a harmonious trine to Saturn in Libra the second air sign. Saturn brings structure and order to our thinking. Instead of just curious, fun and random thoughts that often pepper Gemini, our thoughts will be more measured and perhaps more conservative. We will want to come up with strategies and new game plans regarding our responsibilities.......(go to link for full article).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mark Haines Veteran CNBC Anchor Dies: Astrology perspective

Yesterday morning I was busy and did not turn on CNBC which is my usual routine. My husband who also watches CNBC chose to watch a bike race on one of those silly sports channels . An hour later when I was at my son’s school waiting to have an appointment with one of the staff I got a text from my husband. It said one sentence. “Mark Haines died.” I almost fell over when I read it. I LOVE Mark Haines and his death was a hit to the solar plexus. I did not know Mark personally. I had never met him nor worked with him. However, in the last six months I have been telling my husband that I wanted to produce some segments and send them to him because I knew Mark would ‘get’ them. (For those who don’t know I have an extensive background in television.) But the bottom line, I was a fan of Mark like everyone else who watches CNBC –and his death is a HUGE loss. And personally I feel an eeriness around it. But before the eeriness a bit more about Mark.

One day about two years ago I was lying in bed watching Mark Haines “Squawk on the Street” and some CEO was blathering on about his company and what a beautiful shiny metal object it was and Mark just looked at him said, “ I hear you but I gotta say I don’t see it.” Right then, I said to my husband, “Mark has got to be an Aries.” Of course, I looked him up and sure enough Aries. Yesterday, all daylong his co-workers and peers spoke lovingly of Mark’s authentic nature and always calling it the way he saw it. No pretense. They also talked of what a masterful journalist he was and his coverage of 9/11 was superb. Remember, that was an attack on his peers and his backyard—Wall Street. Ironically I had just watched this coverage on YouTube about a month ago. His talent as a journalist speaks to his moon. I don’t know the time of his birth but if he was born after 9a he would have Moon in Sagittarius and having heard him long enough I can tell you every bone in my body says he had Moon in Sag. That combined with Sun in Aries explains his No-nonsense approach to everyone and also his great wit. He was smart, clever and had fun nicknames for everyone and his crazy appetite —this is all Sag. I loved when he had only one question for the new owner of the Mets when he was on the show, “When are you going to win?” Like I said, Sag Moon Aries Sun to me.
Now back to the eerie.

As some of you may remember I wrote a bit about the Cancer New Moon that is taking place on July 1. I have got my radar up on this one. And I believe that the roughness of that lunar phase is going to manifest economically. I think this it is going to get rough. QE2 is ending on June 30th and then this WONKY Cancer new moon happens the very next day with pressure on the cardinal planets---well, let me find the right word for it---- oh, yeah, that would be “YIKES.”
I have had my antenna up on this issue and in the back of my mind I thought, “Thank God for Mark Haines I can’t wait to see him guide us through the storm that is coming.” And then, Mark went and died.
When I read my husband’s text after the shock I had another thought, “It is just like Tim Russert.” Tim Russert was the host of Meet The Press for something like 20 years and then he suddenly died. And people felt about him like I feel about Mark Haines. Masterful journalist, knows his stuff and died too early. Mark was 65, Russert 58. But here is the important part---timing.

Russert died in June of 2008. The whole world changed by the Fall of 2008. Russert was not there for Sara Palin, The Stock Market Crash, the Bail out of Banks, Obama Presidency and tea partiers all within the first 9 months after his death---Lordy. By the way, the whole Tea Party Movement started on CNBC in Chicago with Rick Santelli’s famous mortgage bail out rant in Feb 2009.
And now, we have the upcoming summer with eclipses and tension and no Mark Haines? I can feel the similarity. Who will be our voice of reason when we hit the rough times? I dunno. I’m sure we’ll all make it through but god, I wish we had the guidance of Mark Haines. My condolences to his family and his family at CNBC and to all us who appreciated him like he was our friend and family. He will be missed by this little Sag over here. Sigh.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking ahead.

5/22--Sunday: Sun Square Neptune: Illusions, delusions and deceit and hiding in plain sight. The Great Mystery is more in charge than us mere humans. Most of the time we can go through our days and live like we are in charge. But then there are those days when we have to get out of the way and raise our heads to the sky and say, "I give up, you are in charge." Be brave and turn off your logical side and let your spiritual side speak to you.

5/23--Monday: Venus/Mars: Actions based on love and values. It is simple, if you value it you step up for it. Anger and action sometimes get blurred but the higher purpose is love and creativity. The message is there for your heart and your feet--get moving.

5/25:--Wed: Sun/Uranus: dynamic, energetic changes, genius and creativity with brilliance. Our drive gets a shoot of fuel injection which brings out amazing insights. Watch who gets a rocket boost this week. Perhaps it is you.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yes, the sky does matter!

Over at Moutain Astrologer website, I found a terrific article by Gary Caton that is an absolutely wonderful read. Many years ago Project Hindsight was released which was a body of work initiated by Robert Schmidt who accomplished the Herculean task of translating 2,000 year old Mesopotamian texts on astrology. "Great Zeus that is a lot of work!" Now, in Gary Caton's article As If The Sky Mattered he talks about one area in particular to come out of Project Hindsight that is especially relevant now. The topic is "doryphory." I had not heard of this effect but I find it very intriguing.

Another view of these morning sky planets comes from Ptolemy. He calls a planet that rises before the Sun (whether in the same sign or the next) a doryphory. Planets who are doryphory are seen as attendants, bodyguards, or a kind of John the Baptist figure to the Sun.

Now, at the end of April until about yesterday we had that large stellium of planets in Aires and Taurus that were either just before or just after the Sun. We all know how that burst of energy coincided with the end of the Aries lunar cycle with one crazy ass week. Remember when I wrote about that circus week with royal weddings, royal ass tornados and Bin Ladin royal departure? Well, per Gary's article that was part and parcel of where the stellium was to the Sun. Of course, there were also other planets and their aspects that were in the mix but this astrological insight from the old masters cannot be discounted. I find it truly remarkable. Please read the whole article. I think you too will find it interesting. A snippet:

After the Mars–Jupiter conjunction on April 30, Mars became the doryphory closest to the Sun and, therefore, the closest “spearbearer” to the King. The next day, President Obama sent an elite team of military commandos to assassinate Osama bin Laden. Eight years to the day after George Bush proclaimed “mission accomplished,” the job of bringing the 9/11 mastermind to justice was actually completed. Eight years is a Venus synodic cycle, and Venus is one of the four current doryphory, along with Mercury.

The most striking thing about the death of bin Laden is that it marks something of an end of an era. Clearly, this event is the closest thing to closure we will ever have for the events of 9/11. While many public figures are saying Al Qaeda is still a threat, others seem to think that without its charismatic leader, Al Qaeda will vanish into the dusty history books. (7) In any event, we now have a clear marker, a distinction between times. This is the fundamental purpose of morning sky planets: to individuate and make distinctions. Morning sky planets mark the birth of a new presence in the Sky and, therefore, the beginning of something new on Earth. As above, so below

Friday, May 20, 2011

Algol --The Dark Star

As we all know we had the full moon in Scorpio on the 17th and it was not without its bumps. I indicated that the beef with Neptune would certainly put pressure on getting the murk out, some delusion, depression disillusion and then collapsing.
Gawd knows I certainly felt my words later as the week unraveled. But even in that climate there was still something else going on. I could feel it. I know many astrologers follow closely aspects with some of the other stars besides our little ol' Sun. Asteroids and stars are important in astrology and admittedly I don't always give them as much respect here on my blog as I should. And this week more than ever I should have been more on the ball.

Many astrologers pointed out that this Full Moon, the Sun conjunct Algol and I gotta say, given the events, they were smart to get all over it. Algol is one hell of a fixed star. It is associated with beheaded Medusa in the hands of Perseus. The ancient and not so ancient astrologers consider Algol the most evil star. The visual of Medusa's head certainly evokes evil. But of course, once a year the Sun hits Algol and the world does not go crazy. However, this was a full moon and deserved some attention.

I decided to go see who said what and I gotta say Darkstar Astrology was all over this. On May 12th was this posting:

I think there could be the removal of a head of state or even a religious leader with Jupiter involved. Maybe it might be as simple as the removal of some religious dogma or law. For us personally this could weeding our own beliefs, and dead-heading those superfluous rites and rituals that we adhere to.

"Put this energy with the Moon and we get a real determination to wear the crown at all costs. The archetype of the Sun, the proud lion and the monarch is up for this Moon, but so is the ambition to behead anyone that gets in the way. The important thing these two weeks will be to own your own sovereignty. The fantasy element is high though and we wonder if we are building castles in the air. But at the end of it, the bird eye view of Jupiter will be able to show us just how realistic we have been in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes the bigger picture can show that what seemed like pipe dreams at the time, were actually quite small and reasonable within the landscape."

Arnold? Strauss-Kahn? Yep, that is some smart, insightful and prescient writing.

And I promise you, I will bring more attention to fixed stars in the future. It is fun to mix it up anyway.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Schwarznegger & Strauss-Kahn : Astrology of Maids?

When I first posted about the Arnold business I didn't know that the woman who fathered his child was a maid. The news at that time indicated she was a 'staffer'.

On Sunday however when the whole thing went down (perhaps wrong phrase to use) with Dominque Strauss Kahn we did know that the woman assaulted was a maid.

Saturn rules Maids and servants. Of course, Saturn right now is in Libra the sign of relationships and is retrograde. As it continues to move backwards it tightens the square tension with Pluto, the planet of power. And yes, technically they will not be an exact square (like last year) but they are still tight enough to be in effect and has me wondering if it is causing a bit of the spotlight to fall on maids. I will be interested to see what else is spun out between now and mid June when Saturn turns direct.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strauss: Perhaps next time you should just take the mint on the pillow

Yes, yes, yes...we who live in the US know a person is innocent before proven guilty. But I did have to take a peek at Dominque Strauss Kahn's chart.

I'm sure Dominique Strauss Kahn will have the best legal representation money can buy. Why not, this is the guy in charge of the international money fund. And those are the guys who loan money to countries when they are about to go belly up. Perhaps the IMF can loan Dominque the dough for his legal defense. However, I'm guessing he has got cash in deposits boxes all over Geneva. Especially given he is a Taurus. I double checked astro data bank for his birth information. They usually have good sources for there data so I'll go with it, which lists him as April 25 1949 11:10am (outside Paris).

With that information: Dominque has Sun in Taurus, great with money; bad with control issues. He has Moon in Aries, great with leadership; bad with anger issues and he has Leo Rising; great with *star* appeal, bad with Ego. Additionally, he has Venus in Taurus right on his Sun which probably has him loaded with some charm (although it might be lost on a lot of us) and that is another perk to his money making abilities. Or at the very least part of the reason why he is all about banks.

Now where things are interesting is when you look at the transiting planets. Currently Uranus is in conjunction to his moon (or at least close enough to count) and he is finding his world upside down. For the record, not everyone who gets these kind of charges when Uranus bumps up to their moon but seeing photos of him hauled out of a first class seat on Air France at JFK certainly speaks of the disruptive nature of Uranus. Curiously, Pluto finished squaring his moon last year and now is making a positive trine to his Venus. And Pluto is about to do another round of trines with his Sun. I gotta say, I am scratching my head on this. These are positive aspects and yet these charges are pretty formidable. I'm wondering if he has something in his pocket that is going to make this go away. Not the thing that got him in trouble but another thing in his pocket that will make all his troubles disappear. Pluto is fairly deft.

What else is going on this week?

Besides today's full moon (see other post) what else is going on this week?

5/20: Mars Trine Pluto: Getting out and doing the work that will truly reform your place in the world and your life. Normally, Mars is a fast moving planet and will zip around the zodiac so quickly that each year we get a couple of pluto trines. However between December 2009 and May 2010 Mars was retrograde in Leo and since that time we are playing catch up. The last time we had a Mars in Taurus Trine Pluto in Capricorn was June of 2009. See if stuff comes up this week that reminds you of that period. In the meantime, dig in and make a real change that brings concrete results in your life. Remember the drill bit (Pluto in Cap) is there to work with us.

5/20:Mercury/Pluto: Mentally we are “there” to make transformations that improve our life. Even if at first blush if there is a sting we know the bigger picture is worth the stinger. Tongues will be sharp, thoughts will be strong and perhaps a bit stormy. But the storm is good.

5/20: Mercury/Mars: Our inner warrior is on deck. We say what we mean and we walk our talk. We do not have time for inauthenticity. Fake people put on notice you may not like what you hear or see today.

5/21: Sun enters Gemini: Happy birthday, get them an itunes card so they can download a book or app or something that connects them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arnold & Maria

Maria Shriver has been on my radar since childhood. She is a handful of years older than me and in the 1960's and 70's when we were young, her family at least the Kennedy portion, was THE family of note in America. I remember when I heard she was dating Arnold Schwarzenegger I thought, "Huh?" Then of course I took a look at their charts and thought, "Oh, yeah, Leo & Scorpio, that is all about fighting and make up sex." Criminey, look at Bill and Hilary. Well, wait a minute it is best if make up sex is with your wife.

Anyway, Lynn Hayes has more on the former First couple of California. Go to the link for the whole thoughtful post.

Maria Shriver’s chart shows a Scorpio Sun in the sixth house of service and work; in fact, she has five planets in the sixth house revealing her deep commitment to helping others. With Taurus rising she avoids change wherever possible and prefers stability and financial security to a more transitory life. When Schwarzenegger was governor she rarely spent time in Sacramento with him but instead stayed in their home in Los Angeles.

Shriver’s Moon is in Leo, so there is a part of her that also needs the attention that Schwarzenegger seeks so easily. Her Moon conjoins his Pluto which generally shows an intense and powerful connection, although the Pluto person (in this case Schwarzenegger) often overpowers the Moon person who can feel left behind. His Saturn also conjoins her Moon which can feel confining but also protective. This is an important significator for marriage and commitment. The linkages between their charts is less powerful for him than for her which has likely made it easier for him to minimize the marriage if in fact that is what occurred.

Shriver’s progressed Midheaven is preparing to move into Aries – the beginning of a new 30-year cycle that will inspire a powerful motivation to find her own way in the world and develop a career in which she can play a leading role. Last year’s Chiron/Neptune conjunction transited her ascendant between May of 2009 and November of 2010 – a cycle which likely caused her to re-examine who she is and how she wanted to express her life

Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/astrologicalmusings/#ixzz1MR62lbYn

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scorpio Full Moon

May 17 7:08am

The full moon in Scorpio means the accent is on releasing emotions. We are halfway through the earthy Taurus lunar cycle, if we have been feeling stuck in the mud or lazy, the force of the watery Scorpio moon will push out the muck and mire so we can get moving. Pipes need to be flushed, intestines need to cleared and tears need to flow.

This moon compels us to push ourselves and then…we collapse. The Sun in Taurus wants to be practical and hold on but Scorpio knows it is better to let go and evolve. This particular full moon has a beautiful (out of sign) trine with Uranus in Aries which puts the accent on unusual breakthroughs. The emotions that come up on full moon help us access changes we need to make, changes we instinctively feel but perhaps have no idea how to manifest. However, Neptune in Pisces is square (out of sign) to both Moon and Sun which means the changes may come out of a bump. And with Neptune there can be the three ‘Ds:’ disillusionment, delusion and depression. That would be the bump. Neptune also rules oceans, films, petroleum and gas. Technically, full moons pull on all tides including rivers, I can only imagine what this full moon will do to the already swollen Mississippi. Sigh.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Astrology of Quantative Easing (QE2) Ending

For those people who rely on money to get through their life, you may want to take note of something happening this summer. On June 30th, QE2 will end. Wait a minute, the Queen Elizabeth is going into dry dock? No, silly, not THAT QE2, I'm talking about Quantative Easing 2. It will be wrapping up at the end of June and the big question is---what is that going to do to us?

A small primer course on QE2.
After the stock market crashed in 2008 (and more importantly to us, Pluto turned direct heading for Capricorn) The Federal Reserve knew that we were in a total shit storm and about to become shitstorm x 2. In order to make it only a hideous headache and not a mega hideous headache, The Federal Reserve said, "Hey, we'll buy our debt so that our economy won't completely crash." Of course, buying our debt means printing money. That sort of kept us upright but then a year later we were still weak and in 2010, The Fed said that we needed to buy even more debt.

Well, on June 30th, QE2 ends and that means our debt will be ready for the world to purchase. Will China, Japan, Europe be racing to our shores to buy our debt? Will other countries say, "Hey give me those American T bills, I've got a rumpus room that needs wall papering". Based on the chart of Cancer New Moon on July 1, I believe that the end of QE2 is going to be one Super World of Hurt. Mega, Super Hurt.

The New Moon has Pluto opposite both the sun and the moon and all three of them are squaring Uranus in Aries and square Saturn in Libra. This is basically a recall of last summer's cardinal climax. The only difference is that Uranus is not going back to Pisces to find redemption like he did last summer. He is digging in and fighting for changes. Pluto in Capricorn is all about reform of business and money and the Sun and Moon in Cancer is our homes and the things we keep close to us, like food and shelter.

I gotta say we all know that there need to be changes throughout our economic system. But this could be one painful process. I know the concern everyone has is runaway inflation. But my own concern is deflation.

The Cancer lunar phase (all July) will be painful. But before we get to it, we will have the eclipses in June which will certainly inform us of issues that we need to address. No one should feel blindsided. And if you do, then you are being deliberately obtuse.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This week ahead

Mars enters Taurus

Venus/Jupiter: Expansive, big money day, big love day. Watch your wallet. Great day to find a new resource and dig in but make sure you don't overeach. Curious to see what this day does on the stock market.

Mercury/Jupiter: Opinions and comments are loud, communication feels big. Lots to talk about but at the same time it can be stir up stuff that will be valuable later.

Thursday 5/12
Mars/Neptune: Creative, inspired and action that speaks to values and spirit. Putting action to our higher desires. Lofty theology is down on the ground doing real work.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A thought on Mother's Day and on our Moons!

Sunday was of course... Mother's Day and although I am a mother, I have always been ambivalent about Mother's Day. Even as a child I could smell something overtly artificial about it. Then when I learned it was a holiday generated by American florists and card makers in the early 20th century, well that squashed the small amount of sentimentality I had around the second Sunday in May. However, despite my ambivalence I would like to take a moment and send a big wave of thanks and appreciation to all my 'mommy' friends. Being a mom is an tireless job. Well, actually there is a caveat. Being a GOOD mom is hard, difficult job. But worth it, at least in my opinion.

In astrology the planet that describes mothering, motherhood and mom in general is The Moon. The sign of the moon and the house and the aspects with other planets will describe how we mother our children. And our own relationships with our mother.

Moon in Aries: Mothers with Moon in Aries work like a dickens to teach their children independence. They also push their children to 'get out there more.' These moms value children who can work alone and create their own path. They can be impatient and they have Zero tolerance for whines and complaining. If their kid is going on and on about some perceived injustice Mom with Moon in Aries will push their child to fix the problem. "Did you talk to the teacher?" "Did you and the coach come up with a new strategy?" "What are YOU going to do about it?" This is what she tells her kid. And yes, Moon in Aries mom will not resist, "You have my permission to use your karate on that kid." They are bold moms, to say the least. When these moms were children, they either had the freedom and independence that they needed which is why they value it so much for their children. Or the opposite they saw their own mother lacking independence so much that they vowed to break free in every area so they could be independent and free from anyone's thumb.

Moon In Taurus: These moms value traditions. They appreciate every holiday and will go a long way to create traditions for their children. They are especially committed to handing down cultural traditions. They love it when their child puts money away in piggy banks and are big proponents of early savings account. Whatever cultural traditions exist in the family are important to mom perhaps more than any other moon signs. These are also the moms who will go to doll shows with their older daughters and have a fun and cozy weekend--just the two of them. As children, Moon in Taurus often were mother's little helpers. If they had a lame mom they came away from childhood with a decided opinion that routines and risk aversion are important to a successful life. Which is lovely but at the same time they can miss the value of variety.

Moon in Gemini: Moon in Gemini moms are smarty pants. They are pretty sharp and value cleverness in their children. They are not particularly sentimental and are more appreciative of good conversation with their children then coziness. However, they can quiz their child to death and should not be surprised if their child lies to them which is done to only to get mom off their back. Ironically, they can give their child a lot more latitude than other parents but because they crave so much for information, the child can pull away. The best path for Moons In Gemini is to have outside interests which fully utilize their skills and talents then there will be less pressure on their child to provide the entertainment. Growing up, Moon in Gemini needed a lot of stimulation and if she didn't get it from her mom or saw her as uncommunicative, she vowed to be a big talker with her children. Either as a child or an adult moons in Gemini do need to address their impatience especially their snappy answers to stupid questions as they can read critical.

Moon in Cancer: These moms are motivated by their intuition. If you asked them to describe motherhood they can't. It is just something that oozes around them. They connect to their children through instincts. If they can't feel their children they are completely at a loss. Not just "feel" meaning touch but feel instinctively. Food and family is critical to Moons in Cancer. They give a lot of thought to meals and food schedule. Family to moon in cancer is a defined "family" meaning it is not limited to blood relatives but who they define as family. This family is important to Moons and their children. They work on their children's feelings and are always shaping the child to connect to their world through emotions. As a child Moon in cancers connected to their own mothers. If the moon was unaspected the emotions flowed easily. If a planet has a hard aspect, the mother could be either hot headed or cold and shut down. In response moon in cancers vowed they would be more connected to their own emotions and more comfortable in expressing them. Although they too can find themselves flowing too much.

Moon in Leo: These are big mothers. They feel passion and drama through their children. And usually they are rewarded by bigger than usual personalities in their children. Motherhood is not small to them. They don't just have a problem with their kid they have a BIG problem with their kid. And the same is true on the good side. Their child is not just a tennis player, they child is Olympic level tennis player. Whether they are really BAD or Olympic quality good is immaterial because it is at least in their mind and that is what is important. Loyalty is a high premium to these mothers and their children know perfectly well what move would be considered disloyal. As children, Moon in Leos see their own mother through dramatic eyes. If the moon is unaspected they could have a lively, creative and dynamic relationship. If the moon has harsh aspects then mom probably exhibited disloyalty or worse, ignored her moon in Leo daughter. This would forge a desire to be very connected to their own children, thus the need for drama.

Moon in Virgo: These mothers connect through their children through a very complicated schedule. They fill up their children's calendar to the minute and everyone better get out of the way when it comes time for homework. It is not just enough to do the work that is sent home by the teacher, these moms will find the tutor who has access to even more work for their child to complete. They also are diligent that their child do chores. These moms have a very nervous energy and can take hypochondria especially regarding their children to the highest calibre. Multiple trips to ER are a pretty normal occurrence for these moms. It doesn't take much for them to throw their kid in the car and head off to ER. They are not sloppy and their child will probably call home when they get older---frequently. Just to keep their Mom off their back. As a child these mom with moon in Virgo felt like their world was somewhat out of control and now try to find control through their crazy calendar. Learning to breathe can help settle their energy.

Moon in Libra: Moms with Moons in Libra will always seek balance from their children. If the mom is tired she will find energy through her child. If she is too wired she will find calmness through her child. If she is lonely she will find companionship through her child. These moms spend a lot of time talking about what is fair and teaching their child the importance of fairness. Although, the moms need to guard against their "tit for tat" tendency since it will teach their child pettiness. As children these moms with moon in Libra learned the value of relationships through their mother. If that mom had a flawed marriage her moon in Libra daughter assessed very quickly who was at fault and made a decision about marriage in reaction to that belief. Whether she was right or wrong about the faults usually play out in her own relationships including the ones with her children.

Moon in Scorpio: Moms with Moon in Scorpio are extreme. They can be very connected to their child, very focused on their every move. Barely giving child any room to breathe. Then that same mom can turn indifferent and cold and be fairly removed from the child. Scorpio moon moms also are very gifted in teaching their child the value of power. Either how to find power in the greater world or how to empower themselves. Sometimes the child finds his or her empowerment when the parent is in her aloof period. The Moon in Scorpio mom when she is was a child often has an event that shapes her history and her future so profoundly that she creates her own moments of transformations for her child. At her soul these moms know the value of the "Phoenix" and either teach their child directly or indirectly that out of the ashes something better will be born.

Moon in Sagittarius: Moms with Moon in Sag are always teaching. A teachable moment is every moment for these moms. They love education and expanding their child's world. Every skill that the moms have they will share with their child. If they don't have the skill but their best friend does have the skill they will take their child to their friend's house and ask her to teach the skill to her child. Strangely these moms have two levels of expertise that are completely different. On one hand they can teach their child that all religions and creeds and basically all walks of life share more in common than they don't. These moms can see the common ground in all and are real sages for their child. Then on the other hand, these moms can be very racially charged. Putting everyone into catagories. Not necessarily flattering ones either. These moms connect to their child through opinions and spend a lot of time pontificating. One thing that helps their speech making is that they usually have a good sense of humor. As children, moms with Moon in Sagittarius needed a lot room to grow and go. They needed to be taken to the library so they could read and learn about other worlds and cultures. Or vacations expanded their knowledge. They would take to learning and expanding like a sponge takes to water. If they didn't get that expansion they folded inward and globbed onto their opinions.

Moon in Capricorn: Moms with Moon in Capricorn spend a lot of time teaching their children the value of stuff. They spend a lot of time explaining what something is worth. "That's too expensive," "That is going to take too much time." They also are aware of people's position in society and will teach either directly or indirectly what place in society that they see their child. Work is critical to these parents. In some cases these parents are distracted by their jobs so much that they are unavailable to their child. This unavailability teaches the child the value of finding their own independence and self reliance. Many moms with this placement had a cold childhood. Their own mom was not available either through her own work discipline or just because she was removed from her own emotions. She learned early that relationships need not be effusive to be important. "Less is More" is the driving force behind these moms.

Moon in Aquarius: Moms with Moon in Aquarius will do motherhood their own way. They will not be limited by the traditional roles and rules associated with 'motherhood.' Fierce and certainly defiant but at the same time social and often friendly. They love a good argument because it stirs them up. The child will learn how to get into it with mom not to be mean but more to break ground. These moms teach their children the importance of carving their own unique path. The moms may accuse the child of deliberately hurting them but in truth, they know in their heart and soul that they taught their child to break rules and outdated mores. As a child, moms with moon in Aquarius may have felt that their moms were not meant for motherhood and were meant for something 'more'. They come out of childhood with a passion to do their own 'motherhood' differently at times aloof, perhaps chilly but never boring. They teach their child the value of being unique.

Moon in Pisces: Moms with Moon in Pisces are highly sensitive and very emotional. They relate to their child through their emotions and often project their own inner most feelings onto their child. This could be troublesome if she is off the mark and her issues have nothing to do with her child. But often they are so sensitive and intuitive that they actually are right on with their assessment of child. They have to rise above fears which can pulse through them at a higher level than other parents. Usually it is their partner that will help calm them down or at the very least their innate connection to spirit. As a child, Moons in Pisces often saw their own mother lost in either drugs, alcohol or some kind of tragedy. Just getting out of bed could have been a great challenge for their mom. Or perhaps their mom created a wonderful world rich in fantasy and creativity. Music and dance is often pronounced in their childhood and the one they provide for their child.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aries is going out like a three ring circus!

Does anyone remember all the way back to .....the beginning of April and the Aries New Moon? We had practically every planet in the zodiac stirring it up with someone. Just a whole lot of action. And now here we are in the last week of the lunar Aries cycle and it is clearly a three ring circus. We experienced:

Donald Trump as a loud Hawaiian midwife

Obama presented the world with a long form certificate which I guess is fine but I'm not sure a trip to Oprah was necessary

Hundreds of horrible tornadoes ripped up southern USA and destroyed lives and towns

A supersized wedding in London

A Pope on his way to beatification, and by the way, do they really have to bring out the coffin for that event? Yeesh.

NATO missed Kadafi but took out his son and grandchildren

And where Nato Missed the mark, Navy Seals did their job---Osama Bin Laden is taken out in some wealthy suburb in Pakistan. I for one cannot wait to see THAT mansion.
And now everyone is talking about what to do with Bin Laden's body. Hey after the Pope's casket untombed I'm used to everything this week.

Anyway this is how we end Aries lunar cycle. The cuckoo of Uranus in Aries and its slow twisted dance with Pluto combined with Saturn certainly makes for weird week.

I predict the Cancer lunar cycle in July will be just as cuckoo...if not more.

Taurus New Moon 2011!

I posted the full article for Taurus New Moon over at Margaret Wendt's site.

It is going to be a lovely 28 day lunar cycle. I think it is exactly what we need after such a feiry and action packed Aries month. Phew! I'm just exhausted thinking about the last cycle. Man.

Anyway, you will all probably feel relief as everything starts to slow down. We will have a moment to catch our breath but because there are still so many planets in Aries we will not collapse. We will continue to move and in this case build upon opportunities that will clearly show up. Here is a snippet of the article but go to the link for the whole post.

TAURUS –Where there is a way---build upon it.

A small confession. Sometimes when I draft a chart for a new moon, I ask myself if this chart was not a Moon’s chart but instead was the chart of a human, “Would I like this person? Many times the answer is NO. But I have to say with this chart, I would like them. Especially, now having completed 28 days of Aries.

Last month we were fiery, we were all action, we were racing so hard that we could barely see straight. But we knew we had to do it because that is what Aries calls upon us to do—get straight and get out in front of stuff and get out in front our future. Thus, the Treasure Maps.

But now we are in Taurus and Taurus likes to SLOW things down. Way down. The catch phrase for Taurus should be, “Hold on.” It is the first earth sign of the zodiac and it is earthy. It likes to dig in the dirt and put down roots. It is grounded. Super grounded, like the 737s in Southwest Airlines. Taurus doesn’t fly up high they want what is nearby. They like to be invited to the party and they might even throw the party but don’t get Taurus to go out on the limb. They are not interesting in going out of their comfort zone. They want to keep things close so they can control their world (as if anyone can really control their world). They are adverse to risk taking. But get them to build upon their own success slowly, bit by bit? They are all over that path! And they do it beautifully. While others fritter away time and money Taurus will slowly put something away until they have a real concrete result. It is not a surprise that Taurus rules real estate, properties and to a certain extent money and banks. They really get the value of holding something. A little bit at a time and they will get where they want to get. Of course, as grounded as they can be, they are also very stubborn and that is their greatest blind spot.

Pluto in Capricorn; Education: What is it worth?

In the two and half years since Pluto officially moved into Capricorn there has been an undercurrent that really speaks to this powerful astrological influence. What are things worth? Not superficially, but REALLY worth. When we were first blasted with this cold question was when the stock market crashed in the fall of 2008 and sucked out the economy and jobs. Families looked shell shocked when they saw their retirement collapse and their income resources collapse. Did people put all their eggs in one basket? All that time and energy for a job? Was it worth it to our families? The towns we chose to live did it really resonate with us? Why were we there and was it really worth it?

As we continue to slog through Pluto in Capricorn which will be with us for the next fifteen years, we will continue to ask, "What it is worth?" And one area that is RIPE for inspection is ANYTHING with pretense. From things as banal as, "I know it is expensive, but it is a really great restaurant and hard to get into." Really? is it that great? Is it really that big a deal? And is it worth the money? To subjects much more important such as health care and ...drum roll.... education.

This morning I felt like staying cozy in bed and poking around on TV and I ended up on CNN. I was watching Fareed Zakaria's GPS show on CNN and one of his guests was the journalist Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell is one smart dude (who by the way happens to look like a young Brian Grazer (hair and all) and he has taken the topic of college rankings and put them on their ear. It was very interesting.

We all know Harvard, Yale and the other places that are brick with ivy, are high in college rankings. But what Gladwell said was if you take that list and put in one or two components that aren't normally put in the criteria for school rankings, such as...hmm..."What is the pay scale for those graduates when they get out?" And well, that is where things get cuckoo. For example, suddenly BYU and Alabama are ranked higher than the usual cast of characters. Sorry Crimson.

I'm not suggesting that education choices should be based on future income but my point is that looking underneath the pomp and circumstance or pretense of what everyone thinks is great, is PERFECT Pluto in Capricorn.

Take a look at GPS (Fareed's show) and more about Malcolm Gladwell's College Rankings, and remember Pluto in Cap!

I hope to bring more postings about "what are things worth?" in the months to come.