Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scorpio Full Moon

May 17 7:08am

The full moon in Scorpio means the accent is on releasing emotions. We are halfway through the earthy Taurus lunar cycle, if we have been feeling stuck in the mud or lazy, the force of the watery Scorpio moon will push out the muck and mire so we can get moving. Pipes need to be flushed, intestines need to cleared and tears need to flow.

This moon compels us to push ourselves and then…we collapse. The Sun in Taurus wants to be practical and hold on but Scorpio knows it is better to let go and evolve. This particular full moon has a beautiful (out of sign) trine with Uranus in Aries which puts the accent on unusual breakthroughs. The emotions that come up on full moon help us access changes we need to make, changes we instinctively feel but perhaps have no idea how to manifest. However, Neptune in Pisces is square (out of sign) to both Moon and Sun which means the changes may come out of a bump. And with Neptune there can be the three ‘Ds:’ disillusionment, delusion and depression. That would be the bump. Neptune also rules oceans, films, petroleum and gas. Technically, full moons pull on all tides including rivers, I can only imagine what this full moon will do to the already swollen Mississippi. Sigh.


  1. Tracy I thought I should share this post because it so insightful. So I shared it on my Facebook page and also stated that it is from your Blog.

  2. Most excellent thoughts! Plus, the full moon is on Algol... Coincidentally, I watched "The Exorcist" on TV.