Friday, May 20, 2011

Algol --The Dark Star

As we all know we had the full moon in Scorpio on the 17th and it was not without its bumps. I indicated that the beef with Neptune would certainly put pressure on getting the murk out, some delusion, depression disillusion and then collapsing.
Gawd knows I certainly felt my words later as the week unraveled. But even in that climate there was still something else going on. I could feel it. I know many astrologers follow closely aspects with some of the other stars besides our little ol' Sun. Asteroids and stars are important in astrology and admittedly I don't always give them as much respect here on my blog as I should. And this week more than ever I should have been more on the ball.

Many astrologers pointed out that this Full Moon, the Sun conjunct Algol and I gotta say, given the events, they were smart to get all over it. Algol is one hell of a fixed star. It is associated with beheaded Medusa in the hands of Perseus. The ancient and not so ancient astrologers consider Algol the most evil star. The visual of Medusa's head certainly evokes evil. But of course, once a year the Sun hits Algol and the world does not go crazy. However, this was a full moon and deserved some attention.

I decided to go see who said what and I gotta say Darkstar Astrology was all over this. On May 12th was this posting:

I think there could be the removal of a head of state or even a religious leader with Jupiter involved. Maybe it might be as simple as the removal of some religious dogma or law. For us personally this could weeding our own beliefs, and dead-heading those superfluous rites and rituals that we adhere to.

"Put this energy with the Moon and we get a real determination to wear the crown at all costs. The archetype of the Sun, the proud lion and the monarch is up for this Moon, but so is the ambition to behead anyone that gets in the way. The important thing these two weeks will be to own your own sovereignty. The fantasy element is high though and we wonder if we are building castles in the air. But at the end of it, the bird eye view of Jupiter will be able to show us just how realistic we have been in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes the bigger picture can show that what seemed like pipe dreams at the time, were actually quite small and reasonable within the landscape."

Arnold? Strauss-Kahn? Yep, that is some smart, insightful and prescient writing.

And I promise you, I will bring more attention to fixed stars in the future. It is fun to mix it up anyway.

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