Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking ahead.

5/22--Sunday: Sun Square Neptune: Illusions, delusions and deceit and hiding in plain sight. The Great Mystery is more in charge than us mere humans. Most of the time we can go through our days and live like we are in charge. But then there are those days when we have to get out of the way and raise our heads to the sky and say, "I give up, you are in charge." Be brave and turn off your logical side and let your spiritual side speak to you.

5/23--Monday: Venus/Mars: Actions based on love and values. It is simple, if you value it you step up for it. Anger and action sometimes get blurred but the higher purpose is love and creativity. The message is there for your heart and your feet--get moving.

5/25:--Wed: Sun/Uranus: dynamic, energetic changes, genius and creativity with brilliance. Our drive gets a shoot of fuel injection which brings out amazing insights. Watch who gets a rocket boost this week. Perhaps it is you.

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