Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon
July 1 2015  (July 2 east of USA)
10:19pm EDT
 9 Cap 55

How is the rewire of your brain going?   We discussed back on the Gemini new moon two weeks ago that this was going to be a fast moving and bumpy cycle. But the point of the speed and the warrior bumps is not to just bug us but to help us rewire our brains.    Case in point two weeks ago most of America would have thought the confederate battle flag would be flying in the south until Hell freezes.  Then on New Moon innocent people were gunned down because of their race.     The relatives of the victims were compelled to forgive the killer two days later.   Two days after that the word was out that it was time to bring down the battle flag.    Kind of a done deal, a divine fiat.     Do you see the speed?  Do you see how it is confidence versus warring?   It could have been a huge battle and yet—there was none.  Why?  Because we are there.  Our consciousness is there we just needed our brains to catch up and so we rewired our thoughts about the gunning down, the forgiveness and the flag… and we continue to rewire for the rest of the cycle (ends on July 15th) as things come up to be processed.    

Now on Capricorn Full Moon we are continuing to rewire our brain but this time we are looking through our emotional (Sun in Cancer) and our practical natures (Moon in Capricorn).    This is a curious teeter-totter.    With Pluto on the Moon and Mars on the Sun there is a battle going on.     Warrior Mars is not done prodding us.  Emotions will want to flow and not the most elevated feelings.  Really base feelings, like the kind you find in youth when you get into a fight with a warring toddler. But Pluto is small and powerful.  He is standing next to the Moon in Cap and together they look at runaway emotions with a very jaundiced eye like a seasoned parent.           Watch and see what big, dramatic emotional scene takes place during Capricorn Full Moon (July 1 10:30pm through July 5, 7:16am (EDT) and observe your response.   Will you go balls to the wall with your emotions?   Or will you activate your inner CEO and fire your emotional self?   Is this really a time to be raw?  Or is it a time to be practical?   How does this shift your wiring?     

Despite all the drama and telenovella tension during the full phase there is a gentle Sun trine Neptune and Moon sextile Neptune.  Somewhere in the pile of doo-doo there is faith, hope and understanding.    Find your kind side in the mirror at the beginning and the end of the day, it will help.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Coming Up This Week

On Sunday June 28 we move out of 1st quarter moon and into gibbous phase.    This Gemini lunar cycle has been fast moving.  Things come up and move quickly.  I thought that the speed might slow down when Mars moved into Cancer on June 24 but the back end of the week things were speeding along at quite a clipped pace.   God knows Friday was one large news day.   

On Monday and Tuesday we have some beautiful aspects.  Venus Trine Uranus brings liberation around love and resources.  Creativity and beauty are uplifting actions that speak to the heart will be highlighted.     Unexpected boosts or door opens could appear.   And then there is the Sun trine Neptune we are inspired and have a love of humanity.   Gentleness is supported.  Faith ascends in both personal experiences and may even transcend on a global level.   Nice. 

On July 1 Capricorn Full Moon.  Post to come. 

Gibbous Moon
June 28
7:23am  EDT   

Focus on:
 What have you missed about finding your power?   Where are you neglecting your power?   What needs to die and be reborn?  Are you missing it? 

Special Focus:
 6/29:  Venus trine Uranus:  Unexpected love and money.  Out of the blue joy and love.  Change in values brings a boost.  Resources appear unexpectedly.
7/1:  Sun trine Neptune.  Sensitivity around family.   Faith and action hand in hand.  Emotions and self-esteem are in alignment.  Humanity causes highlighted.

Full Moon Phase
July 1
10:19pm EDT
9 Cap 55

Focus on:   Full Moon in Capricorn.   Where are you in the world?  How does hiding in the familiar hurt you out in the world?   Where is your inner CEO?  Where do you need to be an executive?  Where do you need to step up and take care of business?   Where do you need to put your emotions on freeze?    More detailed post to come. 

Special focus:
7/3: Mercury sextile Jupiter.  Inspired thinking. Breaking out thoughts.   Creativity. Strength.  Mental potential meets full throttle drive. 
7/5: Mercury sextile Venus:    Fun conversations.  Inspired conversations around money and love.  Things feel fresh.
7/5: Mars semisquare Jupiter:  Watch the action based on righteous beliefs.   Could be problematic. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

After Uranus/Pluto Tension: Give Yourself A Gift

I saw the billboards and I was a bit intrigued, I saw ads for it on TV and was more intrigued and last week I decided, "Oh, WTH, let's record it."    Perhaps it is my Venus in Aquarius but I do find myself in weird entertainment corners.  Anyway, I am putting it out there.   I really liked Mr. Robot.   It is on USA and it got a second season pick up before the premiere even launched.    I hope the series can sustain but the first episode hooked me...for sure.  

From an astrologer's point of view it is the perfect show for us, now that the long square between Uranus and Pluto has begun to unwind.    From 2012 until March of 2015 we were slugged and punched by Uranus and Pluto if not daily, weekly, for sure.   It was a long hard period and like soldiers who survived an incredible battle we have come out of the warfog with our wiring a wee bit 'different'.    I think Mr. Robot appeals to the new wiring.    There is also something about it that reminds me of those good films from the 1970's.    I feel like Coppola and Scorsese who when they weren't doing mafia movies, they were doing something else...and this feels like their something else.

Anyway, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Week

This week started and continues under the Crescent Phase of the Gemini Lunar cycle.   Our New Moon ended on June 20 early in the morning (4:40am EDT).  Looking back, just for a second, what seeds got planted between June 16th and June 20th?   Take a moment and think about your last week.     We discussed that there would be crazy and tension and we certainly saw it in a church bible study class in South Carolina.  Very sad. but by the time we got to Crescent this weekend we saw strength and a different kind of pride and accent on truth and and what is real and whole.    It was all laid out in moving sermons on Sunday.

The crescent phase continues until tomorrow.    We continue to learn stuff from the seeds planted on new new moon.   

Our Focus:  What are you learning about your strength?  What are you learning about being dramatic?  What are you learning about being courageous? What are you learning about your creativity? 

Then tomorrow we move into 1st quarter moon.  This is when we make actions based on seeds planted in New Moon.    What seeds were planted, what did you learn for four days and now what actions are you going to take?   

First Quarter Moon
June 24

Focus on:  What actions can you take that speaks to your relationship?  What actions can you take that bring balance?  What action can you take that focus on partnership? 

Special focus
6/24: Mars enters Cancer

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Saturn Back in Scorpio

Saturn returns to Scorpio

On June 14 Saturn who has been retrograde since March 14 went back into Scorpio.    As you all remember in the end of 2012 Saturn went into Scorpio, it was there through 2014.  Then it went into Sag for a few months before it retrograded.  It is now back in Scorpio for its final journey before it goes direct on August 2  and then leaves Scorpio on September 17.    Let’s go over this Scorpio agenda one more time—we are talking about sex, debt, tax, legal stuff, crime, power, death and rebirth.   We are talking about the parts of our life that are black and white.   This sign is no day in the country but here is the good news, when Saturn is done with Scorpio we will get a real handle on sex issues primarily how important it is to us or not and how do we use it or deny it?   We learn to figure out where we find empowerment.   How is our legal stuff looking?  And what is going on with our taxes?   And most important of all, what needs to die and be reborn again?    Especially, since Saturn in Sag and Pluto in Capricorn are in mutual reception meaning they are in each other ruling signs, we are purging the bullshit.   Both physically and mentally.    

If we all believed in coincidences and none of us do, it is interesting that in the Gemini cycle where we are getting our brains screwed in straight we are getting a lot of mental hurdles and we are getting rid of crap one more time, but this time with feeling as Saturn starts its final leg of Scorpio.  After September 14 we won’t have Saturn in Scorpio for 27 years.    Let’s get our brains screwed in straight about our empowerment and get rid of the riff raff.    

Here are some other takes: