Saturday, June 27, 2015

Coming Up This Week

On Sunday June 28 we move out of 1st quarter moon and into gibbous phase.    This Gemini lunar cycle has been fast moving.  Things come up and move quickly.  I thought that the speed might slow down when Mars moved into Cancer on June 24 but the back end of the week things were speeding along at quite a clipped pace.   God knows Friday was one large news day.   

On Monday and Tuesday we have some beautiful aspects.  Venus Trine Uranus brings liberation around love and resources.  Creativity and beauty are uplifting actions that speak to the heart will be highlighted.     Unexpected boosts or door opens could appear.   And then there is the Sun trine Neptune we are inspired and have a love of humanity.   Gentleness is supported.  Faith ascends in both personal experiences and may even transcend on a global level.   Nice. 

On July 1 Capricorn Full Moon.  Post to come. 

Gibbous Moon
June 28
7:23am  EDT   

Focus on:
 What have you missed about finding your power?   Where are you neglecting your power?   What needs to die and be reborn?  Are you missing it? 

Special Focus:
 6/29:  Venus trine Uranus:  Unexpected love and money.  Out of the blue joy and love.  Change in values brings a boost.  Resources appear unexpectedly.
7/1:  Sun trine Neptune.  Sensitivity around family.   Faith and action hand in hand.  Emotions and self-esteem are in alignment.  Humanity causes highlighted.

Full Moon Phase
July 1
10:19pm EDT
9 Cap 55

Focus on:   Full Moon in Capricorn.   Where are you in the world?  How does hiding in the familiar hurt you out in the world?   Where is your inner CEO?  Where do you need to be an executive?  Where do you need to step up and take care of business?   Where do you need to put your emotions on freeze?    More detailed post to come. 

Special focus:
7/3: Mercury sextile Jupiter.  Inspired thinking. Breaking out thoughts.   Creativity. Strength.  Mental potential meets full throttle drive. 
7/5: Mercury sextile Venus:    Fun conversations.  Inspired conversations around money and love.  Things feel fresh.
7/5: Mars semisquare Jupiter:  Watch the action based on righteous beliefs.   Could be problematic. 

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