Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct today June 11 at 5:34pm EDT.    And not one second too early if you ask me.   Many of us have felt our brains melt.   Just when we think we have something figured out we get blindsided by a new piece of information that puts everything on its side.    There were definitely a lot of bumps with this one and in my case I actually scratched the side of my car.    Nice fat yellow and white streak on the side like poorly painted flames on a wannabe Nascar car.   Which is funny since I drive a Prius.

Anyway, what did you learn this retrograde?   Did you learn to be flexible?  Did you learn to be adaptable?  Did you learn sometimes it is good to show teeth?  Or did you learn sometimes it is better to be quiet and see how stuff unfolds?     And what did you learn about yourself when you suffer through wild miscommunication?  

And what changes did you make in your thinking that can impact your future?  

Give yourself a fat mental vacation.   Go get lost in a book or dinner with a friend or some super bad TV.   You deserve it!   You survived Mercury retrograde.  

Our next retrograde is September 27/28 - October 9.

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