Thursday, June 11, 2015

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune stations Retrograde
June 12
4:09 am EDT

The day after Mercury turns direct Neptune begins his annual retrograde.    What is interesting is that Mercury is in its ruling sign Gemini and Neptune is in Pisces its ruling sign and both turn retro in this Taurus lunar cycle.     Taurus is so practical and those two are so wacky.   Perhaps there is a sober spin to their madness.  Neptune is connected to our dreams and anything divine or spiritual.  Neptune is how we love humanity.    Taurus with Venus as a ruling planet is how we love that person next to us.  Neptune in Pisces is so dang dreamy and really wants to believe that if “I think it, then it will be true.”  Ha!   Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy?  Neptune launching his retrograde now will ask us how to connect to humanity in a practical, real world way.  It is not enough to just think about doing good or whatever it is that we think will help improve the world.  We need to get up and do it.  And be practical about it.    Neptune will be retrograde until November 18 when it turns direct in the Scorpio Lunar Phase, the opposite of Taurus.    Expect some issues to come up in the news for the next six months that leave us scratching our head and we say, “There’s gotta be a practical solution to that issue.” 

Watch your imagination in the next six months, see what comes up.   Watch your dreams and see what comes up.  And watch your faith and see when you allow it to come up.  

peace out. 

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