Friday, May 22, 2020

Gemini New Moon May 22 - Reboot Your Inner Computer

Sorry state of my own keyboard. 

We are in an astrological period of great transformation. Gemini New Moon and this 29 day cycle will bring us a lot of opportunities to shift our thinking.  Why should we shift our thinking?   Who knows?  That's between you and your brain.   But the data and information that is coming in fast this cycle will help you assess where you need to either adapt or pivot.     Don't waste this opportunity to reboot your inner computer.

Here is my report:

Gemini New Moon

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Be Prepared. Astrological Circus Week is Here!

We are in 10 days full of drama.  Intrigue.  Volume.  Love.    Sobriety.     Noise.  Quiet.   Thrills.  Spills.    It’s a circus.

Astrologers have known 2020 is one huge year and have been writing about it for quite some time.   We have been in a cycle of astrological stresses and pulls since 2000 with various challenging years (2008 -2010).  We have seen a lot and experienced a lot but even in all that history -- 2020 is one big year and this is a big week in the big year.  It is not the only big week but it is one that may bring out a lot of stuff. 

We have the Nodes changing sign on May 4

We have Scorpio Full Moon on May 7.

We have Saturn retrograde on May 10. 

We have Venus retrograde on May 12. 

And we have Jupiter retrograde on May 14. 

If things are crazy, well, you will know what was behind it. 

god speed.  

Jupiter Retrograde: May14

Jupiter Retrograde 
May 14 
27 Capricorn 14
7:31am PDT 

Feb 18:      Jupiter Shadow starts 
May 14:     Jupiter station retro 27 Cap 14 
Sept 12:    Jupiter station direct 17 Cap 24 
Dec 6:         Jupiter shadow ends 

Once a year Jupiter will retrograde for four months.   In some ways I think we should all be grateful that Jupiter stations retrograde every year because Jupiter is so full of confidence and exuberance that he really needs to calm down.  While we may enjoy the bold professor, the life of the party, the guy/gal with a plan and a megaphone – we benefit when big personalities get quiet, do their research and make sure their facts are right, their enthusiasm is justified and their actions are based on something sound.    This is the gift of Jupiter retrograde. 

Is there some lost knowledge Jupiter missed on the first trip?   Is there an issue that has not been addressed?  Is there something bigger going on that needs focus?   

There are two stories about Jupiter in 2020, one involves Pluto the other involves Saturn.  

In December Jupiter went into Capricorn and began its march to Pluto.   On April 4 Jupiter got on top of Pluto (conjunct).   Two weeks ago Pluto turned retrograde and now with Jupiter going backwards he’s heading for Pluto again. Jupiter will conjunct Pluto for the second time on June 30.   Jupiter the biggest know-it -all is pushing on Pluto the power monger.    Historian of astrology will tie Clovid-19 pandemic to Jupiter/Pluto along with Saturn/Pluto and the January eclipse.  There is an inseparable connection. 

We will see these two powerful planets play out in the news.   Capricorn rules business and systems, leaders and practices that are for public good.    Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 when the economy crashed, it will continue on its journey in Capricorn until 2024.    Every outer planet that aspects Pluto in these final four years will bring information to the world on what is working and what is not working.    Jupiter touching Pluto expands both the good news and the bad news of Capricorn.   Pluto rules death and rebirth.  Jupiter will want to rescue the world and Pluto will want to transform the world.   You can’t have birth without death.   It is arguable that we should prepare for big deaths in the news.  Perhaps volume due to Covid 19 and perhaps notable personalities.   There will be a lot of churning on our beliefs and opinions about the role of business and government.   On Sept 12 Jupiter stations direct and heads for its final conjunction with Pluto on November 12.   

The strum and drang of these two planets will be pronounced all year.  
Will there be big ideas?  Yes.  Will there be big scandals?  Sure.   But more to the point there will also be shimmers of optimism even in the biggest hell hole moment.   The challenge will be to find the light that makes sense in your world and transform through it and share your transformation with others.   Expect stories of people doing huge things out of a simple need.    Everybody has Capricorn in some area of their personal chart.  If you know your chart, look to the house for more information.  If you do not know your chart consider what has been up your grill since January.  Expect more input this year.  I know it is tiring but remember all of us are experiencing this conjunction.  We’re all in it together.  

On Dec 18 Jupiter will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius ushering in a new theme where we move out of business and government and more about society in general.  On Dec 21 Jupiter will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius activating a two hundred year cycle with an emphasis on humanity and innovation and its impact on how we function as a society.   

2020 is not a small year and Jupiter is THE player.   Look back to January through now to see how Jupiter played out in your life and plan to revisit some of those same themes again although with new wisdom.  Believe it or not, wisdom is a Jupiter word. 

Let’s go find our wise self.   And maybe our wiseass self. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Venus Retrograde May 12

Venus Retrograde 
May 12 
21 Gemini 50
11:44pm PDT  

April 9 Venus shadow begins
May 12 Venus station retrograde 21 Gemini 50
June 24 Venus station direct 5 Gemini 20
July 28 Venus shadow ends

Venus retrogrades about once every eighteen months. This Venus retrograde is from May 12 until June 25 and will travel from 22 to 5 degrees of Gemini.    The shadow period began on April 9 and the shadow will end on July 28.   The retrograde is the six weeks in the middle of the shadow but issues or themes will be processed the whole period.   This is not to suggest it will be a slog fest the entire time but more that themes will be up for processing until July 28.   

Venus connects us to our values.   Money, love & beauty are associated with Venus because we value them.   Creativity, arts and receptivity are also associated with Venus along with the ability to attract.

Venus can be a little lazy because it draws things through its power to attract.  But when Venus is retrograde we have to work a bit more.  We have to take a moment and reconnect to our values and with Venus in Gemini we connect our heart to our brain.   In Gemini, Our thoughts about what we love and appreciate get a needed reboot.    

You want want to look back at previous Venus in Gemini retrograde cycles (It happens every eight years):
May 2012
May 2004
May 1996
May 1988 & May 1980 (starts in low degree cancer)  

The very last time Venus retrograde in Gemini was May 2012.   What were your values at that time?  What was front and center?  Who  or what got your attention?   How did it connect to love?  Was it love of a human or love of a project?  What was the theme at that time?  How did your mentality shift about what you valued?  What was your thinking and communication then?  How have you evolved out of those values and into something else?   Have you dropped something that maybe needs to be back in the fold?  Is there something neglected in your ability to love self or others that needs a new mental approach? 

Venus in Gemini retrograde will ask our thoughts and communication to consider love not just about your beloved but also love in general.  Gemini is a keen observer.   You may observe a moment, an act, a comment that is born out of love.   This moment could surprise you.  It may have been something you would have missed at other times in your life, but now with a retro Venus you have the ability to see it. While you might feel like a scientist noting the observation it can still connect to a space that is tender and gentle.  

Venus in Gemini can be very fickle.  Watch news stories that speak to changing loyalties and interests.  Venus is also in square with Neptune for most of the retrograde.   Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and although they both connect to love, they do it in different ways.  Venus love is personal, the love we have for a person or persons.   Neptune is the love we have for humanity.  Not the person but the human experience.   We should expect stories that activate our compassion to be in the news.   

Neptune does bring denial and difficult to achieve expectations.  Aspirations are good but try to get practical feedback from others along the way.   Watch the news around June 2, as there could be frustration when Mars forms a square with Venus.  Mars is rough and in Pisces he brings a bit of crazy.  Stories about the arts and creativity and money may be the news.   It could be loss.  However, the good news is that Gemini is the most adaptable sign in the Zodiac.  If we value something we can find a clever solution for any issue.   We need to remember to breathe, Gemini is an air sign and sometimes we just need to put air in a situation. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Saturn Retrograde May 10

Saturn Retrograde 
May 10 
1 Aquarius 57
9:09pm PDT 

July 1 Saturn returns to Capricorn
Feb 3   Saturn enters shadow 
Sept 9 Saturn stations direct 25 Capricorn
Dec 17 Saturn returns to Aquarius 
Jan 3, 2021 Saturn exits shadow 

On March 21 Saturn moved into Aquarius where it will begin a two year journey.   It was noted by every astrologer on God’s green Earth that the era of self -quarantine in most of the world could not be a more clear manifestation of Saturn in Aquarius.   

Saturn the planet of boundaries and restrictions in Aquarius the sign of humanity sent a message to the world.  Stop, get quiet and find humanity in a new way.    

Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius until it pops back into Capricorn on July 1 then station direct on September 9 and return into Aquarius on Dec 17th

Saturn is the most responsible planet in the Zodiac and he is the ruling planet of Capricorn and a co-ruler of Aquarius so he has a comfort in both signs.    In Aquarius, Saturn brings hard work and discipline in a novel innovative manner.   Problems that need focus and ingenuity will be helped by the Saturn trek in Aquarius.   While Aquarius can go long on the rebellious front, Saturn will frown on rebellion that is not sensible.    After Saturn returns to Capricorn there will be a pause on the rebellion and more focus on supporting structures and systems that work. Those systems that are broken will be put on back on the drawing board for another round of discipline and hard work.   Those things who have outlived their usefulness will be ditched.  The nose-to-the -grindstone will be extra pronounced for those people who have planets in late (25 -29 degrees) Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and early Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. 
If you do not know your chart consider  what was getting your focus between January and now.  You may be revisiting those themes.  

In December, Saturn will leave Capricorn for the final time not to return for around 28 years.   The first thing it is going to do when it jumps back into Aquarius is connect with Jupiter on December 21. This will end one very long cycle and launch a two-hundred year cycle where we will be asked to think, connect and communicate with humans and humanity in a new way.   

On Alert: Nodes Gemini & Sagittarius

Nodes are points and are always near eclipses  

May 4, 2020 
10:48 pm PDT 
North Node – Gemini 

Every 18 months the Lunar Nodes transition into new signs.    The Nodes are not a planet.   They are points that are formed where the orbit of the moon crosses the orbit of the sun.  If you have ever looked at how Earth cast shadows upon Sun & Moon to form eclipses, it is the same axis points as the nodes.   All eclipses are near the node points.   We will now move into eclipses that take place in June & December then May & November until 2022.  

When the nodes change signs (they move backwards) they usher in a new cycle for humanity with both hurdles and opportunities.  Finding the lesson in the new awareness, acting upon it and gathering with others (who also rise to the occasion) is the gift of the cycle.    

On a personal level, I like the nodes and look to them for lessons and gifts.  I always encourage those people pursuing astrology to stretch and ‘do their north node.’    It may not be easy at first and there are usually delays around it as I find people have a general resistance to the work when they are young.  But as one gets older, people begin to realize that exactly what they resist is exactly what they end up craving and that is often packed into the node sign and house.   In my experience when you do the work of your North/South Nodes you will be rewarded.     

On the mundane level, we all ‘go through’ the node energy together. I remember on 9/11 when the North Node was in Cancer, the sign of home and family and the South Node was in Capricorn with emphasis on business and career, we all hugged the ones we loved a little harder that day.  It was also extraordinary that most people killed on 9/11 were at work.      A few years later, when Hurricane Katrina hit and I saw all those people in trouble I kept thinking of North Node in Aries—we were missing a leader, a warrior, we seemed stuck while people waited for others (South node Libra).

Yesterday (PDT) the North Node moved into Gemini and its opposite South Node moved into Sagittarius.  So, now we will process these hurdles and tap the opportunities until Jan 18, 2022.   

The North Node in Gemini speaks to our ability to communicate with truth and honesty.  Critical thinking should be pronounced.  Asking questions is paramount.  Speaking with neighbors, socializing in local arenas will be important.   Gemini is an energy similar to a busy bee, going from one flower to another.  Pollinating our local world with our thinking or listening to others and their truth brings in a new pollination and inform us. 

We will need to take care that we not get caught in the less evolved Gemini such as gossip and shallowness.   Take care to double check facts, (a good Gemini word).  There will be a desire to move about which may be tricky in times of quarantine, but Zooms will, no doubt, be high.     We will need to avoid the pitfalls of Sagittarius; zealotry, xenophobia and righteousness that is based on opinions not facts.   Know-it-alls without updated information need to be brought up to speed or perhaps step aside.  

The last time the nodes were in Gemini/Sagittarius was October 2001- April 2003.   The war with Iraq was launched during this cycle which was later proven to be based on faulty information. More people perhaps needed to ask more questions.    What is interesting is Congresswoman Barbara Lee was the only NO vote on the Authorization of Use of Military Force Against Terrorists.    She "warned her colleagues to be 'careful not to embark on an open-ended war with neither an exit strategy nor a focused target'".   Congressmember Lee’s observation arguably has stood the test of time with many senators and members of congress later publicly regretting their 2002 vote.  Ms Lee, the daughter of a Lt. Colonel, born in 1946 has North Node in Gemini.   

There will be teachers who show up in the zeitgeist who are either schooled in academia or by virtue of their experience or thoughtful approaches which will make them a natural teacher.   The gifted astrologer and writer Jan Spiller wrote about the nodes and how to use them in her excellent book Astrology for the Soul.     I cannot recommend the book enough to anyone who wants to know how they can benefit by their Node placements.  I wanted to go back to Jan’s book before writing this article to remind myself of her take on natal chart nodes. Although, it is not mundane, I still found many valuable snippets that can be applied for a world perspective.   One note in particular: 

 “Gemini North Node people are learning to value human relations and the importance of maintaining good will in their daily interactions with others.  They have a tendency to be so aware of their own Truth and their own aims that they are likely to forget the importance of treating others gently.”    (page 149) 

We will talk more about the Gemini/Sagittarius at the eclipses but until then see if you notice in your own body, you circles and the world in general if there is uptick in seeking knowledge and expressions of  truth. 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Scorpio Full Moon - May 7

Aloe Vera ruled by Scorpio 

Scorpio Full Moon
May 7, 2020
3:45am PDT 
17 Scorpio 20 

On the Scorpio Full Moon we find our strength by going deep into our reserves.   Scorpio is the second water sign in the zodiac.   Cancer the first water sign speaks to big emotions crashing on a shore. Pisces is the water in the depths of the ocean with all its curious unseen unworldly sea creatures.   Scorpio is water that can flow like a run-a-muck river spilling out of its banks.  Destructive for sure, but also provides rich nutrients that can be tapped later by farmers.  It is also the water in a river harnessed by dams, providing both water and electrical power for hundreds of miles.   

Deep inside of all of us is a power waiting to be tapped.  We drill into this resource through our extreme emotions.  The emotions that sound like:  Black or white.  Yes or no.  All or none. Everyone or no one.   While some of us may be very measured with emotions all year long which can make for an easier process of our feelings, we could be cutting ourselves out of the power that comes from tapping those deep feelings.    It could look thorny (jealousy and rage) or it could be no nonsense, “I’m done” but it is not subtle.   Use these feelings to tell you something.   Maybe you need a good bout of jealousy to get you off your butt to do whatever it is that has felt out of your grasp for years.  It is worth noting that plants that are ruled by Scorpio are thorny and grow in extreme landscapes like a desert.  Where others fail, Scorpio thrives.   Would the extreme landscape be a feeling of lost, less than, ennui or depression?  It is possible.  But accessing those feelings will give you the gift of a real change and/or an evolution.  

Most of us are trapped in our homes, how perfect Scorpio.  We can all look to our feelings to guide us on the Full Moon without distraction, that is a gift.

The chart of the full moon has a strong aspect to Mercury and Neptune.  Mercury is light and dexterous and on top of the Sun in Taurus opposing the watery moon.  While the Moon wants the depth of emotions, Mercury wants to analyze the hell out of the emotions.   This is fine as long as you don’t rationalize yourself out of the feelings.   Remember, we must feel in order to get to the transformation and power.    We also want something tangible and practical (Taurus) and money/loans/properties also speak to the full moon.  Some of us may realize while we are all in this global time out that we need to make real changes in our lives.   What was fine before Covid is not what we want going forward.  Mercury will help us figure out some ideas. 

Neptune will provide some kind of unworldly component to the three -day phase.   Our psychic animal inside us may growl, bark and purr to get our attention.   Is it a dream that speaks to us?  Is it a feeling about ‘someone’ or a situation?   Is it just a random thought that triggers a deep emotion?     See if something speaks to you or just some weird random situation/comment activates something bigger. 

One last thought—Saturn conjunct Pluto took places on January 12th.  That aspect is still unpacking itself (Covid-19 for example) in the world.  The full moon in Scorpio may have added information for us all since it is the sign associated with Pluto.   Watch the three days and see if there is a call back to January.