Thursday, May 7, 2020

Jupiter Retrograde: May14

Jupiter Retrograde 
May 14 
27 Capricorn 14
7:31am PDT 

Feb 18:      Jupiter Shadow starts 
May 14:     Jupiter station retro 27 Cap 14 
Sept 12:    Jupiter station direct 17 Cap 24 
Dec 6:         Jupiter shadow ends 

Once a year Jupiter will retrograde for four months.   In some ways I think we should all be grateful that Jupiter stations retrograde every year because Jupiter is so full of confidence and exuberance that he really needs to calm down.  While we may enjoy the bold professor, the life of the party, the guy/gal with a plan and a megaphone – we benefit when big personalities get quiet, do their research and make sure their facts are right, their enthusiasm is justified and their actions are based on something sound.    This is the gift of Jupiter retrograde. 

Is there some lost knowledge Jupiter missed on the first trip?   Is there an issue that has not been addressed?  Is there something bigger going on that needs focus?   

There are two stories about Jupiter in 2020, one involves Pluto the other involves Saturn.  

In December Jupiter went into Capricorn and began its march to Pluto.   On April 4 Jupiter got on top of Pluto (conjunct).   Two weeks ago Pluto turned retrograde and now with Jupiter going backwards he’s heading for Pluto again. Jupiter will conjunct Pluto for the second time on June 30.   Jupiter the biggest know-it -all is pushing on Pluto the power monger.    Historian of astrology will tie Clovid-19 pandemic to Jupiter/Pluto along with Saturn/Pluto and the January eclipse.  There is an inseparable connection. 

We will see these two powerful planets play out in the news.   Capricorn rules business and systems, leaders and practices that are for public good.    Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 when the economy crashed, it will continue on its journey in Capricorn until 2024.    Every outer planet that aspects Pluto in these final four years will bring information to the world on what is working and what is not working.    Jupiter touching Pluto expands both the good news and the bad news of Capricorn.   Pluto rules death and rebirth.  Jupiter will want to rescue the world and Pluto will want to transform the world.   You can’t have birth without death.   It is arguable that we should prepare for big deaths in the news.  Perhaps volume due to Covid 19 and perhaps notable personalities.   There will be a lot of churning on our beliefs and opinions about the role of business and government.   On Sept 12 Jupiter stations direct and heads for its final conjunction with Pluto on November 12.   

The strum and drang of these two planets will be pronounced all year.  
Will there be big ideas?  Yes.  Will there be big scandals?  Sure.   But more to the point there will also be shimmers of optimism even in the biggest hell hole moment.   The challenge will be to find the light that makes sense in your world and transform through it and share your transformation with others.   Expect stories of people doing huge things out of a simple need.    Everybody has Capricorn in some area of their personal chart.  If you know your chart, look to the house for more information.  If you do not know your chart consider what has been up your grill since January.  Expect more input this year.  I know it is tiring but remember all of us are experiencing this conjunction.  We’re all in it together.  

On Dec 18 Jupiter will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius ushering in a new theme where we move out of business and government and more about society in general.  On Dec 21 Jupiter will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius activating a two hundred year cycle with an emphasis on humanity and innovation and its impact on how we function as a society.   

2020 is not a small year and Jupiter is THE player.   Look back to January through now to see how Jupiter played out in your life and plan to revisit some of those same themes again although with new wisdom.  Believe it or not, wisdom is a Jupiter word. 

Let’s go find our wise self.   And maybe our wiseass self. 

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