Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Venus Retrograde May 12

Venus Retrograde 
May 12 
21 Gemini 50
11:44pm PDT  

April 9 Venus shadow begins
May 12 Venus station retrograde 21 Gemini 50
June 24 Venus station direct 5 Gemini 20
July 28 Venus shadow ends

Venus retrogrades about once every eighteen months. This Venus retrograde is from May 12 until June 25 and will travel from 22 to 5 degrees of Gemini.    The shadow period began on April 9 and the shadow will end on July 28.   The retrograde is the six weeks in the middle of the shadow but issues or themes will be processed the whole period.   This is not to suggest it will be a slog fest the entire time but more that themes will be up for processing until July 28.   

Venus connects us to our values.   Money, love & beauty are associated with Venus because we value them.   Creativity, arts and receptivity are also associated with Venus along with the ability to attract.

Venus can be a little lazy because it draws things through its power to attract.  But when Venus is retrograde we have to work a bit more.  We have to take a moment and reconnect to our values and with Venus in Gemini we connect our heart to our brain.   In Gemini, Our thoughts about what we love and appreciate get a needed reboot.    

You want want to look back at previous Venus in Gemini retrograde cycles (It happens every eight years):
May 2012
May 2004
May 1996
May 1988 & May 1980 (starts in low degree cancer)  

The very last time Venus retrograde in Gemini was May 2012.   What were your values at that time?  What was front and center?  Who  or what got your attention?   How did it connect to love?  Was it love of a human or love of a project?  What was the theme at that time?  How did your mentality shift about what you valued?  What was your thinking and communication then?  How have you evolved out of those values and into something else?   Have you dropped something that maybe needs to be back in the fold?  Is there something neglected in your ability to love self or others that needs a new mental approach? 

Venus in Gemini retrograde will ask our thoughts and communication to consider love not just about your beloved but also love in general.  Gemini is a keen observer.   You may observe a moment, an act, a comment that is born out of love.   This moment could surprise you.  It may have been something you would have missed at other times in your life, but now with a retro Venus you have the ability to see it. While you might feel like a scientist noting the observation it can still connect to a space that is tender and gentle.  

Venus in Gemini can be very fickle.  Watch news stories that speak to changing loyalties and interests.  Venus is also in square with Neptune for most of the retrograde.   Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and although they both connect to love, they do it in different ways.  Venus love is personal, the love we have for a person or persons.   Neptune is the love we have for humanity.  Not the person but the human experience.   We should expect stories that activate our compassion to be in the news.   

Neptune does bring denial and difficult to achieve expectations.  Aspirations are good but try to get practical feedback from others along the way.   Watch the news around June 2, as there could be frustration when Mars forms a square with Venus.  Mars is rough and in Pisces he brings a bit of crazy.  Stories about the arts and creativity and money may be the news.   It could be loss.  However, the good news is that Gemini is the most adaptable sign in the Zodiac.  If we value something we can find a clever solution for any issue.   We need to remember to breathe, Gemini is an air sign and sometimes we just need to put air in a situation. 

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