Friday, January 28, 2011

Pluto in Cap? Talk to Detroit

Earlier this week I was on Huffington Post and I saw a link to a photo essay in Time Magazine that was hauntingly beautiful. It was a series of photos taken by two french artists of abandoned buildings in Detroit. I could not stop myself. I poured over each photo, reading the text which indicated what was once a grand building in a bygone era was now a relic fit only for a bulldozer.

It was all evocative of Pluto in Capricorn. To me at least.

I'm not saying the decline of Detroit is tied to Pluto in Capricorn, it is not. The breakdown of Detroit began many, many years ago. The American Auto Industry began to wobble in the 1970's when Japanese imports began to flood America. At that time Pluto was in Libra. Libra like Capricorn is also a cardinal sign. The other cardinal sign is Cancer and Pluto was in Cancer during The Depression. That too not a great time for autos.
Do we see a theme?

But of course, with Pluto we need to look deeper. Was all what it seemed? A grand industry just ran its course? Maybe. But what about the behind the scenes moves made by an industry hell bent on dismantling public transportation? Oil, Gas and Auto makers got together and quietly bought up electrified street cars in cities across the nation so they could convert them to .....buses (made by you know who). And they also made the public transportation lines less reliable so people would want to buy--you got it, cars.

All very sneaky.

Okay so what is my point? I feel bad for Detroit and the people who live there and the depressed economy. And I hope that creative, dynamic solutions are found to help rebuild it. But if they rely on ONE industry to come in and be the savior, well I would hesitate. Big Industry, that is one sneaky MoFo and the costs are great not just on one city but on the world.

My husband when he saw the photos said, "Is this our past or our future?" And I said,, "With Pluto in Capricorn, both."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Uranus & Jupiter & Stuff

As we have indicated for some time here, change is afoot. Back in December when Uranus turned direct I said that we need to prepare for the new day in March when Uranus moves into Aries. However, I also indicated we would start see the changes prior to March because the direct motion would start things moving. Additionally, Back on New Moon and then later on the 1/16th I said that Jupiter would start to spin out some big things for us to keep our eyes out for once it moved into Aries.

If you have not been paying attention and godknows you are forgiven since we are all busy just trying to get through our days. But the riots in Tunisia and today's events in Egypt plus yesterday's bombing in Russia have got me seeing Uranus direct motion and Jupiter hitting some balls out of the park. Jupiter, by its nature is a benefic planet but he is so big he can aggravate. He is also in a building square with Pluto in Capricorn which is primarily why these riots and issues of civil unrest are in the news. More will come in Spring once Uranus gets into warrior Aries. But in the meantime, watch your own world. Where is the uprising? Is it your child? Is it your mother? Is it your neighbor? How about the gal at school that always seemed so nice, has she just lost it?

Breathe through it all but know that changes are coming. And a very big case can be made that 'change is good.'

Even if at first it bugs.

What is this week?

Pretty much there is one huge piece of news for this week and that is Saturn turning retrograde. It occurs at 1:10am EST Wednesday which crosses into Tuesday (today) for most of the other time zones. I already mentioned it in the last post about compromise. We are going to have to really dig in and learn the art of negotiation. Not just this week but for the next 4.5 months, until it turns direct on June 13th.

Questions to ponder during these next months:
What is my responsibility?
What is my partner's responsibility?
What would happen if we mixed up the roles?
Is there value in being wishy washy?
How would being 'devil's advocate' help me be more responsible? Or make me a better negotiator?
Is there something I am neglecting when I show up?
Where am I showing grace and good manners? And if not, "Why not?"
How can I be more polite in the world?
Is the structure of my relationship sound? And if not, "Why not?"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturn and Compromise

I was watching the Sunday Morning Political shows today and This Week's opening segment was an interview with three Senators (Hutchinson (R) Conrad (D) and Lieberman (I) who have announced that they will NOT seek re-election. This of course is not news unto itself but for me I saw the Astro angle immediately. There they were being asked to be on the show and talk about their history of working in a Bi-partisan manner. They talked about what it is like to find the middle ground. And of course they are ....leaving. Can you feel Saturn?

All of this taking place while we have Saturn transiting Libra. Libra is the sign of compromise finding the middle ground. It is NOT the sign of Fringe. It is that bridge right smack in the middle. Saturn will be in Libra until 2012 so we have a lot of work in front of us.

And on Tuesday Saturn will turn retrograde, on the same day of the State of The Union. We'll certainly hear a speech filled with Bipartisan comments, why not, we have had it in every speech since Whigs were in party.

But what will it really look like? I don't know. But I can tell you, Saturn in Libra and with Pluto in Capricorn the issues we have are so big that they will only be solved by both parties working. Can they do it? I dunno. It is probably going to get rough before it gets better especially when Uranus moves into Aries in March. As we know Uranus is not subtle so we should expect something this spring or summer that will be a great and big that gets our attention. In the meantinme we need to see what Jupiter generates in the next couple of weeks since Jupiter moved in Aries on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cancer Full Moon January 19

Cancer Full Moon
January 19 4:29pm EST

Sun 29 Capricorn 27
Moon 29 Cancer 27

On the Cancer Full Moon, there is a great pull between being responsible (Capricorn) or being emotional (Cancer). If you think it is possible to be both, terrific. But I believe you will see in your world people losing control, knee-jerk reactionaries, being pouty or hypersensitive. In contrast there will be others who are frigidly composed, laser tongue, nothing superfluous, extremely practical and very“cold”.

The sentimental versus the corporate. Which is better? I don’t know they both have their place. (But spare me the Hallmark card commercials) Of course, where it gets bad is when you bring the corporate problems to the family dinner and when you bring your personal drama over your dead mom to work. For most of us we try to be reasonable and keep everything in their compartments but with the Cancer Full Moons things can get blurry.

Of course the good side of the Cancer Full Moon is when you use the emotions and the need for survival to realize your bigger goals and outlooks. As we know, Capricorn is the mountain goat. High up on the hill he can see everything. The vantage point is great for realizing goals. But the air is thin. Cancer on the other hand is sea level, where the water laps up on the shore. Low tide exposes the rocks and the moss, high tide brings both nutrients and impurities. What is easier for you? High up above the fray? Which has thin air and not too many people. Or sea level which is full of action, with high, high tides and low, low, moods. Both will be pronounced for three days.

This full moon also has an added punch by army-of- one Mars in eccentric Aquarius next to The Sun. Along with a nice fat trine between the Moon and Uranus in Pisces. My take is that this week will be “power to the fringe”. And if it is not just the cuckoo among us who get jacked up it is also the fringy part of all of us that will feel empowered. We just don’t feel like being totally buttoned up.

The accent is on weird twists and turns and what to do with them. Will we shut down because our emotions feel overwhelmed or will we cut off the opportunity because it doesn’t feel practical enough? Watch what comes up on Full Moon and see how it works toward your long term goals.

And for those of you who built a Treasure Map back in April 2010, I encourage you to access this full moon as much as you can. Two weeks ago, on Capricorn New Moon we began the final 3 months to realize our Treasure Map goals. For some people who feel like they have not gotten a lot of their maps, you will be surprised when you see stuff starting to come in now that we are in the final quarter. Cap, Aquarius and Pisces lunar cycles can bring in a lot. I know for me, I had a year when everything important came in the last six weeks before the next Treasure Map. Anyway, I encourage you to see if anything from this Cancer Full Moon stirs you up but on the bigger picture it is leading you to actualize some of your goals from your Treasure Map.

Monday, January 17, 2011

You ask, "Where did MLK live?"

I know this has nothing to do with astrology but I thought you would like to see where Dr. King lived. One of my favorite sites, Curbed has dedicated a page to all the homes of civil rights leaders. I especially enjoyed Susan B Anthony's brick home.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moving The Circle

Last year I read a story posted on one of my favorite sites by a very thoughtful contributor. She posted it right around the time Jupiter was wrapping up his original pass out of Pisces. And for me there was something about the story that was evocative of the painful part of Pisces. Although, Jupiter is considered the great benefic planet and brings good fortune, he is big. And sometimes big is not better. For many people, while Jupiter has been transiting Pisces for the last year it could have expanded the weepier, more sensitive and perhaps fearful tendencies. And maybe amplified clinging to the past or pain. Now that Jupiter is about to leave Pisces (and soon Uranus's move out in March) this would definitely be the time to abandoned attachments to pain. Thus, this story of "Moving the Circle" may call to you in more ways than you know. Where are you in the Circle? Where are others in your life? Do you need to move it? I thank WuWei for allowing me to repost here.

After I read the book, Daughters of Copper Woman by Anne Cameron, if I was "stuck" on a problem, it was almost like I could "feel" the women's circle moving away from me - I would realize what I was doing, and then I would make myself do something else, and it would always help. The rub comes when you are telling your friends, or family members, about the story and why you are acting the way you are.

"Daughters of Copper Woman" is an amazing book, and I still have my same copy from 20 years ago. The back flap says it is a "retelling of Northwest Coast Indian myths shared by a few loving Native women of Vancouver is most treasured for its shining vision of the social and spiritual power of women." Add it to your wish lists!

"Sometimes the women warriors would meet without the men, to sit in a circle and talk women talk, and if a woman had somethin' botherin' her, or puzzlin' her, or scarin' her, or makin' her feel uneasy, she'd say what it was. She could take all the time she needed to talk about it, but it was expected she'd have put some of her own time into findin' the words and not talk in circles, endlessly, takin' up everyone else's time.

Then the other women in the circle who had maybe had somethin' the same happen in their lives would talk about it, and about what they'd done, or hadn't done, or should have done, and sometimes out of it would come an answer for the sister with problems. And even if not, sometimes it was enough to just have been heard and given love.

It was expected that besides just talkin' about what was botherin' you, you'd *do* somethin' about it. Usually it's better to *do* almost anythin' than let things continue if they're botherin' you. But sometimes the best thing you can *do* is nothin'. Sometimes you have to wait for the right Time before you can do.

A woman would come to the circle as often as she needed, but the circle wasn't there to encourage a woman to only talk about her problems. The first three times you came with the same story, the women would listen and try to help. But if you showed up the fourth time, and it was just the same old tired thing, the others in the circle would just get up and move and re-form the circle somewhere else. They didn't say the problem wasn't important, they just said, by movin', that it was *your* problem and it was time you did somethin' about it, you'd taken up all the time in other people's lives as was goin' to be given to you, and it was time to stop talkin' and *do* somethin'."

Jupiter In Aries

Saturday January 22 - June 4, 2011

Jupiter in Aries

We have talked a lot about Jupiter in Aries. But let’s give it one more shot. Jupiter was in Aries last summer, exerting pressure on Pluto. At the same time Uranus was also in Aries putting pressure on Pluto. The tension was palpable.

What did we feel during the BP oil spill? What did we feel about the political rhetoric as it heated up? During the summer the UN sanctioned laws against Iran. The General in charge of the Afghanistan Theater, Stanley McCrystal was fired . A record drought in Russia impacted grain exports, flash floods in Pakistan killed thousands and poverty in the US hit a 15 year high. It was a tense summer.

The last time Jupiter was in Aries was 1998 and 1999. Personally, you can look back at that time and see what was going on with you. Where were you starting something new? What roads that had not appeared before were now in front of you beckoning? How were you feeling large? How were you feeling compelled to expand? Where were you putting YOU back in your life? Dare I say, “How were you celebrating YOU?”

We will have a call back or an echo from that time. But on the bigger picture we should take a look at what Jupiter brings between January 22 when it enters Aries and March 11 when Uranus returns to Aries. Uranus is here to demand change and it doesn’t do it gently. The last time Uranus entered Aries was 1929. If you don't know much about that year I suggest you google it along with the 1930's. They were bumpy years. With Uranus, it is earthquakes either physically or emotionally, revolutions either politically or personally, brilliance and breakthrough and chaos and rebels with and without causes.

Like all the outer planets, Uranus is a generational planet. Everyone born within an 8 year window has Uranus in the same sign. So, after March we will be ushering in a new era when Uranus moves into Aries. Okay…but what does that have to do with JUPITER in Aries?

On Saturday January 22, when Jupiter makes his move, we should look to see what is stirred up. What things are big that get our attention? What things come up that offer new roads and new journeys. It is best not to sweep it under the rug. Even if they seem rough or yucky, they can still be an opportunity. And if we don’t want to seize it, we probably will need to after Uranus gets there. Get your notebook out and start taking notes.

This week Ahead

Okay, last week is over, thankfully. Let's now move ahead to this week.

Monday January 17: 4:56pm (EST) Sun sextile Uranus. A fine day for creative dynamic solutions. That weird thought you have in the morning can actually be more and more enchanting and as you process it through the day you realize it is actually brilliant. Go for it.

Tuesday January 18: 12:50am (EST) Mercury conjunct Pluto. We have been here before, how were your thoughts back on December 13? We normally get this aspect once a year but because of the Mercury Retrograde last month we get another pass at Mercury/Pluto. The top note you must take away from this day is "How can I think like a CEO?" Your thinking and processing needs to be from a higher level. Don't let emotions drag you down, instead be your own boss. Hold your thoughts accountable and communicate like you are a boss. If not to others at least to yourself!

Wednesday January 19 Full Moon (more to come on that) Sun sextile Jupiter 5:39p, big thinking, reaching out, finding bridges. For some, perhaps too much exuberance can get in the way but for others a day of inspired thoughts.

Thursday January 20 The Sun moves into Aquarius. The energy shifts as we go from cool, business, sober thinking to dynamic, revolution and rebellious thinking which is for the good of all. Business to community.

Saturday January 22 Jupiter moves into Aries 12:11pm EST. See additional post.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ophiuchus---trying to get back in? nah.

Every decade or so the discussion that our sun signs have changed comes up.
And now thanks to a story out of Minnesota that went VIRAL, everyone is in a tizzy that their horoscope has changed. There is a long explanation about the wobble of the Earth, the gravitational pulls, orbits and basically our spot in the solar system gets Middle Age Gut. Everything gets pulled out so that the Signs are not in the same place in the sky as they were 2,000 years ago. Hey, I can't get near pants I wore when I was 22!

But, like my hips and bones, they are still me, they just don't fit exactly like they used to fit in hip huggers.

For those who follow Sideral astrology which is Eastern, they have a different set of dates for when a sign begins and ends. Those of us who use Tropical Astrology or Western astrology we have our dates.

At one point in time in Babylon they had a 13th sign, Ophiuchus. Right in between Scorpio and Sagittarius. In fact, he would be my sign, I guess if I lived in Babylon in 500 BC.

Anyway, if you want to read more go here. But truly all is the same.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead on:
Tuesday 1/ 11 Mercury will be squaring Jupiter (3:57pm EST) Mouthy people, lots of big opinions. Watch your words unless you want to live and die by them. Try to fly above the action.

Wednesday 1/12Mars sextile Uranus 5:30am- Inspired, creative, practical action that is visionary. Great day to get sh&&t done.

Thursday 1/13Mercury moves into Capricorn (again) 6:25am we are starting to dig out of the shadow point. Remember back on 12/10 when Mercury went retrogade it was in Capricorn. At the end of November and early December we had some practical thoughts that seemed smart and CEO'ish..then we probably lost our way a bit the rest of December. Now we can get back on track. CEO in the house.

Mars sextile Jupiter 7:35pm. Big ideas that we can sink our teeth into. Where we need action we get outside support to help. Or even if we don't get physical manifestations of help--our ego kicks in and gets the job done. Accent on foreign help.

Saturday 1/14Mars moves into Aquarius 5:41pm. Aquarius is brilliant but also stubborn. Mars is a warrior. Fevered brilliance for all its novelty can be a firestorm for the interpersonal relationships. The next couple of weeks can bristle. Imagine if Ralph Nader was in charge of dinner party? Would there even be food?

A word on Tucson

I am out of my comfort zone speaking about Tucson, right now, since it is an evolving story. But I can say it was very, very sad on so many levels.

We know that the shooting occurred when the Moon was in Pisces. It was not in aspect to the Uranus/Jupiter degree but of course the conjunction is an influence in general for the whole cycle since it happened on New Moon. Pisces is intuitive, highly spiritual, connects to both karma and darma, it is the sign directly connected to divine, for better and worst. It also is connected to those people who are 'unhinged'. Of course, the moon is in Pisces for two days every month and luckily something as sad as this does not always occur. Curiously, the entire health care reform has been tied to Uranus in Pisces. This week, Congress WAS going to begin discussion/voting etc of dismantling the program. Now that has been delayed by Saturday's events.

I like the rest of you was struck by what I learned about Congresswoman Cliffords. A moderate democrat in a republican district. By all descriptions she seemed to be well liked and was trying to make things work in a difficult environment. Does that not speak of Saturn in Libra?

And then little nine year old Christina Taylor Green. Where to begin? Born on September 11, 2001---every astrologer knows her chart. My son is 9 and I naturally know children born on that same date. A very sweet and super smart group of kids.

If you want to read more about the people involved and the astrology Lynn Hayes is posting information.

Congressman Cliffords husband released a statement
. It speaks to where many of us are feeling.

Many of you have offered help. There is little that we can do but pray for those who are struggling. If you are inspired to make a positive gesture, consider two organizations that Gabby has long valued and supported: Tucson's Community Food Bank and the American Red Cross.
Community Food Bank
3003 S Country Club Rd # 221
Tucson, AZ 85713-4084
(520) 622-0525

American Red Cross, Southern Arizona Chapter
2916 East Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 318-6740

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anyone flying to Tampa? --

Well, the runways are closed due to a shift in magnetic north which is leaving Artic Canada and heading for Russia. By the way, I believe the pole is making a mistake. I would never give up Canada for Siberia..but that is just me.

Florida's Tampa International airport closed its primary runway on Thursday after a shift in earth's northern magnetic pole made it impossible for planes to take accurate bearings.

The primary runway will remain closed until January 13, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). "The Earth's poles are changing constantly, and when they change more than three degrees, that can affect runway numbering," FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen told Fox News. Information on the movement of earth's magnetic fields is vital for planes' proper navigation on the runways. Runway designations and charting rely on geomagnetic information and that "aviation is charted using latitude and longitude and the magnetic poles", explained Bergen

Evidently it is somewhat unusual, curious it came up this week with the Jupiter/Uranus aspect. Not sure what I think about it but just to be clear magnetic pole shifts are not the same as GeoMagnetic Reversals. What is the difference? One is a movie of the week, the other is a big ass Jerry Bruckheimer summer blockbuster.

In honor of Capricorn-----

I don't know about you but in order for me to get to the gym I either need George Clooney handing out gold bullion or I need something great on my Ipod. Last I heard George is trying to erase genocide not giving me gold--so I am forced to make sure my Ipod is crammed with good listening.

On this Capricorn New Moon I made sure I went to the gym every day, well, 3 of the 4 days, and the only thing that got me there was THIS AMERICAN LIFE. It has always been my favorite NPR program, (along with FRESH AIR with Terri Gross) it is well produced, so thoughtful and the theme of each hour is constructed beautifully-- to the second. Not one hair out of place. Yesterday at the gym I listened to one of the latest installments. It is called LAST MAN STANDING and as I listened to it I could feel the "Capricorn" in it. The dedication of the people who found themselves the only people believing in something and standing by their belief. Despite all hardships they hung on. I mean....really hung on. If you have a little time, please click on this it. I think you will see what I'm talking about.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Ray Merriman update

When was the last time you checked over at Ray Merriman's site Merriman Market Analyst?

For those of you who invest you should give it a read---just to make sure your money is in a place that is safe and growing. "Huh, growing, what's that?"

Last week, stock markets around the world did indeed go higher. Many soared to their highest level in over 2 years, including U.S., Argentina, and several European stock indices (i.e. German DAX, London FTSE, and Amsterdam’s AEX). At the same time, Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil fell rather sharply, which is understandable when investors see the prospect of tax stability combined with signs of economic growth, and the continuance of historically low interest rates. Stocks have more upside potential in this type of inflationary environment.

All in all, it is a good beginning to a new year. The question is: how long will it last? The very positive Jupiter-Uranus conjunction took place last Tuesday, January 4, along with a solar eclipse. Interestingly enough, the high in many of these stock indices was the day after, January 5. Jupiter-Uranus is one of the most consistent and powerful geocosmic correlates to primary cycles in stocks within an orb of 11 trading days. Of course, the closer to the exact date, the better. So we will watch and see if this is just a temporary correction, or the start of something more ominous, in both stocks and precious metals. My guess is that any decline is just temporary in regards to stocks, and if correct, we could see another powerful advance once it is over. After all, the “Asset Inflation Express” isn’t due to end as long as Jupiter remains in Pisces and Aries, along with Uranus doing the same. But longer-term, Uranus in Aries (2011-2018) may be an accident waiting to happen, due to carelessness, arrogance, miscalculation, and over-speculation.

Also, since we are talking about using astrology for stock market advice...Consider TED PHILLIPS....he is listed on my Favorites column..but you can find him HERE

Jupiter and Uranus ---Ted Williams

And what did we get from the final conjunction of Jupiter Uranus in Pisces this week?

"I became acquainted with my God, that is why 2010 is not wasted" --Ted Williams (GMA)

Before I say anything...I do want to give the disclaimer that this story is fast moving and gawd only knows what other details will come out with time and I don't want to put it up on a pedestal. At all. Not feeling that. But it does speak of this week's astrology.

Clearly a man with talent who abused drug and alcohol, made disastrous choices including recklessly breaking the law, abandoning relationships and then, "I found God". Followed by redemption and opportunity. Just so perfectly speaks to the conjunction. What he does with this....time will tell. Or if you prefer, Saturn The Ultimate time keeper will tell.

ETA: Like I said before, this was a story that was white hot but my own Saturn conjunct Sun wanted to keep my distance. Too fast, too much and within a few days apparently not all was as it appeared (no kidding!) Mr Williams has checked into Rehab. It is all about Saturn. Time will tell. It always does.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

On The Air...

For those of you who are interested---You will find my radio report on Capricorn New Moon on Margaret's site. We just posted it.


Venus finally gets out of Scorpio and into Sag-phew!

Venus has been in Scorpio so long that I almost forget what it looks like in the other signs.

As you may recall, Venus moved into Scorpio back on September 8, it then turned retrograde on October 7. It went all the way back to 27 Libra until November 18 when it turned direct, since that time it has been slowly moving through Libra, through scorpio until----- Drum roll, tomorrow January 7 when it will finally move into Sag at 7:31am (EST).

Now, I ask you--Venus is usually in a sign for about 3 weeks but with the retrograde we have been dealing with Venus in Scorpio for three months---are you ready for change? I know I am!

Venus in Scorpio is watery, deep, dark, brooding, very connected (almost dangerously so) to our partners. We have been mulling over the issue of 'value'. Are we really valued? And what do we value? These questions have been in the forefront. Also, many people have bristled at the feeling of people trying to 'own' us. We have also spent a lot of time on our finances. No kidding. I think it is probably a good thing that our exhurberant Sag cycle had Venus dragging us back a bit but now that we are in a cool and sober Capricorn it is probably time for Venus to move on.

Once Venus goes into firey Sag, we should feel something lift, a little bit more play and fun will enter our world. We might want to take a risk on something but because of the other energy out there it will be a risk but it won't be 'risky'. There is a difference.

See if you get a little wind in your sails that you haven't felt for awhile. Venus will be in Sag until February 5. Enjoy the fire.

Back to the Basics

Since it is the beginning of the year I thought it might be nice to offer up a link or two which explains the basics of astrology. Afterall, it is possible that a lot of you have been coming here and following along but just would like to know a little bit more on the "Basics" of astrology.

There is a great link over at Mountain Astrologer's website.

Also MOlly has good tutorials

Also, last year I put up a post about great books for astrology. Which you can find HERE.

Debt Ceiling to hit in March....

This morning I saw this on the news:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on Thursday urged lawmakers to act soon to increase the debt ceiling, warning that failure to do so would be disastrous for the economy and for Americans.

In a letter to congressional leaders, Geithner said Treasury estimates that U.S. borrowing needs could push the amount of debt past the legal borrowing limit of $14.294 trillion sometime between March 31 and May 16.

I have no intention of following this topic like an ambulance but I am just humored that one day we can have Megamillion Lottery winners and the next moment Treasure Secretary announced we're broke as of March. As previously mentioned here, the congress will have to raise the debt ceiling, which political pundits indicate will probably pass despite newly elected officials who said they would never vote for it. And no one on this side of the computer is surprised this is all going down in Capricorn lunar cycle.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MegaMillions Draw

Tonight's Lottery draw was the 3rd highest---$355 million dollars---Hello, Jupiter & Uranus conjunction

MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) -- (01/04/11)--The winning numbers for Tuesday night's historic Mega Millions drawing are out.

The jackpot has grown to $355 million. That's the third largest in Mega Millions history.

The lucky numbers are 4, 8, 15, 25 and 47.

The Mega Ball is 42.

I gotta say I think there will be a winner tonight. If not, well---let's all go out and get tickets for the next draw, it will be cuckoo crazy.

Update: There was indeed a winner. Actually two winners. One from Washington and one from Idaho. Perhaps these two have a personal planet at 28 degrees Pisces or one of the other water signs. Of course if they have it at 28 Scorpio they will not be inclined to reveal themselves as winners. Smart move by the way.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Raising the debt ceiling or not?

It took me a few days to write up the New Moon and during that time I was not plugged into the news. After I posted the article I gave myself the luxury of seeing what was going on. And it did not take me long to see something up in the air that speaks of this month's solar eclipse in Capricorn.

To raise the ceiling debt or not, that is the question?

On the Sunday Morning Shows, they were all talking about it. Austen Goolsbee, Obama's economic advisor, Senator Lindsey Graham (R), and Conservative Commentator, George Will all said the same thing---it would be catastrophic to the economy if they do not raise the ceiling on the debt. Basically, the United States would default. And if you think we are in a tough position now, you don't know pain when the USA has a bankruptcy sale.

So, what is the problem if both seasoned liberal and conservative politicians are saying..."No, no, no, we have to raise the ceiling."

The problem is the newly elected congress told their constituents that they are going to tell Washington to shove it and stop spending by....NOT raising the ceiling on the debt. Will they do what they said and vote NO? Or will they risk alienating the very people who voted them in by voting to raise the ceiling? Quite a pickle.

And perfect fodder for a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn with a Square to Saturn. I don't know when the vote will come up but I'm guessing it will be after Saturn goes retrograde later in the month. Good luck to all of us.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Capricorn New Moon--Launch your Ambition-NOW

January 4, 4:02am EST
New Moon
13 Cap 53

Wow. Am I ready for this new Moon, or what? You bet I am as a Sagittarius I feel completely exhaused by my Sun's lunar cycle and am ready for Cap. I will even take the bumpy parts, afterall, I know it is time for us to really step it up. Pluto in Cap has been saying so for a long time. Now Uranus and Jupiter are pushing us further up the ladder. Great, got it.

As always I have posted the whole article on Margaret Wendt's SITE. But here is a snippet of what is going on. Go to the link for the full report.

Action First

Now what about this New Moon? First things first, the Sun and the Moon are conjunct Mars. Mars of course is the warrior planet. In Capricorn, Mars energy is very focused and committed to doing things that are results oriented. It does not have a problem following systems that work since they don’t need to go back and reinvent anything. But if the system is flawed they will break it (sometimes ruthlessly) until they find a model that works. Personally, we may feel energized to go to war for the things we that we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards. Our ambitious sides will be called upon. And if you think you are not ambitious, then remember we all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart and you should see or feel a fire brewing in that part of your chart during this lunar phase that will need your ambition.

It will be a strong 28 day cycle. Watch what comes up for you that demands action. At first it might seem like an isolated incident or need but I promise you it speaks to something bigger. In the world, we will see news events where people speak of “urgency and responsibility” and watch who steps up. There may be leaders in that mix.


Also the Sun and Moon on New Moon are in Square to Saturn. This is interesting since Saturn rules Capricorn. The master of the sign is going to take us to school. That could bring us a few ouches. We will probably be tested all twenty eight days. What do we really believe and how committed are we are to our goals? Even if we think we are living and breathing our goals do not be surprised if you are challenged in such a way that you ask, “Do I really have this in me?”

Additionally, on January 26 Saturn will turn retrograde in Libra. Once again, our relationships will be put on notice. Or perhaps we will be put on notice that teamwork and real partnership is not simply ‘phoned in’. The hard work of making relationships effective is not easy but the rewards are great. Learning how to negotiate and find compromise will be critical. Along with picking our battles. Gawd knows we will learn between now and June 13 when Saturn turns direct that the best way to win the war is to lose a few battles. We will have a lot to figure out about our relationships between now and June. If we are weak in areas and rely on others for support we may be surprised to see those are the exact areas that we now have to step it up. And if others are relying on us we will feel inclined to shake off the shackles and let someone else pick up the slack. If it does get a little rough, I want to remind you, Saturn delays but it does NOT deny. If there is any hurdle, you must trust it is there for a reason because Saturn is the planet of absolute perfect timing but you must do your daily work.

I encourage you to go to the link and read the full report there is so much more including the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus which is VERY big influence on us this year.