Sunday, January 2, 2011

Capricorn New Moon--Launch your Ambition-NOW

January 4, 4:02am EST
New Moon
13 Cap 53

Wow. Am I ready for this new Moon, or what? You bet I am as a Sagittarius I feel completely exhaused by my Sun's lunar cycle and am ready for Cap. I will even take the bumpy parts, afterall, I know it is time for us to really step it up. Pluto in Cap has been saying so for a long time. Now Uranus and Jupiter are pushing us further up the ladder. Great, got it.

As always I have posted the whole article on Margaret Wendt's SITE. But here is a snippet of what is going on. Go to the link for the full report.

Action First

Now what about this New Moon? First things first, the Sun and the Moon are conjunct Mars. Mars of course is the warrior planet. In Capricorn, Mars energy is very focused and committed to doing things that are results oriented. It does not have a problem following systems that work since they don’t need to go back and reinvent anything. But if the system is flawed they will break it (sometimes ruthlessly) until they find a model that works. Personally, we may feel energized to go to war for the things we that we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards. Our ambitious sides will be called upon. And if you think you are not ambitious, then remember we all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart and you should see or feel a fire brewing in that part of your chart during this lunar phase that will need your ambition.

It will be a strong 28 day cycle. Watch what comes up for you that demands action. At first it might seem like an isolated incident or need but I promise you it speaks to something bigger. In the world, we will see news events where people speak of “urgency and responsibility” and watch who steps up. There may be leaders in that mix.


Also the Sun and Moon on New Moon are in Square to Saturn. This is interesting since Saturn rules Capricorn. The master of the sign is going to take us to school. That could bring us a few ouches. We will probably be tested all twenty eight days. What do we really believe and how committed are we are to our goals? Even if we think we are living and breathing our goals do not be surprised if you are challenged in such a way that you ask, “Do I really have this in me?”

Additionally, on January 26 Saturn will turn retrograde in Libra. Once again, our relationships will be put on notice. Or perhaps we will be put on notice that teamwork and real partnership is not simply ‘phoned in’. The hard work of making relationships effective is not easy but the rewards are great. Learning how to negotiate and find compromise will be critical. Along with picking our battles. Gawd knows we will learn between now and June 13 when Saturn turns direct that the best way to win the war is to lose a few battles. We will have a lot to figure out about our relationships between now and June. If we are weak in areas and rely on others for support we may be surprised to see those are the exact areas that we now have to step it up. And if others are relying on us we will feel inclined to shake off the shackles and let someone else pick up the slack. If it does get a little rough, I want to remind you, Saturn delays but it does NOT deny. If there is any hurdle, you must trust it is there for a reason because Saturn is the planet of absolute perfect timing but you must do your daily work.

I encourage you to go to the link and read the full report there is so much more including the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus which is VERY big influence on us this year.


  1. Thanks for this fantastic article. i enjoy your language and images very much and my favorite part is the firing of the inner employee who loves cookies.

  2. This one is resonating for me--hard. I got a call today that one of my classes was dropped at the last minute due to low enrollment--cutting my very meager income by 1/3. Whatever lesson Saturn (or whichever aspect) is trying to hammer into me just isn't getting through--I'm completely at a loss as to how to make ends meet. All steps toward a more secure job have failed (not getting interviews, even after networking & other groundwork), so I've been thinking I need to work on dealing with my fears and trusting that things will work out with more freelance-type work, and then I get this "ouch." Still coping with the fear--and grateful that things are not worse, since they could be--but I just don't get what I am supposed to be doing to make money. I want to be responsible & to take action but I don't know where this energy needs to go. Doors keep closing in my life & I keep looking for the open ones but haven't had any luck yet...

    At least I did set an appt. with the local credit counseling service, which was right on for new moon Capricorn.

  3. Linda,
    let me tell you...that employee went out kicking and screaming!

  4. Kristin,
    If money was not a need----what would you be doing?

  5. Writing--no doubt, and a clear goal for the semester was to get a better balance with my teaching work to make room for a writing schedule. Okay, extra time was just handed to me! Now the trick will be to manage fear over things like keeping the electric on (my income is now $500 a month, gross--maybe a little more, depending on what tutoring work I can get, and I'm a single mom of a 4 year old, relying on food assistance & getting all the family support possible as it is, so I do not exaggerate the need here) and not let that stress make it impossible to do anything at all... Even quite successful writers will tell you right out that you can not count on making a living this way, and any income at all would be years down the road. So to pursue this rather than work that pays in the short term is a rather frivolous leap of faith--not very practical or responsible! I think of Neptune (which is in the 10th house of my natal chart, transiting my 1st now )--is this a spiritual calling or a draw into an illusory fantasy? Wouldn't Capricorn/Saturn (transiting my 8th house) prioritize keeping a warm house and a more pragmatic, immediate means of income? I don't know the answer, but I'm learning that I seem to find a way to manage! Thanks for allowing me to grumble. : )

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