Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead on:
Tuesday 1/ 11 Mercury will be squaring Jupiter (3:57pm EST) Mouthy people, lots of big opinions. Watch your words unless you want to live and die by them. Try to fly above the action.

Wednesday 1/12Mars sextile Uranus 5:30am- Inspired, creative, practical action that is visionary. Great day to get sh&&t done.

Thursday 1/13Mercury moves into Capricorn (again) 6:25am we are starting to dig out of the shadow point. Remember back on 12/10 when Mercury went retrogade it was in Capricorn. At the end of November and early December we had some practical thoughts that seemed smart and CEO'ish..then we probably lost our way a bit the rest of December. Now we can get back on track. CEO in the house.

Mars sextile Jupiter 7:35pm. Big ideas that we can sink our teeth into. Where we need action we get outside support to help. Or even if we don't get physical manifestations of help--our ego kicks in and gets the job done. Accent on foreign help.

Saturday 1/14Mars moves into Aquarius 5:41pm. Aquarius is brilliant but also stubborn. Mars is a warrior. Fevered brilliance for all its novelty can be a firestorm for the interpersonal relationships. The next couple of weeks can bristle. Imagine if Ralph Nader was in charge of dinner party? Would there even be food?


  1. whats all this stuff about peoples sun signs changing this year because of the moons gravitational pull? and they added a new sign?