Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gold & Silver hit all time high

This week and yes it is only Tuesday, Gold and Silver hit all time highs--twice. Gold closed (US markets) at $1310 and silver at $22

Interestingly, Sun opposed Jupiter today and Sun Opposed Uranus. Gold is associated with the Sun (no surprise) and Jupiter is associated with 'inflation.' I do not use that word with a big "I" as in Inflationary Market. I use it as in---"to pump up". Jupiter will inflate anything from a waistline to a friendship circle. It just comes in contact and throws its weight around. But what about Uranus? Uranus is the unusual. Uranus is the oddball. And this might have something to do with silver market? As those who follow the metals market know, Silver moves very slowly. In fact it would be a big day if silver went up 25 cents in one day. That would be HUGE news. But in the last two weeks it crossed $20 which was the highest since 1980 and in that amount of time it moved another two bucks. This is weird.

We are certainly still feeling Jupiter's conjunction with Uranus (9/18) which ties with the activity of both metals.

My guess is that there will probably be a pull back on Thursday when the Sun conjuncts Saturn. However, if the price does not retreat, then this would be indicative of a market that is VERY concerned about national currencies. I know you are nodding your head saying, "no shit, sherlock."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aries Full Moon September 23 - 5:17am

As I indicated HERE, the tension between Saturn and Pluto is palpable especially between now and September 30th.

That is quite an environment and then to throw in tomorrow’s big ol’ Aries full moon---well, let’s all get a seat down front because someone is throwing a punch. And given the moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter and Uranus---the punch will be big and it be from out of nowhere. We can either feel it personally (early Libras, Capricorns, Aries and Cancers should go on Def Con 1). Or it will be something we see out in the greater public. Part of the reason why I have not given the “All Clear” from the cardinal aspects of this summer is because of this full moon and next month’s Libra Lunar phase. As I indicated numerous times, I would like to get through Libra before I totally relax.

Anyway, The Full Moon (September 23 at 5:17am EDT) also is picking up on the Mars conjunct Venus in Scorpio---this puts emphasis on sex and other people’s money and investments and crimes in general.

In my neck of the woods I found it timely that city officials from the southern California town of BELL were unceremoniously thrown in jail yesterday. Their crime? Ripping off the hard working citizens of the small town and taking ridiculously large salaries. ( For example $500,000 for the Police Chief?)

Will be seeing more of this while Saturn and Pluto do their tension filled dance.

Cha cha cha.

First Day of Autumn--a bit tense

Today (September 22) at 11:09pm The Sun moves into Libra. Happy Birthday, Libra!

As we know this coincides with the end of summer and the beginning of Fall. Happy falling leaves, good bye sunblock.

During Libra the accent is on negotiations. Interestingly, the Mideast Peace negotiations have begun again although I don't know if Saturn's placement in Libra for the next two years will be helpful. Or specifically, I don't know if the tension between Pluto in Capricorn with Saturn in Libra will be a real catalyst for change---or a catalyst for something else.

Neither planet tolerates superficial moves. But this is challenging since Libra (when it is unprocessed) can be a bit shallow. And Capricorn likes things hard and difficult. God knows we have been feeling this tension between both signs all summer.

What will be interesting to watch is if Saturday's Sun Square Pluto (September 25 8:26pm) and next week's Sun conjunct Saturn (Thursday September 30) will present us with challenges. It may throw some stuff in the air that we have to deal with during the Libra lunar cycle which begins on October 7.

Watch and see.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

UFOs with your conjunction

Over at Lynn Hayes sight UFOS are in the news again. Just in time for this weekend's conjunction.

As I wrote the other day, Jupiter and Uranus reach the pinnacle of their second conjunction tomorrow, this time in Pisces. The combination of Jupiter and Uranus can make for some pretty big (Jupiter) surprises (Uranus) that challenge the status quo (Uranus) of what we believe (Jupiter), so I think we can safely file the plethora of UFO sightings over the past few days under the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction!

read more here:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

And Coincidentally-----Jupiter is big ass close

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Better catch Jupiter next week in the night sky. It won't be that big or bright again until 2022. Jupiter will pass 368 million miles from Earth late Monday, its closest approach since 1963. You can see it low in the east around dusk. Around midnight, it will be directly overhead. That's because Earth will be passing between Jupiter and the sun, into the wee hours of Tuesday.

The solar system's largest planet already appears as an incredibly bright star – three times brighter than the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. The only thing brighter in the night sky right now is our moon. Binoculars and telescopes will dramatically improve the view as Jupiter, along with its many moons, rises in the east as the sun sets.

"Jupiter is so bright right now, you don't need a sky map to find it," said Tony Phillips, a California astronomer under contract with NASA. "You just walk outside and see it. It's so eye-catching, there it is."

Phillips has never seen Jupiter so bright. "To an experienced observer, the difference is notable," he said Friday.

Coincidentally, Uranus also will make a close approach the same night. It will appear close to Jupiter but harder to see with the naked eye. Through a telescope, it will shine like an emerald-colored disk less than one degree from Jupiter.

Jupiter comes relatively close to Earth about every 12 years. In 1999, it passed slightly farther away. What's rare this time is Uranus making a close appearance at the same time, Phillips said. He called it "a once-in-a-lifetime event." While seen right next to Jupiter through a telescope, Uranus actually will be 1.7 billion miles from Earth on Monday night.

Phillips urges stargazers not to give up if it's cloudy Monday night. Jupiter will remain relatively close for many weeks, he noted, providing good viewing opportunities for some time. And for those who are early risers instead of night owls, Jupiter will be visible setting in the west just before sunrise.



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Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday's Jupiter Conjunction with Pisces

On Saturday September 18 at 6:03pm EDT --Jupiter the largest planet of the zodiac will get on top of Uranus the planet of revolutions. The conjunction will take place at 28' 43 degrees of Pisces. This is the second of three waves where the two will tangle. The first time was back on June 8th but at that time the tangleup was in the sign Aries. Remember how pissed we all felt? Remember that feeling of wanting to break free and do our own thing? Those desires were not wrong and have not been extinguished but now with these two mighty energies returning to watery Pisces---well, perhaps we have to go find our soul before we break free? Perhaps our desires were based on something revolutionary but with out a conscience? The final conjunction between these two will be in January 2011. We should consider this period a dynamic and creative time as we process our philosophies and breakthroughs. Are they aligned? Or is our "Rebel without a cause" hurting our perspective? Is it too narrow? Or is it too broad? I don't know only you, the man in the mirror and your maker know the truth. Watch your dreams this weekend. They might have a secret for you.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

San Bruno Natural Gas Fire

Last week's natural gas explosion in San Bruno California is yet another punctuation mark on the cardinal square energies still in effect. We have discussed it many times that infrastructure issues (especially with Pluto in Capricorn) are paramount and with the squares the accent is on the flaws. What might at first glance appear to be a simple pipe rupture has the earmarks of something more. Perhaps corruption and greed will be at the center? I say why not, look at BP, look at the coal mine explosions from the last six months, are we seeing a theme?

Over at AstrologyExplored there is a more detailed chart on San Bruno Explosion worth reading. Check it out fully here, but here is a snippet.

While San Bruno deals with this tragedy, finger pointing is already starting at Pacific Gas and Electric who is no stranger to litigation because of unsafe business practices. In 1994 an investigation by Erin Brockovich led to the biggest settlement on record for civil class action suit. Pacific Gas and Electric had dumped 370 million gallons of cancer-causing chemicals into unlined ponds in Hinkley, California.

But what makes San Bruno the scene for such an accident?

Though long settled by native Americans, then annexed as a Mexican territory as part of the Spanish mission system, the real growth of San Bruno occurred after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

The date of incorporation for San Bruno is December 23, 1914 as reported by the City Clerk of San Bruno on the City Clerk’s page of the San Bruno website.

While we have no time for the date of incorporation, we do have the time and date of the explosion September 09, 2010, at approximately 6:15 PM. Since we have the timing of the event, the event is at the center of wheel while the planets for the chart of the city of San Bruno is on the outside.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This week---Tune Ins

On Sunday besides blessed change of direction by Mercury (see other post) we will have a nice aspect between Venus and Pluto. Great time to find your inner resources. Your strength can be accessed effortlessly. Any insights regarding your money or investments that come to you today could be worth a follow up. Socially, you may run into someone who could be helpful.

On Tuesday September 14 at 12:37am (EDT) Pluto will turn direct at 3 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto spends half the year in retrograde every year so when it turns retro or direct it is not an extraoridinary event. However, in the case of Pluto in 2011 - 2015 we will have Pluto direct moves in tension with the other cardinal planets. We are a bit fortunate that Uranus has moved out of Aries, a cardinal sign, and into mutable Pisces so the tension is not nearly as strong. It is still in effect but not as treacherous (think dental surgery but at least we have novacaine).

From the new moon article:

Back in April Pluto turned retrograde at 6 degrees so as you can see it only moved three degrees but what a powerful three degrees. In that time, BP sprung a leak and we all had to take a look at our oil consumption. And if we gave it no mind then we had to look at the work load on our desks that seemed to increase two fold while the value of our assets decreased. For those of us who know astrology we knew it was not about politics. In the USA, it was not whether a democrat, republican or a giant radish was in power. Pluto’s move through Capricorn was going to bring out the worst before the better no matter what political group was in leadership.

Personally, we have to look at how Pluto is empowering us. And if you know your chart it would serve you to see which house has early degrees of Capricorn. Early degree Capricorn in your 7th house? How are your relationships? Does it feel like a nuclear bomb went off in your marriage? How about eighth house are you feeling the drastic moves in your sex life or have your legal entanglements turned into a giant mess? How about the fourth house, is your home life and family a complete mess? But remember any disruptions are only stripping away the stuff that keeps us from having an authentic life. Pluto transforms from the inside out. It demands a change. Not a superficial change but a real change from our bones and guts. How perfect that Pluto’s direct motion will take place during Virgo demanding we pay attention to details. Details that in an earlier time we might have missed. Now, feeling raw we know that details must not be overlooked. Secrets may get revealed once Pluto goes direct and of course the upcoming squares between Pluto and Uranus between 2011 –2015 will crank up even more changes, both personally and globally. The work we do now could be very helpful then.

Mercury Direct---

Tomorrow, September 12 at 7:09pm (EDT) we will breath a collective sigh of relief as Mercury turns direct. Sigh.

Just to remind you of the important dates.
July 27 Mercury moved into Virgo
August 1 shadow point
August 20 Mercury retrograde
September 12 Mercury direct
September 28 shadow point
October 3 Mercury enters Libra

That, my friends is a lot of Virgo energy. And to have things go haywire in the middle of Virgo gets all our panties tied up in a knot. Did you lose your way when things broke? How about miscommunication? Did they get your dander up? Or did you do what Uranus in Pisces was begging us to do, "oh, what the eff...I'll survive." Did you give up trying to control things that can't be controlled? I hope so, and by the way, admit it, it could have been a lot worse. You know it.

Next Mercury retrograde is December 10th. Between now and then, breathe, grow and enjoy all the fixes you made in your life. And together we say, "phew!"

Jupiter's Move Back

So, how have you been feeling since Thursday, August 9 (12:50a EDT) when Jupiter returned to the great mystic Pisces? Are you feeling a bit adrift? A bit fuzzy? Kind of like you haven't got your sea legs? God, knows I'm feeling it!

If you remember, back in June we activated a period of fiery, inspired and warrior-ish energy with Jupiter's move into Aries. Now, it has returned to Pisces where it was previously (January until June). Suddenly we went from fire to water. Some of our flames may feel extinguished and we find our selves returning to issues that may have come up between January and June. Are you seeing a bit of a redo of those things? Perhaps we have put some things out of mind when Jupiter went into Aries and we just set our sights on the things in our immediate future after all Aries rules Eyesight. Of course the question is what kind of eyesight? Short or long vision?

Needless, to say while Jupiter was in Aries it was in tension with the other cardinal planets (Pluto, Saturn and Uranus). Everybody fighting it out but now that Uranus is back in Pisces (August 15) and Jupiter joining him, the street rumbles from the summer have now gone internal.

Where we were confident about what we needed to do or have, we are now soft and mushy. "I want _____" has been replaced with "Hmmm, I dunno, guess I want _____." The answer is of course to not fret about your loss of enthusiasm. Do not worry if you feel 'blah', or keep saying, "what am I doing?" As appealing as it is to be all about Aries Vision, perhaps the most critical vision is the one that is ruled by our guts and our connection to spirit. That is not Aries, my friends, that is Pisces. Take the next 4 months (Jupiter returns to Aries January 2011) and make sure you and your gut are really speaking to each other. Do you know how to trust? Pisces will teach you even when you feel wobbly.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Many apologies

The last few weeks have been cuckoo crazy. I feel like I have had everything and the kitchen sink thrown my way. Blame Mercury Retrograde and a protracted summer because a school district delayed the first day of school one more week to save money!

argh. Anyway, I hope to have more postings and more astro commentary very soon. In the meantime, I am grateful to get the New Moon up!

more to come.

Virgo New Moon

As always you will find my whole New Moon in Virgo article HERE

But here is a little snippet:

Congratulations! We made it to Virgo New Moon! How are you feeling? A little beat up? A lot exhausted? Stretched like a rubber band? It has been a tough summer but finally the super icky cardinal aspects have passed. One part of us can breathe a little easier, but I will not let down my guard until Libra lunar cycle is complete then we can put on a party hat (sort of) for a month or two. In the meantime we are still processing the hangover of the cardinal aspects from the summer. All of that tension put emphasis on breaking free, power plays, feeling manipulated and manipulating, righteousness and creative breakthroughs no less painful than childbirth. In short, all of us were on the same summer vacation ….we were in that hotel between a rock and hard place.

Now, after all that tension we wash up on Virgo shore. How perfect! Of course, “Perfect” is a Virgo word or more specific ‘perfecting’ is Virgo. Virgo is the second earth sign of the zodiac and therefore is rooted in grounded information. It is not airy fairy, it is not overly emotional and it is not rash. It likes to think things through before it acts. It loves to build upon existing structures and fine tune them. Perfecting things and offering up realistic, practical, logical solutions. Imagine a house with its foundation, walls and roof. At first glance the house is built. But on closer inspection we see that pipes need to be laid and tightened, sewer lines need to be separated from incoming fresh water pipes, electrical outlets need to be inserted, in short –the house needs details before it can be a thriving home. Those important details are where we are now. If we think about the bumps we experienced in the last few months and the feelings that came up ---we probably can find an area (or areas) that has the beginnings of a new foundation but needs help to move us to the next step. This is not a time of the year where we get perspective by looking back and assessing where we have been. Nope, that is another lunar cycle. Right now we are still stinging from summer but we must stay close to the job at hand. What details need to be put in place? What daily work can be applied to our foundations? Our mind will be circling the concept of how we spend our days. Where do we put our time? And is it in synch with those new foundations? If it is not we will now need to make practical changes to our daily life so we are in synch with what we want for our life.