Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday's Jupiter Conjunction with Pisces

On Saturday September 18 at 6:03pm EDT --Jupiter the largest planet of the zodiac will get on top of Uranus the planet of revolutions. The conjunction will take place at 28' 43 degrees of Pisces. This is the second of three waves where the two will tangle. The first time was back on June 8th but at that time the tangleup was in the sign Aries. Remember how pissed we all felt? Remember that feeling of wanting to break free and do our own thing? Those desires were not wrong and have not been extinguished but now with these two mighty energies returning to watery Pisces---well, perhaps we have to go find our soul before we break free? Perhaps our desires were based on something revolutionary but with out a conscience? The final conjunction between these two will be in January 2011. We should consider this period a dynamic and creative time as we process our philosophies and breakthroughs. Are they aligned? Or is our "Rebel without a cause" hurting our perspective? Is it too narrow? Or is it too broad? I don't know only you, the man in the mirror and your maker know the truth. Watch your dreams this weekend. They might have a secret for you.


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