Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jupiter's Move Back

So, how have you been feeling since Thursday, August 9 (12:50a EDT) when Jupiter returned to the great mystic Pisces? Are you feeling a bit adrift? A bit fuzzy? Kind of like you haven't got your sea legs? God, knows I'm feeling it!

If you remember, back in June we activated a period of fiery, inspired and warrior-ish energy with Jupiter's move into Aries. Now, it has returned to Pisces where it was previously (January until June). Suddenly we went from fire to water. Some of our flames may feel extinguished and we find our selves returning to issues that may have come up between January and June. Are you seeing a bit of a redo of those things? Perhaps we have put some things out of mind when Jupiter went into Aries and we just set our sights on the things in our immediate future after all Aries rules Eyesight. Of course the question is what kind of eyesight? Short or long vision?

Needless, to say while Jupiter was in Aries it was in tension with the other cardinal planets (Pluto, Saturn and Uranus). Everybody fighting it out but now that Uranus is back in Pisces (August 15) and Jupiter joining him, the street rumbles from the summer have now gone internal.

Where we were confident about what we needed to do or have, we are now soft and mushy. "I want _____" has been replaced with "Hmmm, I dunno, guess I want _____." The answer is of course to not fret about your loss of enthusiasm. Do not worry if you feel 'blah', or keep saying, "what am I doing?" As appealing as it is to be all about Aries Vision, perhaps the most critical vision is the one that is ruled by our guts and our connection to spirit. That is not Aries, my friends, that is Pisces. Take the next 4 months (Jupiter returns to Aries January 2011) and make sure you and your gut are really speaking to each other. Do you know how to trust? Pisces will teach you even when you feel wobbly.

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