Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mercury Direct---

Tomorrow, September 12 at 7:09pm (EDT) we will breath a collective sigh of relief as Mercury turns direct. Sigh.

Just to remind you of the important dates.
July 27 Mercury moved into Virgo
August 1 shadow point
August 20 Mercury retrograde
September 12 Mercury direct
September 28 shadow point
October 3 Mercury enters Libra

That, my friends is a lot of Virgo energy. And to have things go haywire in the middle of Virgo gets all our panties tied up in a knot. Did you lose your way when things broke? How about miscommunication? Did they get your dander up? Or did you do what Uranus in Pisces was begging us to do, "oh, what the eff...I'll survive." Did you give up trying to control things that can't be controlled? I hope so, and by the way, admit it, it could have been a lot worse. You know it.

Next Mercury retrograde is December 10th. Between now and then, breathe, grow and enjoy all the fixes you made in your life. And together we say, "phew!"

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