Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Second Aquarius Full Moon. Yep. August 22.


August 22, 2021 

5:01am PDT 



Aquarius Full Moon 

29 Aquarius 36

The 2nd one this year! 

August 22, 2021 

5:01am PDT 



Here we are at our second full moon in Aquarius.   Technically this is a blue moon but not in the typical manner where there are two full moons in one month.   This moon is considered a seasonal blue moon because it generates an extra full moon in a season (summer).   The astrological point of view on two full moons in the same sign suggests we are double downing in the sign.  In this case we will tap our inner Aquarius and  (Sun) Leo skills.  


The chart for the full moon is not as bumpy as the Aquarius full moon on July 23rd but it still stretches us.   Those people who have trouble stretching may be challenged.   Aquarius is the final air sign of the zodiac and is more mental than emotional.   Some full moons bring out the tears, this one more connected to mental overwhelm.    The full moon chart is Moon at 29 degrees, the final degree of Aquarius.  The moon leaves Aquarius 40 minutes after Full Moon launches.   The Sun leaves Leo just seven hours later.   Like squeezing out the last hours of the final days of summer, this Full Moon is asking us to squeeze out Leo and Aquarius one more time.     


Aquarius concerns itself with manmade constructs such as societal circles.  Groups of like-minded people who come together for their one focus.   Political groups, or philanthropic boards, sewing Circles, Revolutionary War re-enactors, Rotary clubs, or neighborhood clean-up teams, (and the like) speak to the community domain of Aquarius.   People who might not share the same socio economics or careers or cultures but who come together for focused effort on a similar vision speak to Aquarius.    This is the full moon to get out of your comfort zone.  Take a risk and reach out to others who are doing something that you want to do as well.   


Leo, who is on the other side of the full moon, reminds us to tap our strength and authentic voice, it is also asks us to find our generosity.  We pull out a spotlight and shine it on those who are doing something that maybe we can’t do at this time, but we respect those who are doing it and wish to honor and recognize them.   If we can’t give others a victory lap on this full moon, then we need to look at what is blocking us?   It may be some tired old issue (resentment, self esteem bruise) that is ready for retirement.  Remember this is the final degree of the sign.   There is a goodbye buried in this three-day cycle.     


Adding to the Aquarius energy we have Jupiter who has been in Aquarius since last December with a brief respite in Pisces (May 13 – July 28).    Two full moons in Aquarius suggests spirit telling us, “Hey get your Aquarius on.”   However, the fact that one of the two moons is right on Jupiter is Spirit saying, “Oh, yeah, I’m giving you some steroids, too.”    Something may come up during this full moon that will clarify our own needs from and what you can give to community.   Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon, juices up this three-day cycle.    Whenever Jupiter touches the moon, we are reminded of the power that comes for taking a moment and pondering how big is our world?  Is it more narrow than it serves us?  Jupiter wants to get out there and meet others.  It wants to know what is going on in the other side of the world or maybe the other side of the city.  It likes to explore things that are “foreign”.   When Jupiter misbehaves it is too strident and insists it has all the answers.    Know-it-alls are put on notice this full moon.   Make sure anything said is backed up by facts.  It is not the full moon to get lost in hyperbole, no matter how tempting.   Leave your ego at the door.  



Finally, Aquarius rules technology.    It is interesting that the first billionaires in space happened while Jupiter is in Aquarius and between these two Aquarius full moons.    This three-day cycle might have some of us conquering our own techno issues.    “Alexa, help me remember my passwords.” 





Monday, August 16, 2021

Astrology for the Week: August 15 - 21


This week we are in the first quarter phase of the moon.  We are acting on the seeds we planted a week ago at Leo New Moon.   Acting on love, joy and bravery, how do we dig in and let go?   This is not true of every first quarter moon but this month, the first quarter phase gives us an opportunity to cut out debris and connect to our power.   


On the 18th we move into Gibbous phase, which asks us to refine our creativity and love and bring to our work or how we are in the world. 

The 19th has a lot of energy.   The sun opposes Jupiter --big pull and Uranus stations retrograde, big weird.    Unlikely a quiet day.   Could have tecnological snafus and shortages, humans needing love and power could be in the news.  




First Quarter Moon 

August 15, 2021 

8:19am PDT  



Focus on:  What actions are you doing that cut away anything that depletes your vitality?   What are you doing to go deep and tap your quiet deep resolve that can get things done in your life?   



Special Note




Gibbous Moon

August 18, 2021

6:02 pm EDT 





Focus on:  How are you refining your place in the world?  How are you tapping your specialness, refining it and making it work in your bigger circles?   How do you bring your voice in a real, creative and functional manner to your career? 



Special focus


8/18: Mercury conjunct Mars.   Words are sharp.  Comments that cut to the bone may cause damage.   Great time to get detailed about a task that needs super focus.  

8/19: Sun oppose Jupiter:  How are you feeling vitality?  How are you sharing it with others?  How are you informing your circles of your creativity?   How are you sharing your bigness?  

8/19:  Uranus retrograde 14 Taurus 48 (see separate post)  

8/21 Mars trine Uranus.  Actions that bring out new.  Breakthroughs. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Astrology for Aug 11 - 15


Nothing says Leo like a sunny sunflower.

Today is the 11th and we still have about 12 more hours of Leo New Moon.   Lean into the sunny.  Crescent phase starts at 9:18pm PDT so between and then plant some seeds that spark joy in you.  Find fun.   Find love.  Find your generous spirit.  Enjoy a little theatrics, telll the Leo New Moon, "I'm here." Venus enters Libra on 15th, her home sign bringing more love and relationships into our focus.   Smooch! 

Crescent Moon Phase

August 11, 2021

9:18pm PDT



Focus on: What are you learning about your relationships?  What are you learning about how you relate to others -one on one?  When you sit on the other side of another human what do you bring?  How are you open to what the other person brings?  Where do you bring balance in your life?  How do you calibrate when to go, when to slow, when to stop?   How do you measure and balance your vitality? 



Special Focus




First Quarter Moon 

August 15, 2021 

8:19am PDT  


Focus on:  What actions are you doing that cut away anything that depletes your vitality?   What are you doing to go deep and tap your quiet deep resolve that can get things done in your life?   



Special Note


8/15: Venus enters Libra 


Uranus Station Retrograde August 19 - January 18


Uranus masquerading as a cue ball.   



August 19, 2021 

6:40pm PDT 

14 Taurus 48 – station retrograde 


January 18, 2022 

10 Taurus 49 – station direct 


Uranus begins its annual retrograde cycle.  Uranus likes to change everything up.  It is abrupt and can pull a fast one on everyone.    Taurus is the sign of everything rooted in practicality.  It is dirt. It is money.  It is values.  Taurus builds everything from the ground up.   Uranus disrupts and can tear everything down.  

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was during the 1930s. It was extraordinary time of unending drought and extreme climate.    During almost the entire time Uranus was in Taurus we had the Dustbowl in the middle of the United States.   It caused great migrations of people who left farms in the central USA and headed to other parts of the nation.   I thought about that era when I saw on the news last month that the fires in California and Oregon sent ash three thousand miles away and clouded up the skies in Maine and New England.   In the 1930s dust blew across the nation and into Washington DC finally getting the attention of members of congress who had to wipe the dirt that once was the land of an Oklahoma farmer off their fresh pressed suits.  Only then did they start to write meaningful support to help the farmers.  It is worth noting that there was a mismanagement of soil in the 1890s – 1920s that was responsible for a lot of the Dust Bowl.    

I anticipate we will see more climatic (and food supply) issues.   Stories of migration will be in the news and environmental injustices.    Personally, wherever you have Taurus in your chart it is getting your attention probably in weird (there’s that word again) ways.  Maybe money stuff.   Property stuff.   While it could feel rough during the bumps, there are new starts and new beginnings buried in the bumps.    

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Leo New Moon August 8 - 6:50am PDT


August 8, 2021 

6:50 am EDT. 

Leo New Moon  16 Leo 14 

Are you ready to find your heart?   Yes it is still in there.  Beating its own unque beat.  Find it. 

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